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  1. Mike, really awesome connecting with you, Jack and Sandy and Joe, I am sure we will cross paths again this winter somewhere. Safe travels Howard
  2. As both Mike and I have posted all week. The all clear signal has been posted for pretty much everything East of The Lac Etchemin region in the Chaudierres , thru the awesome Bas St lawerence region and into the Gaspe. Reports are good, going is great, it’s time to hit the trails. We had a great week up here, mostly trail riding. Our biggest day was yesterday and what a day it was, we were able to incorporate a nice section of unmaintained single track riding yesterday on our Riv du loop, Moose valley NB for lunch, and than a return via Rimouski. Some awesome powder to play in, just capped off this week of what was mostly great groomed trail riding! . Returning home today but with lots of miles and lots of smiles! Happy trails RR
  3. SM, you should be fine coming up thru Groomers region and into Rimouski and onto RDL, there was as much snow in and around the perimeter of Rimouski as you would normally see. The Power line west of Remou is perfect as always! Have a great ride
  4. Mike, looks like you guys found some good going too today, as we mentioned at breakfast, we went east towards Rimouski and down to St Gabriel de Rimouski for a great lunch at the Restaurant de table Le Maman. I would definitely stop here again for lunch. We to were pleased with the conditions. Yesterday when we were out the snow was loose and pliable, last night the base set up nicely and we had very similiar riding conditions as Mike described, and on top of that a Blue sky day! One definitely will not be disappointed with the riding in this region now. We talked with a gentlemen in Rimouski who said that this good snow had just come with that storm and the riding was not that good prior. Tomorrow we head east to meet some friends riding up from Lac Etchemin. We will connect for lunch at St Pamphile with them and ride back to RDL for the night. Here are some pics that resemble Mikes, just great conditions for sure RR
  5. Looks like you guys had a perfect weekend, the snow gods blessed you with lots of fresh pow for the return ride, Very awesome!
  6. SM, Not this trip, We plan to do the Gaspe the first week of Feb.
  7. SM, we plan to run the rimouski/ and down towards Amqui areas tomorrow, should have a report of some type for you than. RR
  8. Arrived at the Mayor’s location about the same time as Mike, we chatted briefly and than we went out to do a trail conditions check and found acceptable to good riding conditions. As Mike said the new snow is 10/12” a loose and dry. Once the groomers get this packed and it has a chance to firm up it will be good going. We ran a quick 70 miles down the 85 to 565 to St Hubert, 544, back to local 44 and back to the hotel. As you all know, once you get south of the adventurers club house the conditions get much better with lots of base and new snow to work with. We met the groomers working the access trail into the hotel on the way in as Mike reported. That trail too is very rideable with adequate snow cover. We have come into RDL with conditions much worse before lol. Looking forward to seeing REVCT and Mike this week at the Mayors! Happy Trails RR
  9. After this storm, kind of thinking everything east of this red line will be in good shape!!! Hoping anyways, if not, than we rely on the wine lol!
