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  1. The groomer history has not been working on my iPhone for the last few days either. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but no luck.
  2. At the warming hut just before we noticed the leak and the repair job after.
  3. We just finished a great 4 day ride in the Abitibi area. On day three we were heading south on 93 between Label-sure-Quevillon and Senetterre, we stopped at the warming hut and noticed coolant leaking from the front cooler on one of the sleds. We tipped the sled on its side and noticed a 1/4 inch size hole were a stud had punctured the front cooler. After attempting to plug the leak with a screw we decided to tow the sled to Senneterre. When we arrived in Senneterre we rode to the Napa store and purchased 1gallon of anti freeze, a wire brush and a product called Tech Steel. We wire brushed the area and applied the Tech Steel which was like putty and hardened in 1 hour. We had lunch, filled the sled with anti freeze and there was no leak. We rode the sled for the rest of the trip with no leak. I will be carrying this product with me from now on.
  4. I run my front, centre and rear shocks all on the lowest setting. With snow trackers you adjust your shocks for comfort not steering.
  5. I have a 1200 renegade and I put 13,000 km on my first set of aggressive snow trackers. On hard packed snow they go where you point them, with zero darting and with a light feel, almost like power steering. In loose snow they push, same as stock carbides. On asphalt they are the same as stock. On ice they go where you point them. On bridge decks they are the same as stock. They are a little harder on your trailer deck. The worst thing I find with snow trackers is that a stone will lodge its self in between the runners and you will have to eventually stop and pry it out. This has happened less than a dozen times in 13,000 km. I am now on my second set of aggressive snow trackers and I just installed a set of semi aggressive ST on my wife's 900 Renegade. My wife noticed the difference right away. She told me that she now has the confidence to take her left hand off the Handel bars to signal oncoming sleds with out worrying about darting.
  6. Was on that stretch of trail a couple of weeks ago. It was in good shape, we were pushing through several inches of fresh snow but I think that it had been groomed recently. The only issue was a lack of signage in Manawan. I would bypass the town next time.
  7. After having a spectacular dinner and spending the night at Auberge du Lac Moreau we headed west on 383 which was groomed very well with lots of snow but we noticed the snow cover getting thinner as we got closer to Saguenay. Over all trail conditions were okay in Saguenay turning to very good conditions east of Saguenay.
  8. After taking the ferry across the river we took 383 West (which was freshly groomed) to the 301 and went south to 83. 301 was groomed recently but had 6" of fresh snow on it. We went west 83 which was groomed and in good condition. Then we turned south to Auberge du Lac-Moreau for the night, the trail was freshly groomed.
  9. Thursday: Left Le Eskomins this morning and headed south to Tadoussac, trails were freshly groomed about 1/3 of the way and fresh powder the rest of the way. We are on the ferry now.
  10. I had to switch from mobile version to the full version. Pelchat trail Passion Relay La Chapelle
  11. We definitely found snow. Wish I knew how to post pictures with my iPhone.
  12. Tuesday: rode from Saguenay to Relay Mont Vilain for lunch, trails were good but getting thin and rough near the Relay. Then we rode to Passion for the night whre we found more snow. Wednesday: we rode east from Passion to Hotel Pelchat on the Pelchat trail, lots of fresh snow which made for a slow but fun ride.
  13. After viewing a few web sites and making a few phone calls we have concluded that the Bas Saint Laurent region was hit harder by the rain than the Saguenay region. We have decided to head to Saguenay instead.
  14. Thanks for the trail report RR, that is some very useful information you've provided.
  15. Thanks Scranton The forcast looks good, lots of cold temps coming, we are hoping that last nights rain did not ruin the trails.