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  1. We saw you guys today, it was a great day to be out in the trails!
  2. It’s amazing how the weather can change in 6 hours, we walk up to 6 inches of fresh pow in the morning. Firstvtracks most of the day now back at Lac Blanc getting ready to hit the hot tub and sauna.
  3. 300km ride in the rain today was not pleasant. Sitting here at Chalet Spa Lac Saint Jean trying to figure out what is the best route(did not get destroyed by the rain) to get back to the truck and trailer tomorrow located at Lac Blanc.
  4. It looks like 378 was just groomed, why is it closed?
  5. How are the trails holding up after the rain? I haven’t seen any groomer activity for 48 hours...
  6. How are the trails holding up after the rain? I haven’t seen any groomer activity in 48 hours...
  7. Carman

    3 M tour

    Great pics, love the pizza warm up on the exhaust! Lac Taureau is my favorite place to stay in Saint-Michel.
  8. Riding from Roberval to Saint-Raymond next Saturday. What is the better route for fast, wide, picturesque trails; 355 to 73 or 23? Any good lookouts or trail side attractions we should check out?
  9. We are running the route Thursday March 21st so hopefully we have freshly groomed trails and not a lot of traffic around Quebec City. Thanks for the info and advice!
  10. 1st day of our saddle bag trip is Hotel Sacacomie to Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. Just wondering where is the best place to stop for lunch around the halfway mark? Is the Ice Hotel accessible by snowmobile? What is the best/fastest route to take; we like wide fast trails vs tight twisty?
  11. This place looks amazing! What is it called and where is it located? How is the food; 5 star dining?
  12. I'm putting together a relaxed, high end, amazing food saddle bag tour and all the hotel recommendations are great! We are going to start and end at Hotel Sacacomie, day 2 is Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu, day 3 looking for 1 more place north towards Mont Valin/Roberval/Lac Saint Jean. What do you guys recommend? Are route is going to be something like this:
  13. I had the pleasure of riding the M20/M21 last week and met the groomer 30 seconds into my ride, first tracks for 50km of snowmobiling heaven!