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  1. Jean Guy, so sorry to hear this. Good luck in your next adventure, as said in many will be missed
  2. Looks like the injector pump died and the turbo started pulling oil out of the oil pan to run on, they usually start revving up big time.
  3. I know that at Le Cabanon, you put your truck and trailer in the parking compound which is locked, and they tell you not to leave your sleds in the trailer but to keep them in the secured corral.. The reason being is the trail is accessible from that lot, your truck and trailer is secure there and your sled is secure in the corral.
  4. I have used it to pull sleds and the towed sled follows right in line behind you, if you pull the ski tips up like they show you the sled won't rear end the front sled. When I was in Yellowstone this is the system the rental company's used to retrieve their sleds.
  5. thre is a system made by sno-bunji for $19.95 that works slick.
  6. thre is a system made by sno-bunji for $19.95 that works slick.
  7. There is an app for your iPhone with New York State Trails that works without cell service
  8. When GrumpySanta said "Dennis put a stop to that",He was saying Dennis bought the place,built it up,payed for it and kept it. When Dennis and Dianne bought the place the trails were groomed by the club in St Zenon,..St Michele & Glacier had their own clubs, he was the driving force in combining the two clubs,good bussiness move on his part. Gaston owned the Cabonon when Dennis bouht it