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  1. Groomer I think your pictures of the wildlife is awesome the buetiful picture you take are very enjoyable thanks for taking the time to post Zrtkat
  2. Okay thanks for the replys might be our only option this year
  3. We heading towards mount Laurier then st zenon,towards Roberval,then we made a loop up towards chic,and looped down to valdor. Is mount Laurier makeable from valdor in 1 day ???? If so we will just head to valdor then to mount Laurier and then do our loop.
  4. We are starting out at Temiscaming heading towards Mont Laurier. Last time we stayed at pavillon la verendrye lodge first night then next day to mount Laurier they are not open this winter just for gas and food. so we are trying to see what our options are for the first night ,then head to Mount Laurier. any help would be appreciated thanks Greg
  5. We made it back to the truck today we rode from Matane to RDL,the trails where in pretty good shape ,lots of groomers k locking down snow drifts a couple days they should be in great shape. This trip was a learning experience for us even though I did not get to see the whole Gaspe next year I will have a better Idea where to go. We still managed to get 1400 miles on this trip , some great experience also. Back to Ohio in the morning Ride safe Zrtkat & Crew
  6. Sm clean That's for sure lol.it takes the fun out of riding that's for sure,you cannot predict the weather, we are all safe and in motel just relaxing
  7. we had a hard day big drifts ,big wind, it was hard finding trail we made it to Pointe-a-la-Croix Quebec ,I was happy to see motel will post some pics after dinner Greg
  8. We are pulling out soon will update later
  9. I am up this morning and the wind is cranking we where planning on leaving at 7 am ,I do not think we are getting out of here today I cannot even see out the window will up-date later Greg
  10. Thats for sure there are 12 of us in our group we had to change reservations because of getting stuck here today we came to NB for free weekend ,so we just purchased our 1 day permits for tomorrow we are a day behind schedule so far.
  11. Thanks for the info we had planned on using the ferry but with them canceling a lot of crossing we changed plans ,good thing for that , we are stuck here in NB planning on leaving in morning zrtkat
  12. We are snowed in at the hotel hoping to get out of here in the morning and get back to Quebec
  13. Just a heads up for people planning on using the ferry ,they cancelled ferry until further notice,said incident with the mv apollo at the godbout wharf
  14. Glad you made it snowmaster we had changed our starting point, because of the ferry cancellations. We are in Mutane right now ,they changed the schedule and it would have not worked for us on the return trip. Have a great ride Zrtkat