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  1. at gas and restaurants if u puul in on a sled ID wiil be asked for
  2. the 25%will be added at hotels resturants and gas stations across canada until tariffs are lifted national post
  3. american snowmobilers coming over the border will pay a duty of 25% till trump lifts the steel and aluminum tariffs is this right
  4. red sled

    Trail conditions I noticed this year,

    low canadian dollar means more riders from the us
  5. red sled

    Trail Conditions 2016

    three of us are comming in on sunday for the week be safe
  6. red sled

    hotels in the saguenay chicoutimi area ?

    thats it just the two hotels to stay at that are on the trail .Also day rides can any one recommend any thanks
  7. as title says looking for hotel with good trail access. with a restaurant gas nearby going to be there first week of march thanks in advance
  8. red sled

    hotel in sainte-marie

    thanks we will be pulling in late i will call to let them no not to give my room away
  9. red sled

    Great ride into Chaudiere Appalaches

    how were the trails
  10. red sled

    hotel in sainte-marie

    any body stay at the hotel la difference how far off the trail are they the rooms clean what is the restaurant thanks
  11. as the title says any info on trails to ride places to stay conditions would be a help thanks
  12. red sled

    TQ55 West of Beauceville

    we will be in the area in a week i would also like to no about that trail . also what are the conditions like thanks
  13. red sled

    sainte-marie night life

    is there a strip club in town
  14. red sled

    planning a trip

    is there a strip club in sainte-marie
  15. red sled

    planning a trip

    how close to the balmoral