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  1. zrtkat

    need help planning trip

    Thanks for all the info it is really appreciated, thanks for the website for the ferry it is all good info to help plan our trip Greg
  2. zrtkat

    need help planning trip

    Thanks for all the information this is a great site to get info for our trip, I will have to figure out our places to stay at each of our destinations. How much does it cost to cross the river on the ferry ?????? we will be crossing twice on our trip. Thanks again for all the suggestions Zrtkat & Crew
  3. Hello We are in the pre stages of planning our snowmobile trip to Quebec this year we would like to start in Val-Dor and head East we would like to head towards the Gaspe, we are trying to see if we could cross the st Lawrence and do maybe 4 days and head back towards Val-Dor???? Do not know if this is possible or not we are going to ride for 10-12 days and we would like to get any suggestions on our trip we are fairly new to Quebec we are planning on mid February or so . Thank -you Zrtkat &Crew
  4. zrtkat

    One more time

    Looks Great that was a good way to end the season
  5. zrtkat

    Trailside kitties

    I have seen them a couple of times in Ontario also got a few pics, They are pretty cool to see them seen o ne last week coming out of Val-dor but he did not stay on trail long he disappears, right before I seen him I seen a Snowshoe on trail I might have screwed up his breakfast. Here is a pic from Ontario
  6. zrtkat

    Ice scratchers

    I have the trail blizzer ice scratchers and they worked great, that last warm day we rode dropped them down and they really helped
  7. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Matagami

    BFLOFNST WE rode trail 93 out of Chibougamau to 396 to Matagami, trails where great all the way here, we are heading to Val-dor in morning, Hope this helps Greg
  8. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Matagami

    Teamiceman You are right it is what it is will deal with it when that day comes lol.going to be a nice day to ride tommorow
  9. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Matagami

    We had 275 miles of smiles today best trails so far, wide open trails no traffic at all heading to Val-dor Monday then hopefully to the truck in Temiscaming on Tuesday, worried about the weather in Temiscaming on Tuesday?????
  10. zrtkat

    Zrtkat in Chiibougamau

    Thanks Jackstraw hopefully we can get back to the truck in Temiscaming on Tuesday
  11. zrtkat

    Zrtkat in Chiibougamau

    The weather back in Temiscaming going to warm up again for Tuesday, that's the day we are going from Val-dor to the truck
  12. Wow what a day fantastic trails but I think I am getting a little nervous up here lol. All I can say beautiful scenery
  13. zrtkat

    Mont Laurier Grooming

    Roweboat We are in Roberval this morning heading towards mattigami then val-dor will not be able to give you any help,Tuesday will be back at truck in Temiscaming, heading home to Ohio Wednesday Greg