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  1. After the teaser video, here a more complete version from the first half of our last week ride 9 february between Joliette and Marineau. Best viewed in 1080p with the sound on! Alain
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    Joliette/ Rivière Mattawin vidéo

    Oh ya! I know what you mean... been on similar situation in St-Alexis des Monts on the Lac à l'eau claire (translate: clear water lake) many years ago. I was leading a group of four and was in federate trail path that run a couple miles on the lake. We were riding on a good snow cover and it was at the end of the afternoon at dusk and suddenly we got on a completely black wide section of maybe 500 feet long. Of course the first thing I tought: it's clear water= a pinch at the heart+ pin the throttle! but few seconds later after a bit of brain processing I realized that it was impossible to have a clear water spot in the middle of the lake in the middle of January so I stopped... one of my followers had not, still on fear reaction! The lake would have been named clear Ice lake! when stopped we were looking at the ice that was clear like a glass and the only thing that indicate us it thickness was some small motionless bubbles in it: at least 3 feets. It was a wind draft between the mountains on the shore that had created this freaking black spot. Thanks PLAYHARD!
  3. With the beautiful sun forecasted and the fast trail conditions, we chose to do one of our classics: The Joliette/Mattawin River big loop We were a little uncertain after Friday's rain on whether the trails would be icy or not so on Saturday morning we took a look at the interactive map to see the latest grooming and the majority of the trails had been done during the night so we went for the big loop It is a ride that we make every year (once in each direction!) And that we particularly appreciate for its fast and rolling trails for being so south. The ride gave us 287 miles which when we have good conditions can be done quite easily in the same day. Having no riding partner we did it quite intensive without taking many breaks: We left home at 9:00 in the morning and came back home for supper at 7:00pm So it's under a beautiful sun and -12C that we start from home by sled on Saturday morning. The trail was very hard so I dropped the 2 scratchers from the start It was a stunning sunny day but the wind was very strong. We just rode a bit in the field with the wind sideways and a good draft had made its way in the face of my sweetheart making her a cold spot just between the two eyes and she was feeling like she had just eaten a half-pot of ice cream too fast!!! I took out a sticky hot-pad kit and tinkered her a solution ... not very cute but effective! Top notch riding apart from the side wind that wants to throw us down the Yam from time to time. My sweethearth no longer complains of the cold, not sure if her brain unfroze... or completely froze! The more we rode on the #3 to the east and the more new snow we saw after the rain that turned to blowing snow East of Ste-Ursule, I switched on local trails between #3 and #63 to keep a more direct route. Perfect trail conditions We did a pit stop in St-Étienne to refuel and then continue to the east. Here crossing la Gabelle dam reservoir ... On the way up on the other side of the river, some snowmobilers in the group in front of us had been trapped on an ice strip in the hill. I really love my Iceripper track, had not even free spinned And we go back on the St-Maurice in Grand-Mère The short stretch up to the junction with the #23 was pretty bumpy. Next was better but being two-up on the Yam, it been up to the height of Grandes Piles before I could open the throttle comfortably The St-Maurice river scenery is always as beautiful ... We then ride to get the #360 And we arrived for lunch at Marineau in Rivière Mattawin around 1:00 pm with about 130miles on the dreammeter Alot people there but as always a good nice and fast service Barely an hour later we left, all 3 full (Kristine, the Yammy and me) on # 360 in St-Zénon direction. Just after the bridge the trail connection has changed place and the first portion is on