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  1. I am planning a round trip to the northern Quebec. Starting in Riviere rouge on Thursday Jan 31st. The plan is to spend one day in Mississini and one day in matagami. Return is planned on Feb 11th or 12th. The riding pace is slow (250km a day).
  2. Hi All, Is there a trail to the ice hotel? on the map there is none, but maybe a non documented one? The previous location had snowmobile access. Want to see the new one.
  3. Is it frozen now? has anybody been there this season?
  4. Just read on the hibou blanc web site why the trail from trail #33 to Gore is closed. This is shameful, the politics should stay out, we do not like when the farmers close the trails, the clubs shouldn't be doing that either. please contact the lynx club to OPEN THE TRAIL NOW!!!
  5. The weather forecast predicts rain on the 22nd.
  6. Thanks, I am in the Montreal region and looking a 2-3 hours range from Montreal.
  7. Planning on a short 3-4 days ride this week before it warms up towards the end of the week. Have no problem to join a group. Not a fast rider 250Km a day Boby
  8. Where? on the trail map from the fcmq site there is no access to the river. Thanks
  9. According to the trail map there is no access to the island, is there another trail map?
  10. Can anyone tell me if the round trip on trail #5 is open and what is the trail condition? Thanks
  11. Now that I do not own a power boat and all I trailer is a sled, the RAM 1500 ecodiesel. Love it, very low on fuel (29MPG), comfortable ride. And has enough muscle when needed.
  12. Hi All, Looking for partners for a non conventional snowmobile trip that will combine other winter activities as well. I would like to combine riding with snowshoeing and winter camping. I am ex-military with good navigation skills Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks trailblazer, My email is
  14. GrumpySanta: My email is boby_berman@yahoo,com. Boby
  15. thanks Gutz, what does LSJ stands for? thanks