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  1. Bob, I also have the original windshields if you want them? You know the type that stop absolutely no air from hitting you in the chest. I forgot about them, found them when I was digging out Christmas decorations.
  2. Thanks for the kind remarks. Sharon was quite a find. When we met she really did not know what a snowmobile was and she thought anything under 50 degrees was freezing cold. Two mornings last year it was -35 and - 40 or so and she did not complain. She knew we had a destination and we had to go. I am sure we will be back after a while. It is in my blood. I am sure I will really miss it come January & February.
  3. NO new rides. We discussed it the other night and decided to take a couple years off from riding.
  4. 2 – 2014 Ski doo Renegade Adrenaline 900 ACE 4-stroke engines & a 2012 Worthington 102X12 2 place aluminum tilt trailer with Clamshell. Both sleds have 4600 miles on them. They both have 2 large Linq bags, tall touring windshields with mirrors and wind deflectors, glove box extension r-motion rear suspension and are both studded. One of them has a factory installed Garmin Montana GPS. Both are serviced and ready to ride this season and they both have a fully transferable BEST factory extended warranty good until 12/20/2016. Asking $7500.00 for each one. Buy both for the asking price and I will GIVE you the trailer. Located in South East PA.
  5. What ever engine you choose go with the 137 and the pre studded track. I have blown 7 wheels this year between the two sleds with aftermarket studs. $44.00 a wheel US price.
  6. Mike keep it going for another year. We need someone to test the longevity of these 900's. I dont put on near as many miles as you but we have 4600 miles on both of them. Zero issues, clutch, bearings, belts all untouched to date.
  7. My thoughts exactly! Fixing a blown engine is one one thing but then you have to find and fix the issue that caused it. I have always been a Polaris fan and I still am and I know they dont have the best track record for engine reliability but they certainly are not this bad. I will jump back to Polaris as soon as they give me a 4 as I am now hooked on them also. I am not holding my breath as they seem like they will never again enter the 4 stroke sled market. I am guessing a pinched oil line??
  8. We did have a good time. Sharon is going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out. I think it is just a bruise. The veiws are incredible up here and we found the inner trails to be fantastic. After this we are ready for a trip to the west. After all, and will quote Iceman "The west is the best". Not this year, we are finished. I need to save some vacation for the summer
  9. Day 5 Back to the truck. Coldest day of the week and windy again. 5-578-5-567-85-526 567 not recommended areas of bare dirt and stone. Open wind swept areas. Trails good today. Back at the truck by 12:30 168 miles for the day. 1166 for the 5 day trip.
  10. Day 4 Left for Matane this morning. Light snow overnight. Not far out the sun came out. Few big drifts early then good the rest of the day. When we got in the mountains dark clouds and snow again. Bad picture day. Lunch at St Anne's des mints. Trails the rest of the way. Smooth and fast. At the Quality Inn at Matane. 268 Miles for the day.
  11. We probably did pass each other. Left the Caribou in Renard this morning. At St. Anne for lunch now. Headed for Matane this afternoon.