a new, more direct and less twisty path. I like it much better for sure. The classic Mattawin River view The #360 was like a carpet, beautiful and fast. We took a break at the summer rest area 440 It's a picnic area, if you want to use the table plan to bring a shovel! Then back for a lazy-boy ride on the beautiful #360 I chose to cross the river on the dam instead of the bridge, like in old time! The reservoir level is already considerably lowered ... The #345 was nice and fast too. As we expected we met a dozer who was starting his run from Cabanon A last fuel-up for the venture at the l'auberge le Cabanon The #23 south was as good, even in front of the dozer that we passed The only less good section that was bumpy was few miles each side of Réal Massé where #23 and #350 share the same trail, then it was ok and once in the St- Gabriel trails even better. We also crossed their dozer who was leaving for his run too We finally came back for supper at home at 7:00 pm with 287 miles on the dreammeter. The trails near home had enough loose snow with the day's traffic to ride easily without scratchers. Once again the big tour did not disappoint us. Even with some rain last week, the trail network is still fully operational and nice: the best of the season is now! where ever you want to ride, do it now.. time flies really fast!! You can always keep an eye here for trail conditions and more: Have fun and ride safe! Alain
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    Heading West

    Seems you had a real great trip with just enought adventure, not too much 😄 I Let you know you did an outstanding job on the report too 🏆 what do you use as camera? You have crisp and clean pictures 👍
  5. I'm fully realize it; I'm unable to do it... I raise my hat to mr iceman and all the others who do it, it is not the easy way for sure 👍
  6. Yes I know, you are right I have one of the best snomobile backyard in the world! thanks for the good words! You are welcome PLAYHARD, hoping the recovery goes well for you... Love them two! like I wrote to CARMAN on an other post, I vote for a motion: snow in the night and blue jay day every day!!! We are two! it's my favotrite too. I have pretty good video footage i did during this run along the river and if I can find the time I will try to mount a video from the #360...
  7. We did yesterday our classic big tour Joliette/Shawinigan/Mattawin/St-Zenon/Joliette 287miles. Here a small sample, best view on large screen at 1080p and crank up^the sound! Alain
  8. I'm no where near a professional but i'm working to be good at what I do!!! When I began to do photo reports 12 years ago very few peoples were doing them because it was somewhat complicated but now it's really more easy and alot more do especially here and on facebook. I'm pretty sure at the pace the technology evolve the video will be really more easy to realize in just few years. Yes sir, picture and video looks so much better in those conditions. And to ride in open fields the visibility is so much better. I will vote for a motion: snowing in the night and blue jay days each day!!!
  9. You are welcome Jim, I wish you many of these blue jays days!!! we have been pretty lucky this season, It's very nice to ride with best visibility and give stunning good pics and videos! Have fun with Gemma and ride safe! Thank you Jack! If only it would be easy/reliable /plug and play but I prefer warn you: it is not... Those gopro are terrible in the cold, just few minutes with a standart set-up. I had worked alot to make my last setup working relatively reliable and hassle free and now I am starting over for this new one and it is not easy, same repice fail = internet searching+try/fail attemps... You also have to take in consideration that even when all work correctly, you result in many minutes/hour of unedited video that it is not so nice to watch as is... that mean that you need to put some more time to watch and process your base files to get something nice to watch but when they worked and with a bit of magic at the editing it can give some very nice results for sure! I think you have to like to play with the cams and editing to enter this game and be happy... it is my case!!!
