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  1. Sled Head Fall Gathering

    A great time with a great Team Iceman crew, many thanks. There were frozen mudsickles forming on the machines as we arrived back at the trucks, a sure sign winter is near. And the most amazing part of the story......Playhards canvas shoes were completely dry after the extract. That’s experience!
  2. Giant Lobster

    Now I'm wondering......just how freakin big do they have to be before they're keepers ;<)
  3. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    A great season ender, great crew, great planning, and the always needed improvisation! A couple videos from March 26th in the heart of the good stuff! "Trails" as amazing as the scenery on the 595 north of La Cache! This is northbound from La Cache: Same trail but southbound after a relais burger at St Paulin: Eastbound from La Cache, across the Chic Chocs "trail", into the gas pumps in Murdochville!
  4. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Today's visibility in some locations(Just kidding, that was looking up o the sky) Thought this was a retractable umbrella, turns out it's a picnic table.....Mark is sitting on the tile tabletop ;<) The kids will need to wait a couple months, swingset is temporarily out of service The usual drifty section on the North Shore east of MSP It's a long way down, I'd hate to be the groomer operator in this sector! Lookout at Mt Louis overlooking Mt St Pierre. Due to visibility, nothing to see here, move along
  5. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Can't seem toupload video to YT onYtube from Caribou wifi, outbound speed is s l o w.Some stills from today.. Anyone want to play bridge? Iceman wants to play As if you haven't seen a pic of the rock.... Mark made it to the rock on his maiden Gaspe trip John (NH Moose) obligatory rock photo From the lower lookout pull off up Chemin Mt Ste Anne Further up Chemin Mt Ste Anne, new lookout looks like a diving board Trails terrible into Perce, whooped, not recommended. Some sections of 5 out this way are amazing, but mot is pretty lumpy, feel right at home....just like the New Hampshire trails I remember ;<)
  6. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    The GoPro is attached to the helmet, so it looks "locked on" and stationary in the view relative to the helmet. The helmet is stabilized by human tissue, I.e. me. That is......my body, arms, elbows, and neck all create a shock absorber relative to my head. If the rider is tensed up, maybe there will be more shakey? But if the rider is relaxed, looses goosey, trail is smooth, head is stable. Camera sees what I see, same stability as what I see.
  7. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Found an nicely groomed private airstrip, had to line them up a couple times
  8. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Awesome day, mint trails!
  9. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    Sorry, and Unedited 7 minute clip for now, I'll make a short version including other areas as the week progresses
  10. Iceman's Season Ender part deux

    Don't tell Nick but i think he needs a Sidewinder ;<)
  11. Iceman and Friends head east.

    Congratulations to the entire team!
  12. First Ride with Team Iceman

    Happy to see the old girl back on the QC trails, enjoy, and don't forget to "rip it" Nick!
  13. Exploring new ground.

    Wow, Carling looks like a great find. I see some squiggles on your map, Iceman no likely squiggles ;<) Ride on!
  14. A small but good thermos or insulated water bottle, buried inside the saddlebag so it lasts longer, fill with HOT tap or coffee pot water before leaving the hotel. Good to drink, or to thaw the ice from Bombardier helmet ports. Still wet at the end of a cold day. 1.2mil garbage bag to line your saddlebag, 2 gallon zip lock Freezer bags (those are heavier duty than the storage bags) inside with your dry stuff, don't overstuff, they flatten and pack nice. Never had one open or fail. Couple candy or energy bars, the light airy ones are easier on the teeth when frozen compared to the heavy solid ones. Put one in an inside pocket a half hour before eating. A couple dog treats or jerky for the friendly dogs you meet along the way. Change the belt before the trip if it's remotely used, so your less likely to need your spare, because then you'll have no spare. 5 or 6 foot security chain and good lock for sled-to-sled lockup to make your stuff look less attractive than the unlocked sleds nearby. Thin gloves and gauntlets for comfort and dexterity. Rain-x your shield before the trip to make freezing rain easier to clear off. At least 1 person should have a shovel, folding saw, fuse assortment, big and small ty-wraps and fresh duct tape for MacGuyvering, spare gas for whoever needs it. A volt meter is sometimes handy. Motorcycle compact jumper cables, they always work compared to the wizbang lithium jumper packs that are hit or miss. Flashlight with spare battery. I prefer the Fenix E12 since it's pocket size and takes 1 AA battery which is 2x capacity of AAA and it's the same battery my GPS can use in a pinch. Spare balaclava, sometimes to swap, sometimes to double up on the thin ones when it's -30, with Windblock fabric in the neck is much warmer than airy fleece, yet still thin and not bulky. Some plan in case a heated grip fails. 1 spare carbide. Bonus cinch strap ( not a bungee, they don't work good in the cold) over the saddlebags to prevent bouncing which can easily rip the factory straps out of the bags, eye bolts in the tunnel to attach. A spare strap for "that" guy that didn't plan ahead and now has torn his luggage strap out and it's really flopping around. A motorcycle cargo net is also awesome insurance! I like a combo cable bike lock to lock my jerry and permanent bag to the rear bumper, again just to add a layer of inconvenience to me or thieves. Small Leatherman for cutting belt fragments that wound up behind the primary. Spare fuses, and if Skidoo....spare relays, and know where all of them are ahead of time, on the trail in the dark when it's -30 is no time to dig out the manual. Spare helmet cord for that rare occasion you may need to plug in. Copies or PDF of all your paperwork, passport, and credit cards front and back, email to yourself. Earplugs if you're a light sleeper. Ice scratchers for those few occasional just wrong morning hours where it was groomed like concrete the night before, and it takes a couple hours to loosen up. When stopping, peek under for bent carbides or loose studs, even the pre-studded Studs pull out or can partially pull out and flap into a heat exchanger. Name and email address labels on stuff like keys, phones, bags, gps, etc. Email always works, your phone number may not. Nice to haves include an axe, sat phone, bus schedule. Must haves are a lot of money and a good sense of humor for the inevitabilities Murphy throws your way. That's it for now ;<)