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  1. We just got back from a fantastic 4 day ride around Amos, Val-d’or, la sarre and senneterre. Fresh snow everyday and lots of groomer activity the entire trip. Trails should be even better this weekend!
  2. Val d’or

    B & B is booked Thursday to Monday, we are thinking to do 1 night saddle bag to Lac Fallon or Balbazard. Have any QRers stayed here which is better and how far are they from Amos?
  3. B & B is booked and we are thinking of doing a 1 night saddle bag to Lac Fallon or Balbazard either Saturday or a Sunday night.
  4. All the hotels/motels in Val d'Or and Amos are booked because of a hockey tournament this weekend, probably going to book an Air B & B if I can't find anything.
  5. Weather forecast is looking great in Val d’or for our last trip of the year this weekend!
  6. Val d’or

    Weather is looking great in Val d’or for riding this weekend!
  7. Val d’or

    We arrive at Forestel Thursday night for our last ride of the season! Mother Nature seems to be cooperating, hopefully some groomers will be on the move over the next 72 hours.
  8. Val d’or

    We are riding Val d’Or next Friday to Monday, hopefully they groom before we get there!
  9. I haven’t seen any groomer activity on ITG, hopefully with colder temps and more snow in the forecast Val d’or and Amos groomers will be out one last time before we ride next weekend!
  10. Come on Mother Nature I would love to drive 6 hours and ride Val d’or area instead of 12 hour drive to Mont Valin or Gaspe!
  11. Starting point  Rapides-des-Joachims question

    Groomers are moving towards Le Classic
  12. March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    What a ride! I would love to do this loop next season.
  13. Last Run of 2017\2018

    You’re a champ GutZ! Hopefully we will be riding into April this year.
  14. We just got back from Gaspe 5 days ago but I already have the itch! I know we are almost a month out but based on the long range forecast I am optimistic that great April riding is going to be possible this year. We are thinking Val d'Or/Amos or maybe Wawa/Dub, looking for weather and grooming info over the next couple of weeks from the locals. As a worse case scenario we will make the 12 hour drive back to Gaspe or Mont Valin as I am sure they will be good to go. Thanks, Carm
  15. Redscreen Riders Ride Gaspe

    Some more pics