Boxing day ride

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Hey everyone just looking for some input we typically get to ride in Saint Zenon on boxing day but the conditions are not usually the greatest, we have also have gone up to Mont Valin which are a lot better but the drive is a little to far how is it in Val-D'or on boxing day I do realize that it all depends on weather but just on on average. We are leaving from the Ottawa area any looking for about a 5hr drive max any recommendations thanks in advance.

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As much as were all exited I don't know that Val; D'or will be open yet or then. I usually drive to Le or La Domain and ride in from there which is about 3+ hours from Ottawa so likely close to 5 if going by black trail all the way up. Valins regions seems to be getting it well and likely parts of Gaspe but both are abou6-7 hrs from Ottawa. I know some outfitters in the Abitibi are not always open and expecting sledders in December so if you go call ahead.

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