  10. Keeping our fingers crossed, here is a pic 100 miles south of RDL in Allagash Maine, part of our gang having lunch there a couple of hours ago. We are going to try to cross at Escourt and take the newly opened trail down here for lunch one day on this trip. ❄️
  11. Looks like it will be a QR week at the Universal, we should be there mid afternoon as well. see you both at the Hotel. Think Snow and Wine😊 RR
  12. Blue blood, I would watch the results of this weather event closely there, if they do not get much rain, and get sleet and snow in stead, it will be fine. We went up 73, it’s an Ice base with snow and you will click a few roacks until you get to miguick, after that the 355 thru Lac edouard or 73 north to Relais 22 is fine. We went up 73 and back 355, did not run the 23,, some report that as a bit rough in places if they get snow tomorrow, which they are supposed to get 8/12, it should be fine!! The groomers will shape that into awesome going and cold temps next week are forecasted! Have a great run RR
  13. I am sure it will change but Montmagny tends be to really marginal on snow cover, currently the trails shows closed, there. I would bump a little further East to where the trails show open and maybe try here? Just a thought. Have a great ride
  14. Mike, Looks like some promising snow coming to RDL tomorrow, we may see you for a glass of wine sometime this week! Happy trails, Think snow! RR
  15. DooRight, I was actually wondering if you guys were headed up the 355 and had been kind of watching for your group, noticed the guys on the Gen 4s sitting still that intersection, but didn’t notice you guys! Have a safe run. We arrived back at the Roquement early afternoon, had a great trail riding trip this week out West. With our long cut up to Poirevoire Goiun on the first day, we logged in 1275 miles for the trip. With a foot plus of snow coming to RDL tomorrow, a few of us are thinking that’s a good area for next week. We get to go have a glass of wine with Mike rider! Happy trails RR
  16. Today , we left. Chibougamo at -18, not anywhere near our record low, but a low for this year! Gorgeous Blue Sky day on our run to Lac St Jean. The trail from The Bou to the. sawmill54 will be great with one more grooming, but reminded us of the run we did between Clova and Fallon a couple of days ago, not perfect, but not bad! This is still a great ride, back to the truck tomorrow with an estimated 1300 on. Love it, Go west boys, it’s great going! Between La Tuque and La Dore, over the past three days, on that section of trail we saw a total of 9 sleds! Happy trails
  17. snowmaster, we were in Chapais by 2 pm, decided to slide into Chibougamo for the night, the Opemiska looksd awesome, and we checked into the Tandem restaurant and found out it’s open until 8 pm, so that’s an option in Chapais for dinner. we had an awesome dinner at the pub, in downtown Chibougamo. There is only one taxi, so make sure you get his cell for the ride back. There is a great steak, seafood casserole and Chicken pesto on the menu and many tap beer options
  18. Dooright and Playhard, oh the Beaver that snow master had looked like a treat, we were tempted! And yes Dooright, we had time to get to Misstassini today, but didn’t, what a fast, flawless run today. The trail was perfect all the way, and traffic was heavy😳....we met 2.....sleds all day long! The traffic hasn’t picked up any snowmaster from your trip. We did get to encounter a “registration” check at the road crossing coming into Chibougamo, huh, he must have gotten a call that 3 strange sleds were in town lol. While waiting for the check, one of our riders turned and was doing a normal nature call, when the officer came back he said he could right him a ticket for that, we said seriously, and he said with no humor, yes 😳yeah I guess I get it but we are in Chibougamo! and not even in town We cleared the check and on we went. As Snowmaster documented last week, for those looking for mid winter riding conditions, it’s here! A perfect trail day today, Happy trials RR
  19. MarkUs, yes very good going, a good meal at The Le Mateo restaurant last night and a good nights sleep at Motel la Bell Villa. Off to Chibougamo today. We had our own private trail ride yesterday, saw 5 sleds all day long. ThinkSnow RR
  20. We left the Gouin this morning under blue skys and heading west, where snowmaster has said all the snow is, oh man was he right. The 83 west Was awesome, the Parent to Clova was the best trail ride we have had all year. It’s was an 11 out of the scale of 1/10! Absolutely perfect. From Clova to Lac Fallon, was in good condition, as the groomers had just passed once so far this year, rideable but not perfect, From Fallon into Senneterre. Again very good. A nice 300 mile ride, our first for this winter season. Happy trails! RR
  21. TB and Dooright, lots of activity on the Gouin express with logging operations on both ends so this is being used more than normal, Sawmill expressway is also being used commercially this year too☹️ still lots of good going!!
  22. Chris , in Chapais, it shows a restaurant named Le tandem in Chapais, is that closed for the winter or not there anymore
  23. Bobler , we are doing the same thing only counterclockwise! that’s awesome. Trailblazer, sure does feel good to be back to Quebec for a run. Today we left St Raymond and rode to The Barrage Gouin. A nice run as everyone has reported , the further north we came, , the better the riding got! Saw plenty of Icemans stickers and Corrinna at the Barrage is also anticipating MarkUS and Dooright this weekend. Always a great stop here, Walleye or Pork tonight! Happy trail RR
  24. Chris, thank you for that information, we didn’t make time to do the Mistissini run on this trip. We have three traveling on this trip. So we may be dropping into Chapais on Wednesday night. See how the trip flows! Thank you again for all this info in this post and your recommendations. Happy trails RR