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  1. So what's going on ? Now I'm hearing they are grooming ?
  2. No apparently the last pass was last Sunday ! They broke the budget and have repairs on the groomer hard to believe since we always went down mid April years pass . Fcmq has to reorganize their house !
  3. The tremblant erea and st-donat doesn't tolerate off trail riding anymore fines if caught can be as low as $500 to $2000. ! They do have snow though and do expect 20 to 30cm on Monday and Tuesday with limited grooming until the 23 of march.
  4. Alain up near st-donat we got very little rain it snowed most of the day yesterday and it looks like more today. Conditions are the best so far this season.
  5. Man that snow was so soft that day up in mt-valin it was like 25c outside !
  6. I doubt that you will be able to take off on may the 5th or 6th from the ski hill infact id say their is no way you will be able too. You will have to trailer higher up for sure.
  7. Plenty of snow up at mt-valin had a blast !
  8. going to mt-valin tonight !
  9. Ive never seen clubs give up so early in the season like this ! Its been like this for the last 5 years, st-donat and club st-agathe would groom till the very end (march 31 snow permitting) Since the americans dont come up in numbers anymore clubs dont groom long into the season . A real shame for us local guys that pay for club memberships the highest in the world might i add ! :(
  10. Glad you had a good time ! Sometimes a thaw does wonders to trails ! Smooths out the trails ! I know what you mean about the 15 sud ! During last sundays snowstorm it took me 3 hours to get home vs the 1 hour ! Still had idiots pushing me off the road in white out conditions ! Best to leave after 7pm on sundays !
  11. I always find it great when you meet a sled comming at you and they signal the amount of sleds behind them .