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  1. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Should I just pm you with info for my 2 sleds and then follow the link for payment? Do you have paperwork to get insurance credit back for Ontario resident?
  2. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    I have year make model and VIN# for my new sled but I won’t have plate number until after Christmas when my dealer registers it to me, can I still get a pass?
  3. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Great report as always ice. Good choice not to push your luck, enjoy the day loops on the bullets!
  4. Gaspie or Saguenay? next week.

    I would go with Gaspe, they seem to have the most amount of snow and long range forecast looks great! Check out the link below to see snow depth in both areas:
  5. Twin Peak Power Tour

    Day 4 350km day with a lake run to the Ski-doo dealer to get replace parts for my saddle bag, front carbide adjuster and topped up my oil. Rained the last hour of riding but trails were wide and fast all day, looking forward to a 5 course meal at Lac Taureau.
  6. Twin Peak Power Tour

    Day 3 500 km for the day navi shut off for a bit due to the cold. Perfect fast trails all day and the final destination is the beautiful and rustic Pourvoirie Windigo totally solar powered and in the middle of nowhere. Gas at the saw mill where we met some guys from the forum and saw a team iceman sticker and again in La Dore and Relais 22.
  7. Death today. Very sad

    Very sad, I know that trail well, very fast, very windy and very steep imbancments on both sides of the trail.
  8. Twin Peak Power Tour

    Loose screw on the back of the speedo bearing.
  9. Carman, can you share an update on conditions after all the warm weather and rain?

  10. First Ride with Team Iceman

    Sorry I missed you, we rerouted and shortened our day to avoid the rain. I ride the XRS, my buddy Roger has the apex.
  11. First Ride with Team Iceman

    We are at Windigo right now enjoying some beverages and a great meal. Trail from 22 here was great a little rough coming in to Windigo but not that bad. What trails are you taking tomorrow? We may cross paths, we are heading south to Le Tuque before cutting across to Saint-Michelle.
  12. Fun with Dick and Sam 2.0

    Heading to Relais 22 tomorrow, how were the trails? Premium fuel available?
  13. Twin Peak Power Tour

    Bluebird skies and cheese cake trails all day.