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  1. mr GutZ, I just returned from a western trip, starting in Shawinigan. Plenty of snow there but I would suggest starting in Rivere Mattawin about 45 minutes up rt 155. Never had a problem parking the trucks there. Also stay out of Mt. Laurier. No need to go into town, plenty of outfitters 30 miles north to stay at, all have gas too. If you need maps of area I will be Town of Lee wed and thur aftenoon and evening. Pittsfield on monday . I'll pm you my number Joe
  2. 1 Follow this topic What motorized vehicle is less reliable than a Snowmobile? my computer
  3. again this week computer signed me out of QR and couldn't log in. Last night I followed hparaptor instructions , installed Malwarebytis,scan,deleted bad files, restarted and was able to log in. Thanks for the help
  4. to be correct ,the manual list the weight as 950 ibs. I consider myself law abiding , but when it comes to the fish cops I usually don't stop to talk to them. With so many woods and trails in w.mass I don't spend a lot of time in the state forests . To many rules and to many riders.
  5. My Razor is the standard model. It is 50" wide, the width of most big 4x4 quads. Weighs 750 lbs. I ride on all trails back home inthe berkshires and it fits no promblem. If I was to ride mostly in PQ I would get the XP model
  6. some more photos of Lac Fallon BTW it is for sale
  7. groomer, u get to ride like this everyday
  8. After some electronic issues resolved, here is the August trip. Knowing we would have some long mileage days ( do to having to work sometimes) I planed a trip using mostly riding on zec roads, with some nice woods trail also. With only two of us , we should be able to make good time. day 1 start from the Comfort Inn in Mt. Laurier. Ride trails around Devils Mt, had to go to Mt. Laurier Polaris for parts (tire and wheel) , rode to Rabaska Lodge. 112 miles day 2 Ride to Club Gatineuau , got a napkin map of trail along river Gatineuau with chutes, bridge wash outs and indian section to avoid on way to Clova. Visited with Carol at Tamarac, told story of WW II pow camp out in the bush. Was told it was for German Officers P.O.W. , they were the ones who dug the canels to connect the lakes. Will search for it another time. Ride high speed trails ,stopping at Babuzard. It is only open to large groups. The ride to Lac Fallon was like riding in the desert. With no trees from past forest fires, no rain for a long time, dry and dusty like Nevada. Got in to Lac Fallon to enjoy a swim from the nice white sandy beach. 285miles day 3 Lac Fallon Peter gave us napkin map to get to Lac Matchi and zec roads and trails to get us to rt. 117. Ride to Kitcisakik, then south towards Jonas. Got information it was closed, but you could go but needed to bring your own food. Ride to La Domaine for the evening. 250 miles day 4 Ride more zec roads through Zec Petawga to Club Gatineuau. Ride trails to Notawissi, St. Anne Du Lac, loop to Meekos , to JB Scotts. New owner , no rooms. Can't believe with 75 camps there is none available. Ride into dark on small woods trail to Cheval. 235 miles day 5 Visit with new owner Franswa, let us use his shop for some maintenance work. Rode to Club Lounan, no one around, zec roads to Beauregard and trails to L'Ascansion , back to Mt. Laurier 135 miles. No rain for a long time made for a dusty 1017 miles. But with only two of us it was rideable. Even the swamps were dried up.
  9. wow, lots of information here. I had success . I reloaded Flash 11,5, turn firewalls off , reboot and was able to "sign in" from my mozzilla fire fox. I may have pushed some other buttons too. I turned firewall back on, but now I am getting some pop ups. I'll get that later. I will try to follow hparaptor suggestions when I have more courage. Give me a Mikuni carb and I'll rejet it with my eyes closed, but with a computer I 'm afraid if i push the wrong button everything will be gone to cyber space. For now I can put the hammer away. Another great asset of this site is the diversity of members knowledge and their willingness to help with a problem. Hparaptor, I used to put on many trail rides from my place in Tyringham, but the past few years not to often. It's that busy thing. When I do I will contact you. Thanks all, for the help, Joe
  10. can't sign into my Quebec Rider account. When I click on "sign in" nothing happens. My compter uses XP and mozilia fire fox. I did enable cookies. With Mr. Gutz 's suggesting I tried from Intrnet Explorer. First time I couldn't sign in, then a pop up said to down load Adobe Flash 11.5 . I did this and then I could sign with Internet Explorer, which is not my default browser. Downloaded Adobe Flash 11.5 to the mozilia fire fox, my default browser, but still can't sign in. I am not to knoledgeable with computers, but I am learning. Some times want to smash the thing with a hammer. Maybe there is some program I need or don't need. Goose
  11. thanks. loaded image resizer program and works fast. from Tyringham, MA
  12. It took me months to figure out how to get the photos to the computor from new smart phone. Any one have easy method to resize photos smaller to post them. The only way I know how is to send photo in email , makes it smaller, edit, then file, then save it. Have to do this for each photo thank you , not to smart phone, Joe
  13. would that be lac long look out
  14. hello all, I will guess the warm up shack 27 miles before eltape on lac champlain coming from st. raymond
  15. hello jean guy, 4 of us leaving today for the great gaspie. be by your area maybe sat. will look for you. joe