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Successful trip to the Gaspe!!


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After a ton of normal pre trip work plus, passport renewals, Covid tests, and my son getting his drivers license 3 days before we left for RDL we ended up having a great trip afterall.

Left RDL Last Saturday and returned 7 days later with 1200 miles on the odometer.  Rode the north shore to Perce then up to Murdochville and over to La Cache with stops in Matane, Mt Louis, Cap Chat, Perce.  It was his first ride in QC and he loved it.  I have not been there since 2010 or so.

No breakdowns or mechanical issues added to the success of trip for sure.  The only issue was the VERY pesky moose near La Cache.  I took us 2 hours to get by her.  We were already running late and this just added to a very long day.   We were about to give up and wait it out in one of the warming huts but the groomer came by and she decided to turn and run back the other way.  Fortunately no one was kicked as 6 sleds were stacked up waiting to pass by this time.

I give him a ton of credit for doing so well.  He rode a 17 year old Renegade all day everyday and LOVED it.   If any of you ride with your kids get some communicators, they are invaluable for warning for traffic, hazards, or just chatting about the scenery.  




perce (2).jpg

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That's a gutsy move running a 17 year old sled.  Congrats that you made it.  I'd go play the lottery now.  lol

We are headed up there this Saturday to do a shorter version of that trip.  What communicators did you use?  I just returned the Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk because they weren't that great.  Sound was good but getting them to connect was always a pain and the volume would randomly go up and down without touching them, and I'd always hear his engine noise which would stop the music.  My buddy had the same issue.  I know, first world problems... I just bought the U-clear but I'm hearing those aren't much better.  I only use them for music because the range sucks.  

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