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  1. This is the new and improved version from 2020 accessory catalog. It has a clear bottom portion as where previous shields weren't. That being said my 3rd shield is on back order
  2. Do you happen to a picture of new shields?
  3. No i don't, but I'll post it when it shows up
  4. Just ordered my second shield from my dealer, as the one they git me was still the older one, and it failed in Quebec this week. Good thing I brought some silicon with me
  5. 6 guys, 3 days 600 miles. Trails were mint!
  6. Where about is sawmill on the map?
  7. Is it possible to make it from one gas station to another with full tank of gas and a jerry can (3.9 gallons), or is there more stations on the way?
  8. Looks like they just groomed that section!
  9. Yes i got my replacement shield free of charge. I'm not sure if it's recall, but from what I've heard, i think it should be. We're talking about $600+ helmet here.
  10. Hasn't been groomed for past 7hrs. Isn't the trail supposed to be marked red if closed? Last time we were there that stretch was really beat up, it was as bad as tug hill ny lol
  11. Yes thru dealer. They assured me that this new shield will work. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  12. Got my new shield today, it exactly the same as my previous one. Hope it doesn't leave streaks on our Quebec trip next week
  13. Booked a room at signature for next Sunday night. Going to try to doo 1000 miles, back packing! Wish us luck
  14. I'm not 100% positive but from what I gathered it sounds like there is a new shield, will see on Tuesday