  10. This weekend, a small ride to see the ice sculptures of St-Côme in Lanaudière. We then had continue north to St-Zénon and returned a little further east on #23 trail. Here is the trail path we did. Saturday morning -17C with snow, difficult conditions for the photo/video but I wanted to do this report at the beginning of the festival to give you a chance to go if you pass in the area. Here while starting the ride near home I chose to ride the #43 trail that we use less often because more twisty but the scenery is beautiful. Here at the intersection with the club hut at St-Ambroise de Kildare Here just north of St-Alphonse de Rodriguez rer view with our friend Snowcruiser that was riding with us There is a lot of snow this year throughout the territory but particularly in the north as we can see ... Here arriving by the west side of the village. We can see the big slide made of blocks of ice We parked the snowmobiles to walk a little in the village and admire the sculptures. The festival just started and the carvers are at realizing their works. Some are completed ... And others still work in progress The photos don't do them just under this dark sky but this is a real size scene of the Flintstones with Fred and Arthur in their car, Delima standing behind and Dino looking out by the window of the house! This one is fine art work with alot details, surely even more beautiful with the sun or the colored lights at night ... Another great scene very impressive here, always real size imagine the talent required for carving the wagon wheels Here a beautiful piece, one of my favorite And here a beautiful windmill well surrounded you can admire at the entrance of the village I did not show you half of what is there, to see everything you will have to go for a ride! This good walk having opened our appetite so we stopped to eat at the Marguerite restaurant also located at the entrance of the village After a good meal we continued our way up to the north via #43 trail We then took the local trail and joined #33 trail continuing north. Here with the small stream and waterfall along the trail. Notice how snow-laden trees are We had ride up to the next junction and took the local trail to reach #63 trail and then went down to La Glacière. From there we took the #350 to join the #23 south. Trail was bumpy by there and for a good reason, we saw the dozer down on the side of the trail We took a break at Real Masse, a lot of sledders there ... When we came out to continue the sky was starting to clear out and we saw our first sun rays of the day We continued south. The quality of the trail was significantly improved by entering the territory maintained by the St-Gabriel de Brandon snowmobile club and it's on mint trails that we went for a short break at the St-Gabriel belvedere. Back then through St-Norbert, rather rought in the fields because alot new snow drifts but i won't complain about new snow! We finally got home around 5:30 pm with 173miles on the dreammeter For the St-Côme in Ice 2019 festival, it is until February 17 and maybe a bit longer just to see the sculptures then so if you are in the area stop to see that, I have not shown half of what is there and if the festival itself interests you all the details are here: It was a beautiful winter day as we dream in summer! The snow conditions are exceptionally good everywhere this year so go out to enjoy it, the great of the season is happening now! Have a good safe ride !!! Alain
  11. Thank you Chris! St-Côme festival is really a must see in person if you are in the area. St Gabriel de Brandon is a top notch snowmobile club. Each years they go farther north on the #23 and their part is always very nice. The area around Real Masse is maintain by St-Charles de Mandeville club and they are not lucky with their dozers, many breakdown... this year is even worse for the #23 trail segment around Massé that received the double traffic from the #350 that have been reroute on this 7 miles of the #23 trail because of logging on the regular #350 path... Good for Massé business but hard on the trail quality and with all the snow from january the dozers all have hard time! As for weather here, a bit of freezing rain today after a bit of snow last night with a high of -4C. Forecast call for a high of 4C tomorroy but no precipitations so no damage in sight... Alain
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    In Parent we are

    loll Chris 😄 I had to write to tell I really enjoyed your trip report, you should write more often was really good. I really got the picture in my head of the dog stealing you chicken and running down the steet loll 😅😅. I had heard about the chateauvert ruins but seing it...ouch!!! have a good next one my friend
  13. I been told that their new dozer with rubber track are not even able to climb those big hills and they want to keep it easier on their dozers by grooming only the bypass... yes the roller coaster ride from one end to the other miss me too! Ride safe my friend!
  14. Here a must-see if you are in Lanaudière area from now to the 17th february 2019 (and maybe a bit longer): the ice sculpture festival from St-Côme I did this small video yesterday, sorry for the snow in my lens in some sequences, conditions were not the best for filming but i'm pretty sure you will enjoy the results anyway Alain
  15. On last Saturday I had outstanding good conditions to record this small video and it is I think one of the best I did... Put the Quality to 1080p woth the sound on and enjoy!!! Alain
