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  1. I saw on a post that most of the rooms in the area are full. If the riding is good, it is the closest good riding to New England. How are the trails? I'm hopefully going up New years day and staying into the weekend. Area is great for early riding, but with the rain in between, I wanted to check. Thanks the dude
  2. Due to no or low snow in Northern NH. We are going to take another trip up this season leaving 2/22. I know Matane gets blown clear of snow very often, and I am guessing is boney to say the least right now. What is a good place to stay near gas, food and easy on/off of 5?.... Someplace my carbides would like. thanks for the info. The dude
  3. Just got back last night 2/10. RDL was very thin. Headed est on 5 to Amqui. Once out of RDL trails were great! Sent a day riding with 2 local brothers, who took us on mostly local trails. Went to Pointe la Croux and to New Richmond. Had to head back to RDL. Best conditions of the season for us!
  4. Hi, My wife and I have done countless miles in QC. Montmagny, St Zenon, Shawinigan, and more. Have done several saddle bag trips in Qc as well as Maine. Now that I just retired (62) we are looking to do Gaspe for the first time leaving from either Montagany or Riviere du loup. We ride well maintained newer sleds and usually do 180-200 mile days. Would like to ride last week in February. e-mail@
  5. We stayed at the once 232 in Montmagny last season. It has been changed to an Econolodge. We stayed in rooms in the front. They were just renovated and very nice. Breakfast was included. Trails around St Georges are really nice. Too much road riding(burning blacktop) for me. I won't stay there again. As said, the Bernieres is really nice.
  6. Hi Jack, I've ridden this area for a few years. On the east side of the lake there is trail 105a you take that about 4-5 miles and it will lead you to the trail to go across the border. It should be well marked. Crossing there can be a little confusing if there is fresh snow and you can't follow other tracks. If you care to, you can stay on 105a east to Norton, and cross there this is the easist way to cross but about 25 miles (usually nice trails) If you are staying on the west side of the lake, you can cross the lake in town, or to the north which hits trail 105a . I personally stay away from Maggog and Sherbrook as they are busy industrial cities where the trail goes through and some very busy road crossings not exactly nice scenic countryside. Riding east to Coatacook is nicer. Happy trails, the dude
  7. Hey, I am planning a saddlebag trip from Vermont. My first stop is going to be around Thetford Mines. I passed through a few times but didn't pay attention to lodging. I do remember some people having theft issues around there in the past. Is it still a problem? What places are secure? Thanks, the dude
  8. I don't have enough time to go to St. Nickolas this weekend. I'm hoping for a trip to there the end of the month. I'll probably ride the NEK this weekend . Conditions around IP and St. J were nice last weekend. Just out of curiosity, Can you ride from Valcourt to Riviere du loup in one day? or do you spend the night around Levi/St. Nick? thanks the dude
  9. Hey! I'm looking to ride from Norton, VT up to Sherbrooke and beyond. Does anyone know the snowcover?, and if all the trails in the area are open? Any info would be great. Thanks, the dude
  10. Thanks, I'll try doing one of these. the dude
  11. Hi! I've been trying to figure out the best way to exchange my money for the season. Some years I just went to the bank ( thinking I was getting a good rate) other years I just tried putting as much as I could on credit card, only to have to pay a 3% exchange fee. I just went to the bank (B of A) the rate they just gave me was 4% higher than the rate when I got home and checked my computer. Plus the bank adds another fee to do the exchange. What do you guys do to get the most for your US dollars?