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  1. Wondering what is up with trail 83 from 303 to Landing Place ? It is one of the only trails not open.
  2. The last 2 yrs around the 25th March We have rode from Ville-Marie to Val-d-or and Amos to Rouyn-Noranda. Trails are great and not many riders. Keep a watch on trail reports as last year we couldn't take 307 because of logging.
  3. Rode out of Ville Marie Mar24 and got back there on Mar27. Some thin spots but very rideable. Trails were amazing. With the weather forecast there would be no problem out of Val-d-or/Amos area. Any idea when Quebec shuts the groomers down for season?
  4. Happy Birthday Bill The Guys from Peterborough Ont
  5. Owner Robert at Forestel goes completely out of His way to help snowmobiler's. He helped out us Yamaha rides get inline heaters and install them in our sleds last winter on one of those -35 nights. Without his help on Sunday we wouldn't have been able to finish our trip. Great place to stay with stuff to do at night.
  6. Just wondering if there is gas available in Manawan Village . I know there is gas at Pourvoirie du Lac Repos but it is 94 miles from Mekoos. Also how are the trails 33 to Repos then trail 345 down to La Cabanon? Are they fast or are they twisty?
  7. Now posted on FCMQ website: TQ43 Dead End at St-Adolphe d'Howard
  8. We are gone for 10 days so we try to do loops on trails that we haven't been on before. We were planing to return back to trucks throw St Donate We are now going 43 north to 63 if we don't find out if trail 43 south is open around st adolphe.
  9. Leaving Feb 2 from St Agatha-des-Monts and taking trail 43 south to 323 north to Pourvoirie Mekoos. On the 2012-2013 Ouataouais/Laurentides map it has a comment at St Adolphe-d' Howard to call ahead to see if trail is open here? Does anybody know this area and can report on the trail. I tried to email the club but got no reply. Thanks