  16. I figure you really like it! nice!!!
  17. My sweetheart being back from her trip, she accompanied me riding yesterday to see the Black Mountain of St-Donat. We made a nice big loop of 235 miles following the route below The bad weather last Thursday (January 24th) left some ice in the trees in the south of my area. Here on trail # 43 near home in St-Thomas We took the #3 trail westbound. Beautiful hard and fast trail, a bit hard (-17C this morning) so I lowered a scratchcher for security but not really necessary. Here a river in St-Roch l'Achigan area. A little scary but it's just some water that had risen on the ice and frozen there, very solid. We crossed several rivers and they were all in good condition, this one being the worst In St-Lin direction, still some ice in the trees and perfect trail We passed through St-Calixte ... and ride to the #33 trail that we took in west direction(northwest) Here on the lake at Ste-Marguerite Lake Masson We had not seen any trace of ice for a while but here a little north of Esterel there is a still icy area. So beautiful with the sun! And going north towards St-Donat it quickly becomes a white painted scenery the beauties of nature ... We turned before St-Donat to get the local trail to the Mountain Here the view of the summit taken from the top of the belvedere ... It was our first time on a clear day. The view is simply amazing The gray jays were there again always as hungry We spent quite a bit of time at the summit as we improvised a dinner/snacks there. Cold for the fingers but it allowed us to enjoy the place a little longer. No it's not one of her finger that the bird is eating but a piece of saucage!!! We then continued on the other side of the mountain(north) the north side trail is also really nice to ride/see and the snow is really good We crossed the Archambault Lake to return to St-Donat and refuel And then returned to the east by the #33 trail, first part was somewhat bumpy but we met the dozer there We passed the Coin Lavigne, joined the #63 trail and ride back down to Ste-Émilie de l'Energie Where we crossed another dozer We stopped to have a good meal break around 5:00 PM in St-Jean de Matha before continuing and come back home around 7:30 PM with a total of 235 miles on the dreammeter. In the end, the bad weather of last week has not damaged the trails and on the contrary had increase the snow to the ground. In fact the snow is impressive especially on the north side, we are really spoiled this season with a really better than average snow cover. The best of the season is now, don't wait because it is too cold: it's winter !!! go out and enjoy, it's now that it is happening !!! You can still take a look here to see trails details in the trail condition section or use the rest of the site as a planning helper for your next trip: Alain
  18. Thank you smclelan! she's back on my!! love to ride with my sweethheart 💕 Thanks Chris ! the conditions are outstanding and with the cold pretty low traffics so let's enjoy!!! You are welcome P Hardy! Thanks for such great comment! I wish you alot of miles and smiles, fun and a safe ride. My pleasure spanky123!!!
  19. Hi guys, last weekend the 19-20 january Snowcruiser and I did a two days ride Champlain/Relais22 round trip loop in Mauricie. The weather was freeking cold on saturday and we were in a small snow storm on sunday but trails were really nice. Here the trail path we did My best half Kristine was gone on a trip with her sister so I lost my photographer... plan change, you will have a video ride report this time! here the first part of 3 put the quality on 1080, crank the sound on and enjoy Alain
  20. Thank you zeusand! If you felt like that I succeed my editing job! it was a bigger job than expected, I'm still on the learning curve but worth it Thank You very much Chris! i'm sure it will and it will be handsome to shake your hand again on the trail Thank you Fred! the hardest part was to catch those images in that freeking cold! You are welcome wulsock1! it's a really nice ride to do My leasure SnomoGary! surely more to come this winter but not as a video report, more like an add on I have tell her already! we did a ride together to st-donat yesterday and I have many pics to do another photo-report, I will put this together and post it soon
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    Trail 345

    Yes Pipemaster, from those who ride there the map is now correct, but from and to Repos many will use the kanawata express way (road) even if we are not supposed to...
