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  1. hey playhard  myself and three others are doing almost the same loop next week.  do you have an estimate on mileage from senneterre to parent?  also gas between the two?

  2. We are in room 411. Planing on going around the lake tomorrow. 83 to 93.
  3. My brother and i will be there for four days, riding Saturday to Tuesday. Short day on Tuesday as we are heading home. Maybe we can hook up on Monday. We are looking to do 200 or so a day depending on trail conditions.
  4. American was a 69 year old man from Winslow, Maine. Both drivers were doing around 35 mph. accident happened in a narrow corner 2 km south of Lake Jacque-Cartier around L'Etape.
  5. any one have any info on distance from clova to st raymond, or kanawata to st ray. Planning a trip, would like to check chibugamau of bucket list. was thinking st ray to roberval day 1, roberval to chibug day 2, chibug to clova or chibug to kanawata day 3, but dont want a ridiculous day 4 back to st raymond. Is chibug to kanawata rediculous? longest day I have ever done was 400 miles and dont want to end up doing that on this trip. maybe have to double back to roberval and take a different route back to st ray.
  6. I have been all over quebec, only area i havn't done is up to chibougamau. If you are going with the lady's and want a trip of a lifetime do trail 5 all the way around the gaspe. you wont regret it!
  7. the phone number is 1-819-662-3319
  8. Anyone used this new trail yet? how is it? good, bad may be heading that way this weekend if it is anything but just passable.
  9. Hey all. Any news on this new trail yet. coming up on the 2nd and would like to go this way to roberval from st ray. any news would be appreciated.
  10. Any news about trail 73 between latuque and 83. Has the trail been reopened or will it remain closed for the remainder of the winter.
  11. Hey Midrang! was hoping to travel to clova and spend the night, then on to StAnneDulac. I was hoping you new of an alternate from clova to StAnneDulac besides lepine. If 13 is the only other way, besides traveling even furhter west I guess we should probably stay in parent.
  12. Is this Lepine rd messed up all the way from clova down to stannedulac or just short sections here and there? Coming up on feb 17 and was planning on heading down this trail. if so any suggestions on alternate rte.