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  1. NH-Moose

    2015-2016 Trail Permits From Groomers Club

    Hi JG, Purchased my pass specifying Club La COULÉE VERTE online tonight ;<) As always, looking forwards to seeing you this season, and many thanks for everything you do! A couple pictures of my yard critters, not as nice as your photos though. Lucky to catch the bobcat stalking and then pouncing a squirrel though! Bonne Saison! John in NH
  2. NH-Moose

    Trail Info

    May bring a drone on some trip, but it usually takes long enough to pop the GoPro on my helmet for some quick footage, let alone digging out a drone, booting it up, get some video, pack it up. By then the rest of Team Icaman will be 15 miles ahead 🤣
  3. iMotoneige shows 3 bits of trail near Val Dor and Chabugamu groomed today, October 5. Or maybe they’re just jockeying around getting oil changes and maintainence? I’ll save you all some time and just be the first to ask.........How will the trail conditions be in 2 weeks?
  4. Great stuff, looks the same but different, lots more green in the trees. Looks like it was all groomed for you too :<) Did Caro bring home a striped tiger kitty for the kids to play with? Plenty of room in the Snyder saddle bags
  5. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Perfect, thanks, new tool for me to apply next season. I know Playhard uses it a lot, and it looks like it’s now a full screen map so it’s easier to see than the original Via site where the map is only 1/3 of the screen. Thanks for the tip!
  6. NH-Moose

    Iceman’s Ender?

    It’s all in the timing, what a difference a couple days make. Glad you hit the Northshore fresh groomed!
  7. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Rode from Hotel & Cie back to RDL Friday AM. A very very quick 100 miles, arriving at 10:45. Loaded up and drove south. Trail 5 including the power lines was perfect, best I can recall seeing it. Trip overall: 1047 miles on my trip odometer in 4 and 1/3 days. No mechanical issues. Very low traffic. iMotoneige app continues to pay off in planning, I hope they further improve it with imperial units and ability to see/save multiple routes. Wish the sled museum at Copper in Murdochville were open during the day, but its their way of doing business, 5 of us would have spent more $ than just lunch there had it been open. Hotel & Cie (in St Anne des Monts) restaurant was the best supper eats of the trip, gourmet everything, and a very professional and funny waiter. Its not a frequent stop as close to RDL which is our usual launch point, but we'll have to work it in to future rides. Chic Chocs and interior trails (like 597) are the place to be, the 5 around is necessary in places, but can easily avoid the Gaspe/Perce/Riviere au Renard areas, so I don't mind planning around them. Perce is no longer sled friendly IMO. Junk trail in/out, no gas, no deal. Would much rather look at the much bigger rocks (Chic Choc mountain range). LaCache is remodeled and open, rooms remodeled too. Can even rent the upstairs of the main place, multiple bedrooms, sitting area, etc. We asked they said under $200 CAD including tax for 5 people to rent the upstairs. St Hubert has better chicken, Scores has better ribs. Always nice to see, follow, chat with, miss by a couple hours, pass on the trail and PM other QR's sharing tricks, tips, pics, and stories. Another great Gaspe season ender!! I will post more pics when we gather everyones images and videos in a few days. hopefully some more of you can get out there, its still great, but will go fast unless you stick to the hills.
  8. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Carbides check ;<)
  9. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Low speed (actually no speed) flop over ;<)
  10. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Plan was working out great, left Hotel Cie in St Anne heading West on 5 to the 597, figured we would go a few miles toward LaCache to make sure it was not whooped, it was good enough so we went down and had soup at 10:30. Fueled and back up the same awesome trail. Well worth the effort, awesome run both ways. found out Planned for Matane, but arrived way too early due to the fast trails, so next stop Mt Joli. At the gas station I called but Gaspesiana didn’t have 3 rooms, so we ended up another 25 miles at Hotel L’Ompress in Rimouski. LaCage Au Sport was packed and loud, so it was Ribs and chicken at Scores across the street. Blew a new Gates Carbon belt with only 860miles on it today on the 900Ace, back to OEM belts next time I guess, those lasted thousands of miles. Tomorrow we shoot back to RDL and drive part way home, or maybe all the way home depending on time and conditions. Marty high marks the Copper debris hill yesterday (trying to embed via iPad) https://youtu.be/-j9DIWwtKOs
  11. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    597 from New Richmond to LaCache was just Groomed, so it was awesome, like a super highway. The renovated LaCache looks great, friendly new owners, I’d consider staying here overnight now thats it’s been modernized. Chic Chocks were gorgeous on this sunny warm day to Murdochville. Lunch at Copper, was hoping to see the snowmobile museum downstairs, but it’s only open during and after supper, I assume to encourage people to eat, see the hundreds of sleds, and then stay over night, all under one roof. 5 on the north shore from MSP to St Anne needs grooming, it’s beat up, and drifts, made a last 50 miles bummer to an otherwise perfect day. Hopefully we’ll see some green on the map for our last 2 days riding, but we are fortunate to be riding late March with so much snow it’s hard to complain about one stretch. Very light traffic today, many people from Ontario are riding in this region this week. Tomorrow we may go down 597 to LaCache and u-turn back up the opposite direction since that’s my favorite trail through the valley I don’t mind riding it twice. Then maybe Matane for the night.
  12. NH-Moose

    Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Wow, beautiful day, great trails. Left Mt Joli heading south on 5 and 587. Stopped by the Redemption look out tower to see the mummies, but it was too overcast to see much, observation tower is plastered with ice, we have no in interest in climbing. So much show in this interior region!! Lots of cool looking drifts creeping across the trails. Stopped at Groomers clubhouse for a smoked meat sandwich, waitress asked if we were the group from New Richmond, she was to call JG to summon him for a visit. We said we know JG, but had no arrangements. Great food, friendly service, and we were off to the south coast on 5. Was sweet, fast, and we made good time. Later, on the orange bypass above PLX, we saw a rotopax gas can in the trail, just past a huge drift, looks like someone slammed the drift and didn’t realize they dropped the can. I put it off to the side of the trail so no one would run it over. Hope they came back for it, looked expensive ;<) adjacent/above a road, we passed a couple sleds with NH stickers, should have stopped to say high, but we were all rolling. Maybe the group from New Richmond? Gas in Nouvelle, and settled in to Baie Blue in Carleton. Pub is closed this week for renovations, ate at the upstairs in the main dining room. Tomorrow we’re off to LaCache, Murdochville, and then up to the north shore. No telling what the Chic Chic mountains will bring, and we want to see the sled museum at a Copper, Steve likes to have a lunch, so we have short, medium, and stretch goal destinations in mind. Murdochville, Mt St Pierre, St Anne Du Monts. The only thin spots were on the south shore, south facing hills were slushy, the one long driveway is down to the mud...see picture....it’s going to go fast soon, but this week is awesome!! Saw a groomer that missed a turn and was stuck in a drift, must have walked out last night. Marty rides so fast he rode an inner idler wheel down to its hub. At Carleton, we rode out by the docks and the lighthouse. A lot of moving sea ice near the shoreline. Marty preferred to have cocktails in his room, so he missued out on the best part of the trips scenery so far. We all have our priorities I guess.
  13. Rode out of RDL this chilly 7F morning. Brad, Mark and me from NH, Marty and Steve from NY. Headed southwest on 5 and 35 through Pohenegamook, gas in Cabano, gas in Lac Des Aigles (not a recommended gas stop, lots of pavement to gas), then 35 towards Mont Joli. TQ’s were definitely best groomed, perfectly flat and very great Indy car action. Fields were a bit drifts, but not bad. A few sections of orange trails like 544 and 571 were not whooped, but could use a grooming. Clear and sunny for most of the day, ending in cloudy windy and blowing snow. Very windy here at Gaspesiana, wind howling from the St Lawrence, we all had excellent seafood, their specialty. Very light traffic today, by 11am we passed 1sled, was a police sled but did not stop us. I didn’t even notice it said police on the hood, and saw no radar ;<) Then a small tour or family group making a souvenir video south of Cabano, and only a few others by the end of the day. Could count them all on 10 fingers ;<) Tried to find a sailboat for Brads summer enjoyment, but nothing in his size in the dry dock. As reported by others, plenty of snow and they are grooming daily. We saw several groomers out today. Off to the south shore tomorrow, maybe Baie Blue. Not many pictures today, too busy riding, besides it’s hard to beat Mikerider and Towings pics ;<)
  14. NH-Moose

    Update on grooming

    Great conditions here Don, you got in some great days. We are at Gaspesiana tonight, heading to south shore tomorrow. Happy trails!
  15. Thanks for the trail reports Mike! Also interested location of Smokey Bear, we are riding out or RDL in the AM, probably towards Cabano