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  1. bonsoir !!! do it first , i ll take care to take pics !!! jean-guy
  2. hi steven !!! right ...the '' driveway '' before landing in the yard of the camp ...many pics within 1 mile from camp ... you can recognize the '' orange camp '' .....left side of the rd....very bad there behind the camp went on a '' cruise '' on the lake last night to take pics of full moon ... friday night the lake ...while having a beverage.....maybe 2 ..great show......moon , almost full ....stars....and under the moon ....big long white clouds...cigar shaped....lightning for almost 3 rain jean-guy
  3. few bad pics to show you the damage cause by the budworms !!! jean-guy
  4. bonjour artdled !!! even lower now compared to friday when i left for the camp....light rain right now... still quiet with friday just before darkness.. saw 2 rabbits friday ....first 2 since early may jean-guy
  5. i don t know exactly , maybe another 15-20 miles to bring eggs up the river....i posted pics before of that part of river........a lot narrower with nice little rocks at the bottom ... roughly 12 miles east of my camp .... i was talking with a friend yesterday ......soon , they ll dive in the river from town toward matapedia .....count the salmons.....if there s over a thousand salmons in the river.... so, around august , if fishing , you ll be able to keep your salmon ....right now , its only catch and release the salmon on the pic....made an awesome jump .....5 th gear and landed in the dark flat spot up the pic....once in the water, down shifted and vroooom up the river last night , went to take pics....i was 15 ' inside a field....there was flies ...but realized only there was that much when i downloaded the pics !!! jean-guy
  6. bonjour playhard !!! hahhaha... forgot to mention last night of the pool told me....there s 228 salmon right now in the pool ......only 40 last year at the same date... looks like the arrival of jaws pushed them up the river this year !!!😁 jean-guy
  7. bonsoir !!! just to let you know.... '' jaws '' made new friends in the valley !!!😀 jean-guy
  8. bienvnue gutz !!! saw maybe 40 salmons in 1 hr 15 mins...could be better... waiting too long ....lose concentration ...and miss a few jumping need to go back ...lost the cap on my lens !!! jean-guy
  9. bonsoir !!! a little pirouette to the falls !!! jean-guy
  10. good morning blueblood !!! absolutely right...awesome pic.....but....the destruction !!! friend of mine went to quebec city last thursday .....fields were still smoking in riviere ouelle....they were using helicopters . tough to extinguish because its peat go deep in the ground jean-guy
  11. pic taken a few days ago....lac st jacques...l s j check map on the other post jean-guy
  12. bonjour quebec bob pics with the helicopters 2 weeks ago ....they were spraying on private wood lots only ....don t know about public land... yaaa...the dead ones could be very dangerous for fire... pic i took 1 mile from camp on my way back home...don t see much ....i ll take better ones next week jean-guy
  13. yaaaa... next weekend , i ll try to take a walk between the trees....some spots are very grey ... when coming back at my camp in the darkness....can see the budworms hanging on the branches...was bad last night ... pic with hole in the trees....there s '' kids '' inside...can hear them talking !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour smclelan sorry for the late reply ....i think they got some before i left for the camp thursday ... a bit of rain here this morning .....its the '' mosquito festival '' right now at the camp ....crazy ... also , budworms are back .....i have nt been to camp since the last 2 weeks....more red in the wood right now... only 1 moose in about 100 miles of riding .... from sopfeu.....posted this morning The fire has not progressed for a few days. The area is adjusted according to the work carried out by the ground teams, so it is normal for it to vary a little and it is the same for the perimeter. Currently the area is estimated at 62,211.4 ha. The perimeter of the fire is just over 200 km. The fire is considered "Content", which means that its progression is stopped, at least temporarily. The work of extinguishing the hot spots located on the perimeter to the northwest of the border made us progress in the control of this one. From the start of the week, the weather should change. With heat and dryness, the fire could wake up and resume activity within the perimeter. Nearly 280 people work at the fire site. This includes ten sections of twenty forest firefighters from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, the major fire management team, pilots and personnel from certain suppliers who support operations. Today’s temperatures will be cool, the relative humidity will be fairly high and the winds will be light. This will facilitate the deletion work. Due to the weather conditions that we have had since Thursday, the fire has no activity (it is dormant), which allows the forest firefighters to work to consolidate the borders in order to surround the fire inside its perimeter by watering hot spots. jean-guy
  15. a bit more tonight ....need more... at least better than nothing !!! jean-guy
  16. moose i was talking about !!!
  17. bonsoir !!! finally a bit of rain ..... different pics ... jean-guy
  18. bonsoir gt rider !!! great gesture from those guys.... i saw the samething on park matane roughly 15 years ago with a friend...moose was stuck in the mud just next to the water of a little lake we had no tools to help the moose....but learned few days later that the moose had been saved jean-guy
  19. on the news ...they said ... average rain in june.....80 to 115 mm this summer....14 to 20 mm fire in l s j is 720 km / sq jean-guy
  20. yaaaa... fire started just up lake d ailleboust ... challenge kanada 96 ....went just below lac st jacques ...then along peribonka river jean-guy
  21. hi smclelan.... few days ago ,fire was at 4 000 68 000 +......ontario and manitoba guys landed in roberval today to help on the news tonight...they said ....could have been caused by boaters.....very little fire ...poorly extenguished fire !!! temps were a bit colder yesterday ...back up to 29 c today ... very strong winds today ...pohenegamook area......trees down ...blah..blah ...blah video of a few days ...north of lsj jean-guy
  22. bonjour bluebood !! first time i hear about a fire that big in that area.......started in a field if i remember well .... on the news this morning , they said there s 20 fires right now in pq ... the biggest one , north of l s j .... jean-guy