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  1. Thank you Switch, we still need to hook up sometime of a RR
  2. SMC, My wife and I went in one afternoon last year and checked out this locations, it looked very comfortable, it did not work out this year to stay there but will definitely try it next year after your experience. Thanks for the report RR
  3. Groomer/ smclelan thank you very much for the Birthday wishes. Have had a great weekend with the family. I Love that snow picture!!! , Winter rules. Best regards RR
  4. Congratulations to Team Maine on what appears to be a 4th place finish, to overcome the breakdowns and close the time gap on the 2nd half of this race is simple astounding. Great Job RR
  5. Here is an update from Dana a around noon RR Well it has been a long couple of days. It was early morning when I did the last update at the restaurant at the Hotel. I spent the night over at the checkpoint getting some info from the other teams and getting things ready for the team and the support crew to go out. The rest of the crew got a much needed few hours of sleep. The miley’s headed out on the trail at 4:00 am to have fuel and supplies out there for Rob and Rich. The rest came down to the checkpoint so they could help finish getting things in order, set up a game plan and the girls got to spend some time with their husbands. Rob and Rich got up at Churchill after some rest and they got another good meal. Rob needed to pull his sled in the trailer to do a few minor things but Rich’s was pretty much ready to go after fuel and oil. After Rob thought his sled was good to go he noticed a bent track adjustment bolt as well a broken skid bolt. Both got repaired and off they went. I satyed back to wait for the Miley’s to return and the rest of the crew headed off for Goosebay. Just beyond the Orma checkpoint, Rich bent another track adjuster bolt. Later I got they call from Rich on Seal lake that he had bigger issues. The suspension bracket on his rear skid split in half. The spent part of the night at the Seal checkpoint with Team 1; a team from Lab City that we are friends with that we having clutch issues. Meanwhile, Todd, Dave and the girls were in Goosebay already and got some reinforcement brackets made. I then made my way from Chuurchill with the Milley’s. When we got back to Goose we all sat down and made plans for Todd, Dave and the Milleys to go out on the trail and meet The 2 teams with what they needed to finish the leg of the race at full speed. The support group left Goose at 4:30 am and met Rob and Rich and Team 1 just beyond Harvey’s checkpoint and the teams fixed their sleds and have gotten on their way. The girls have gotten 1st hand experience of why we enjoy this race and why we enjoy the people of Labrador. It would take me all day to describe the hospitality that they have received. As emotionally attached as all of our supporters get I will update more after they arrive here in Goosebay. Dana Blackstone Team Maine Racing
  6. Dana, Rob, Rich, we will be following you onliine, good luck in the race. Best regards RR
  7. Groomer, we had another great trip in the Gaspe, good variety of trail conditions and riding conditons. its what makes the experience different each year. Hope all is well RR
  8. Here are a few pics of the perce area on Monday, the trails were plugged, back roads plugged, driveways plugged, 132 half open in spots, it was a wild and wooley for 36 hours in Perce!! enjoy the pics RR The trails were a little tough going The secondary roads were not much better, It was time to turn around Some people missed work on this day!! This was an Option, even this road was plugged to the center line in places The snow packed in on many of the sleds during the storm! All in all, a great time and another great Gaspe experience, The gang at Auberge Roland were awesome, Bernie did a great job waiting on us for breakfast.
  9. Groomer, We will be in your neck of the woods this wednesday or thursday, depending on the storm coming in. Will leave a note at the albertville club house if they are open when we pass by. best regards RR
  10. A toyota pick up was stolen out of the armstong parking lot last Wedneday night, , the perpetrators ripped open the locked gate , and grabbed the toyota, left the trailer behind as apparently the police are stopping US registered pu's with trailers at night to check on rightfull ownership- good to hear-. fyi RR
  11. I have not ridding that area of 3-4 weeks but it should be good, it was great 3 weeks ago,, the two sites fcmq and the local harfang club site report good conditions. here are the links RR http://www.clubdemotoneigeharfangdelestrie...conditions.html Hope this helps
  12. IMO, both the QI and Riotel have there little challenges to get to for access, although in the several last years the trail to QI seemed to be marked ,groomed fairly clearly. You can also find gas- east of the QI about 1/2 mile and the trail is marked on the south side of the tracks for gas as I recall. As you mentioned bluenose, the riotel can be a little twisty behind the shopping center, throught the little restaurant yard, around the side streets ect but dooable. Both hotels offer equivilant accomadations and food imo RR
  13. Dblack, How are you doing? Had a chance to get some riding in, I have noticed when riding the 800 XP's that they tend to be out of fuel before the yami, the 600sdi is a different story. Hope all is well Best regards RR PS Have you had a chance to run the trails in chaudierre this year, they are fantastic as usual.
