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  1. Wow had the sled all loaded and was headed your way :D ha ha It was wishfull thinking though Groomer It wont be long though RR
  2. Mid Range, I have used the oem yamaha bags since 2004, the oval side bags have decent space and the rear seat bag holds a fair amount as well. They are also sturdy and have been sewn up well so they hold up for a long time. fyi RR
  3. You gotta love those pics SMclean, Wonder who your source is..........?? That Blue tractor looks familiar!! hee hee rr
  4. Groomer- you are right as well, that was taken down the trail from st margurite, I figured you knew that trail pretty well ;) RR HueyYou will have an awesome time, imo it is one of the best snowmobile trips anywhere!!RR
  5. It does, I apologize for the quality, they don't rival Groomers
  6. Testing to see if the you tube video will work for some gaspe pics?
  7. Switchback, That sounds like a great move for those clubs, should give them a good pool of supporters to work from and help them with their equipment replacement and useage. We will happily stay a member of that combined group RR
  8. GTSE Awesome pics and good reporting thank you RR
  9. A very nice area to make a tour in. One of the Cabins at Joncas Lodge Also Pics of the Dam at Rapid 7? ( I think) A nice run from Val D Or to Chibougamau
  10. Here are some pics of a Rally held in St Raymond a few years back,, was neat to see all the old Bombardiers in operation enjoy RR
  11. \The Transmission line looking down into Chicoutimi
  12. You gotta love this one, Between Matane and Cap Chat RR
  13. Groomer, I sense your frustration, we did get some snow in North western Maine today- 3-8" in places on the tail end of the storm. We got on the tail side of the cold air in the back of the storm, lot of rain before however RR
  14. TDI I agree, riding in the Winter is awesome, and the landscaping is certainly different Here is a Pic Looking down onto Mont St Pierre village and the motel from the top of Mt St Pierre Also Hotel Rimouski, kind of difficult to get to in the city but good place to stay
  15. Some pics of Cote Nord also Looking into Godbout River Crossing the near Moisie - East of Sept Isle Ferry Terminal in Baie Comeau
  16. Heres a pic of the lodge, We also stopped their for breakfast only, looks like a decent place to put up overnight. RR
  17. I thought we might post the pics of the various hotels that people stay at during the gaspe tour Here are some to start with: Hotel Le Francis: New Richmond La Cache; Gaspe Interior Hotel Copper: Murchochville
  18. Groomer, Took me awhile to get up to speed this year and find this new site, glad to have a more focused quebec rider area to link into All the best RR
  19. Looking at Cabano from the lake Hotel Motel Royal in Cabano- Nice Place to stay The back way from Biencourt Que to Moosevalley NB
  20. The run up to lac jalobert from sacre coure :D
  21. Powder riding after a fresh snow fall between rivere renard and gaspe village