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  1. Looking to head there on Wednesday anyone with trail update it would be appreciated. Club has 4 stars which is usually good news and we'll probably stay local for 2-3 day trip. Any recent info appreciated!
  2. 23 straight to Jonquiere (about 230 miles) stay at the Holiday Inn and see Bill if he's there. Lots of loops in the area or you can continue.
  3. Not a five star and it's changed hands over the last few years. Not sure it's still open. Hotel at the north end of the lake is better. Trappers to St Raymond only about 100 miles or little over 2 hours. I'd stay at Lac Eduoard if it was me.
  4. Any chance there's a translated in English version? Hope it is in opposition to stud law but can't read French.
  5. For those that don't remember or never met Bernard {actually no one could ever forget him} go to You Tube and search for Bernard's Debut. Quite the character.
  6. Thanks for all the help. Contributions are now being accepted for the fine! Ha ha!!!!
  7. I not a lawyer and it seems from the web site that it could apply (points) to your drivers license if they wanted to reciprocate the charge back to NYS, Correct?
  8. Thanks for the advise especially the web site. Will pass it on. By the way, I was the lucky one in the snow dust behind him they couldn't get the gun on me. We were on Trail 73 and they were in the middle of no where when they stopped us only about 5 miles after the warming hut at the entrance on a Friday and we never saw a sled coming in the other direction to warn us. Trail was mint and the perfect location.
  9. My buddy just got his love letter from LaTuque in regards to his ticket in February for speeding 150k in a 70k in the park just before trail to Lac Eduaord. Fine levied is $744.00 and it sure sounds excessive. Anyone have any advise on good defense, or way out or what happens if he doesn't pay fine?
  10. It would help and be better if they gave the price of the 3 day pass as a 4 day pass. Would help with the travel day!
  11. Does anyone have a web address for the new owners of Scooby Raid?
  12. If it's on the south end I think it was called The Trappers and not sure if it's open because I have not been by there in 2 years. . Domaine Lac Edouard is on the north side.
  13. I agree with Quebec Bob and new people to this sport are reluctant because of the expense of travel. Could give us a break on the pass rate but I don't think that's the answer. Once it's in your blood we always go back for all that will respond to this!
  14. Thanks for the reply and I will put it to good use. Some of the group has beem there before so I am sure your advice will be helpfull.