  14. Quality inn Suites in Drummondville has a locked fence for sleds and trucks. 2) Telephone: 1-800-359-6279. Speak to a live customer service agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. fyi RR
  15. Here is a great pic of my wife on her 600 sdi xp playing in some powder on the canadian border in northern maine a few weeks back. Awesome conditions. RR
  16. Also had a little shortage of fuel, Those 600 sdi XP's still have a spot on them to carry the gas can for the thirstier yamaha
  17. After the rain on wednesday, they experienced some icing in the higher elevations around st sabine, st Magliore areas. I would suspect the groomers will shake them out over the next couple of days however, Trails were excellent as usual
  18. I too as Rob, bought the 08 renegade, this one is a 600sdi, it is my wife's sled but I have put 600 or so miles on it myself, She had the 06 renegade 600 sdi before which she loved but she like this one better. The features Rob describes I would agree with: This sled will be a great hit, it was hard to take the Rev and make it better but BRP has done it with the XP IMO. The sled has 1800 miles on it with no issues other than a few suspension adjustments, drive belt adjustment-( very easy to do on the rear clutch) and a change of plugs at 1400 miles. RR
  19. NHV: Operator error as much as anything!!, had been ridding in Maine alot over the holidays, had checked the case after last quebec trip but not since, developed seal leak around the lower shaft and got the case hot day two of the trip. Filled it back up with BRP two stroke oil to get to drummondville, Got it into the yami dealer in drummondville but he was unable to get the cover off. We did Drain and reFilled it up with lube and purchased extra lube for the next two days. Leak continued, but watched it closely adding the lube every 3-4 hours. Having the dealer take the case down and change out the bearings and seals now. Note to self, check chain case level more frequent :wacko: RR
  20. Groomer, Mother Nature can not seem to make her mind up! Hope all is well RR
  21. NHV, Sounds like you had a great trip last week, We also got out on the snow, but decided to go west and ride the eastern townships and centre of quebec areas since the snow cover has been great everywhere this year. We left Moosehead lake last Wednesday: Day 1: Maine System to Border crossing at Armstrong, rode to 25/580/65 and 525 to sherbrooke- staying in fluerimont for that day with 245 miles for the day, We encountered great trails,, but many open water holes Day 2 Rode local trail through Bonsecours and on to valcourt, up 35 to danville- ( encountered a chain case problem on the yami) and limped into Drummondville with 150 for the day; Trails were great all day other than the river crossing in Drummondville was wet on both sides. Day3: Stablized the chain case problem, Rode 532/45/5 east. cut down local trail to villeroy picked up 25 to St Marie for 230 mile day: Had a great time riding the fields along the st lawrence river plains. trails were all great. Day4: Rode 75 south to the border, back to Mooshead lake by noon for a 130 mile morning ride. NHV Hope to see you on the trails sometime again this winter. RR My wife got to try out her new xp in some powder a few days before we left for quebec along the maine quebec border, lots of fun Nice breakfast locations on local trail in Bonsecours Great ski doo dealer at Valcourt- has everything! The Quality inn at Drummondville Filling up an XP after a lot of long field riding
  22. Switch, thank you for the great pics of the Chaudierre trails, they truly are a great treasure. Happy holidays RR
  23. Fred Came from Sherbrooke this am through cookshire, La Patrie and Woburn. Most had groomed last night and trails looked good from the Truck!! RR
  24. I am headed that way tomorrow by vehicle on business, will check the conditions in woburn, la patrie and sherbrook from the vehicle and report friday if you dont' get any other feed back. RR
  25. Groomer Great pics. looks like the snow gods hit again, nice sunset!! RR