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  1. How are the conditions doing on the Quebec shore. No concrete dates on the trip im doing yet but I know it’ll ither be the second week in March or during the last week. How are the conditions near the end of March between aguonish and sept isle. I’m sure the white road will still be great during this time.
  2. Not cote Nord but figured I’d post it up. Blew the dust off today.
  3. This is our set up. Both sleds have moderate upgrades. Kyb piggy back shocks. Some additional lighting. Mostly practical things such as brackets for snow shoes axes and whatever else.
  4. Definitely will be hauling some of our own fuel. It’s over 400km from goose bay to the first fuel station which will be st Augustine.
  5. Been lurking this page for a while. And have decided to run from goose bay Labrador to st Augustine. And then west to sept isle where I’ll the head north back to Labrador city. Looking for information on accommodations and fuel stations along the Quebec shore to add to my gps and contact. For sure there will be more questions. Right now there’s my self and a good riding buddy both with 1200 expys planning to do the ride. Maybe I’ll run into some of you on here during the ride.
  6. Anyone care to share some gps data along the Labrador coast. Labcity to sept isle area. Really getting into the exploring cross country vs playing mountains and powder etc. Have a lot of gps data for the area but always craving more. I'm from goose bay Labrador and this loop would be amazing to do.
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