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  1. What where they doing for supper at the Forestel, room service ???? My favorite place to stay Thanks Zrtkat
  2. Great pictures Groomer 🤓 especially the pictures of the wildlife the pictures keep coming and enjoying the scenery from where I sit in Ohio. Zrtkat🙂
  3. Groomer Your Photography is just amazing I come on here Daily to check your pictures out Thanks for sharing your snapshots of all the scenery and also enjoy the wildlife Photos just amazing. Thanks for sharing Zrtkat
  4. Amazing photos never get tired looking at your photos keep them coming thanks for taking the time to share .
  5. Schooter I have not rode up there for many years because of not enough snow ,they have the snow but hardly no grooming with all the traffic it bumpy. Ita beautiful area to ride Zrtkat
  6. Since no riding in Quebec or Ontario we finally got to get our sleds out this weekend, there was so many people riding here the trails got beat up pretty fast. We get spoiled riding Quebec trails and how nicely groomed they are, but at least we got to go for a little ride and we are hoping for next year. Zrtkat
  7. Schooter In my younger years we use to ride up there a lot go to cougar Bob's in kelleteville, do the loop and head back to Marienville, but you are right the last 5 or so years they just do not get enough snow. I am hoping we get to get up there a weekend or so this winter.is we get the snow.
  8. Miles Long I have made that loop around Kinzu Dam years ago I know the trails get beat up fast I was wondering if any one has been on the trails lately.
  9. Pipe man where are you riding in Pennsylvania at. We have a camp in Marienville Pa but do not know if the trails are any good.
  10. Wow sure has been there for a long time must have no replacement groomer how was the trails holding up ?????? Wish I could go back up but I am back to work next year will be retired and have more time to play. Greg
  11. The trail was great when we left Valdor the 309 was groomed all the way,all trails where good
  12. Muskoka2 They must be having some bad luck with their Groomers😠
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