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  1. NH-Moose

    New advertiser Hotel Matagami

    West trail is the quicker trail, you’ll probaly only put your feet down once in that 80+ miles, at the one warm up hut which had the heat on for us. One of the faster tanks of gas i can remember. well stocked gas convenience store gas station in the same lot, and another across the street. Small mining town, a great stop for sure!
  2. NH-Moose

    VT Couples Tour

    Cave looks familiar, check out my avatar 😀 from the inside looking out
  3. NH-Moose

    Best driving route to RDL from NH?

    First time...Gaspesie, or Quebec? Nice to have MP3 or sat radio, not many English radio stations once across the border 🙉
  4. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    So true, pretty sure Iceman is writing in his head while riding, makes for a flowing story in the end, and not easy writing on an ipad either. Not many pictures Sunday, just a couple in the morning light at Windigo, and the 900 Ace trip odometer once back on the trailer after 8 trail days. Nice ratio of 3.6 sled miles per trailering mile to/from NH. Anything over 2:1 is fantastic in my book! Great crew, no BS! Gas, pee, ride, eat, snore, repeat. Pleasure and honor to ride with Iceman, Snohorse and Kwik Nick. Glad we recalculated back to Windigo for wing and smoked meat night, best in the province, and nicest hosts possible. Carman, sorry no Doo oil reports, maybe just carry a couple quarts in reserve, and resupply ahead when you see it. Personally i would carry much more and be done with the concern. Dual jerry can setup worked great for Snohorse and Kwik Nick. Until next trip, Moose out
  5. NH-Moose

    Best driving route to RDL from NH?

    Google shows the quickest is 91/55/20. Thats the only way i’ve done it, so cannot comment on others. All really nice roads, some used to be crap, but mostly all new highways now. The peaks in northern VT....highest highway elevation in VT, can be slippery, just be careful as always when snow covered. Gas up at the Derby Line, turn left after the exit ramp, 1/2 mile there is a big Mobil, Mcdonalds, etc. Walmart further down that road too. Walts Skidoo in Derby has been my doo dealer since 2007, beware they close at noon on Saturdays. Crossing the border, left lane is the only one ever open. I stop at the ATM at the CIBC in Drummondville for cash. Its in the same parking lot as another Walmart in case you forgot something. CIBC Branch with ATM, 385 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Drummondville, QC J2C 2B1, Canada https://goo.gl/maps/KNbMtZqa8vu Depends on your tow mileage where to fill up, beware its a long stretch of not much after Montmagny. enjoy!
  6. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Bombardier coach pulling a small drag drove through the Le Chef parking lot. Update on Kwik Nicks track, losing a lot of lugs, just not made for trail ripping. Up the middle are all fine, its the ones on the edge taking it hard, probably from flexing since there is a lot or track sticking out the side, easy to fold over. Maybe some from tunnel ice too. Big winds at the saw mill, and farm fields...2 videos DB5F85C1-AF5B-4320-9287-255E4AFD9673.MOV A9855403-13E6-43C5-B592-244960CDD4B5.MOV
  7. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    We considered going to the Curling Alley across the street, but forgot to pack our Curling costumes.
  8. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Only a couple pics today. The 2.6” 146 powder track...... as of this morning at Matagami. Nice warm up hut between Matagami and Quevillon at the 55/80km sign.
  9. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Kwik Nick installing a Canadian Tire stick on mirror to be legal. Im sure he didnt want to, but beats a fine. Kit Kat really needs to bring the great flavors to the states, I love the 70% dark, but these new Tiramisu are even better, and the espresso are great too! Will be hunting down some bulk packs on my drive south.
  10. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Carman, i’ll keep an eye out, but for me I have not burned 2-stroke oil since buying the Ace in 2015. Snohorse and Kwik Nick carry their trips worth in a stacked jerry cans, 1 for gas, 1 for Amsoil for the 850’s. No doubt you can find it, but prepare to pay through the nose for trail oil, the one time i had to buy some Doo oil or a belt up here years ago, i had sticker shock and carried my own spares. Not to mention the taxes. My 600 SDI’s always had a rack i could carry 3 jugs if necessary, usually 2 gallons, plus a coiple quarts got me through a weeks riding. I dont miss those days a bit, but i can see the allure of the power/weight ratio for some.
  11. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Breakfast wings for the fox. I’m jealous we were not here for wing night. Kwik Nick free Freeriding in the fluff Iceman tagging a sign at the spot Kwik Nick tool the wrong trail, we had plenty of time there. Cool antique military truck rolled in and out of the gas station while we were there
  12. NH-Moose

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Warm up hut with the fire burning
  13. NH-Moose

    saddlebagging tools/spare parts?

    Sorting my stuff for this weekends departure, also found: spare fuses, big and small types, variety af amperages. Spare relay, small type for X chassis, large for older Revs. Spare screws for HJC helmet shield, also fits other brands Spare breath box Starting to wonder if it would be easier to just drag a spare sled......... and bring 1 match ?