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  1. Carman

    Redscreen Riders - Luxury Tour Edition

    Late start because Village Windigo doesn’t serve breakfast until 8am, no big deal we were rolling by 9:30. Fresh 15cm of fluff with hard pack underneath made for very comfortable riding the entire day. We took 319 to 53 and then back tracked to local trail 233 north(not by choice, and that’s why you always carry extra gas), lots of logging activity this year all the way up to the 13, they groomed a trail on the shoulder following the logging road but it was very tough to find our rhythm on tight trails with trucks flying by every 5 minutes and rental groups from Meekos NOT STAYING TO THE RIGHT. Made it to Cheval by 11:30 with a group of 14 sleds waiting for gas in front of us, they were from California and New Zealand and were nice enough to let us jump ahead in line and gas up right away. They also helped Roger get his Sidewinder unstuck after he was pulled into the soft shoulder waiting in line(see photo below LOL). From this point the trails were perfect. Parent to Weymontachie makes my top 10 favourite runs, very easy to find your rhythm; quick gas up and on to Windigo. We rolled in at 5:30 and the place was empty, not for long Stephanie, Daniel and Martin told us a group of 13 Americans doing the ‘Big Boar Tour’ were on the way. We had a great dinner, as usual, a drink or 2 ; ) and had some laughs. Martin gave the tour leader a track map using the lake to save them 70km, I wished them good luck and happy trails at breakfast. I couldn’t imagine trying to ride with a group of 13, CRAZY! Today’s distination Lac Taureau and I finally get to run the M20 trail, and looky looky the groomers were busy last night freshly groomed for us. Stay tuned, Carm and Roger
  2. Carman


    I am at Village Windigo right now and heading north to 100 lacs and fer cheval today I will ask the locals and update you tonight.
  3. We left the Greater Toronto area at 10am and arrived at Village Windigo at 6:30pm. We stopped in Bancroft for lunch coffee and fuel; we found a great place across the street from the gas station called Vito’s Pizzaria. Couple of chicken parm sandwiches and fries to go and we hit the road. Great driving conditions the entire way. We had a fantastic dinner at Village Windigo and now we are enjoying some wine by the fire in our chalet. Tomorrow morning we start our 4 day saddle bag ‘luxury’ tour, destination Pourvoirie Windigo. Stay tuned, Carm and Roger
  4. Carman

    Redscreen Riders - February 20th-24th

    Leaving the GTA early tomorrow to get ahead of this storm coming from the south. I am officially in vacation mode!
  5. Carman

    Redscreen Riders - February 20th-24th

    1 more week until we are Quebec bound, Mother Nature is setting us up quite nicely!
  6. Carman

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    I booked everything 2 weeks ago, we prefer to stay at really nice places with great food, hot tub/sauna/pool, and spa for a message if possible . Here is our itinerary: Day 1 Le Village Windigo to Pourvoirie Windigo(13 North to 83 East) Day 2 Pourvoirie Windigo to Auberge Du Lac Taureau(73 South to 355 South to 360 West to M20 to 345 South to 360 West to 33 South) Day 3 Auberge Du Lac Taureau to Pourvoirie Meekos(33 North/West to 100 Lacs to orange feeder trail South to Meekos) Day 4 Pourvoirie Meekos to Le Village Windigo(319 West to 13 South to Devils Mountain Lookout and then back to the truck/trailer and drive home)
  7. Carman

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    I start my saddle bag trip next Wednesday, what a great season!
  8. Great video, looked like a perfect blue bird day for riding.
  9. Great report guys! Lots of groomer activity last night, should be smooth sailing today and hopefully the winds die down this afternoon.
  10. Carman

    M&M tour

    I love the trail side snack pic, what’s the plan for today? Did you guys get a dumping of snow last night, Val d’Or received 40cm in the last 24 hours apperantly.
  11. Carman

    Heading West

    The award winning St Hubert in Val d’Or is the best place to eat according to locals. Forestel is hard to beat, fantastic food, newly renovated accomedations, and great lit up video servalace parking lot for the sleds.
  12. Carman

    GPS Tracks

    That sounds like an amazing trip, Clova to Chibougamou would be a great ride.
  13. Great pics, Lebel to Chapais isn't the most exciting or picturesque run but it looks like you guys had great weather and freshly groomed trails. Tomorrow to Saint-Felicien is one of my favorites, enjoy!
  14. Carman

    Heading West

    Beauty pics, Senneterre to La Sarre via 93 is a great run! Warmer day tomorrow hopefully you guys don’t get any freezing rain.
  15. Great report guys! What is the plan for tomorrow?