  22. Back to sledding for our first 2019 ride, the snow cover has improved and the trail network get pretty much completed in the south of the region while it is already well run further north. Being able to start from home we then improvise our ride that happened to be this in the end It was pretty cold yesterday, -21C blue jay day, top conditions to have beautiful trails. Here in the fields near home in Joliette direction To go toward St-Félix de Valois the trail configuration have been modified to pass nearer of Joliette city just behind Lapointe sport brp dealer. Here is a screen shot of the interactive map for this sector and I added in red dashed the old approximate route for Joliette (who is not there anymore) just to give you an idea of the change. On the interactive map the trail to St-Norbert is still in red today but I confirm that it was groomed yesterday, we passed there on our returnHere near Notre Dame de Lourdes where the old junction was in the past yearsWe then crossed St-Felix and continued north. The small club shack that was in the same place for years has been moved a hundred meters in the woods just behind where it was and the trail path rearranged a little differently but as before, left St-Jean de Matha and right St-Gabriel de Brandon snow condition is very good everywhere, here taking the old railway bed near St-Cléophas And here just behind St-Gabriel de Brandon city And here, riding up the big hill in St-DamienWe continued straight on #23 toward St-Zénon. Snow is obviously even better going norther, both on the ground and in the trees Another important change, the #350 coming from Koubec now arrives on the #23 five miles south of Real Massé instead of five miles north. We came back from this side in the afternoonThe interactive map has also been updated, the red trail showing the old closed route and the #350 trail in green below representing the realityWe continued through the #23, past Réal Massé ...we then turned left on the # 350 toward La Glacière. Another interesting change there, the trail instead of going through the big hills now pass by the old route of several years ago. Some may recognize this big gazebo left on the trail side Just infront, the magnificent auberge de la pourvoirie St-Zenon! I was so surprised to pass there that I had not even think to stop for lunch but by looking on they are really open. I put them on the bucket list for a next time... We continued just a little further to La GlaciereWhere we had already planned to stop for lunchAfter warming up with a good meal we continued on #63 trail toward St-Zénon village And then north of the village we continued toward Le CabanonThere was a small segment of an half mile that was really rought on this trail, We then know from the Cabanon that this is because the dozer is not able to climb one of the icy hill just before ... The new dozers with rubber tracks spin on the ice while the old Gilberts with steel bars tracks were able to climb up ... the club will have to find a solution. Otherwise the snow is really good in this area, impressive how it increased in the last month. We stopped to refuel the venture at Cabanon.And then took the #23 toward southWe then forked into the Mastigouche reserve still via #23 east The Mastigouche Reserve was one of the first places to ride this season and is still top notch. Here a picnic table buried under the snowWe then turned on the #345 south to go down toward Koubec. We just went into the yard and continued, there were many sledders there!We turned to continue the #345 and then switch on the #350 a little further continuing westit's here that the #350 route is changing this year. There is this indication and the trail turns to the left A brand new trail to discover in Zec des Nymphes, very panoramic on the first part. In fact this new trail sectiion has everything from great fast stretch to narrow zipper on the mountainside!We then ended up on the #23 trail five miles south of Real Massé where we already pass in the morning. We took it south and took a break a little further at the restaurant of the Pourvoirie St-Damien. We must have passed 100 times infront since all these years but we were never stopped. They are well installed, a beautiful fireplace inside with bar and dining room. It was a particularly cold day yesterday and the hot chocolate was really nice!We then continued south, here the setting sun just south of St-Gabriel de BrandonWe then continued on #63 trail to go toward St-Norbert. Here the sun lying behind us when crossing the # 347 road We then went through the local trail from St. Norbert/St-Elizabeth to St-Thomas which was closed in the morning. this trail had just been groomed during the day and had no time to harden so not very nicel but with a couple of days and a couple grooming pass it will be top shape. We finally got home around 5:15 pm with a little over 191 miles on the dreammeter. In the end a beautiful ride with very nice conditions overall but pretty cold despite the beautiful sun. The season is well started, the trail network is pretty much connected to travel between the regions, you can take a look here to have some more details of the areas you want to ride: the best of the sledding season is beginning. It's time to enjoy! Alain
  23. Was one cold and sunny, I'm at planning a two day ride for the next weekend and seems it will be a cold and snowy! pretty much snow on the forecast... Thank you mrgrumpers ! should have some more to come... Yeah, at least with the interactive map, it can be updated now and those changes give us the chance to ride some new spots in our same area. Seems we will have a cold and snowy weekend so you will play in powder! There are big chances that I spend the saturday night at relais 22 if you are in the area... Thank you Carman! The beauty of the pics are really from my best half talent with her old camera. I will have to improvise if I want to post something from my next weekend ride because she won't be with me for this next one. I'm impressed myself too and it seems the next snow layer is already on the way! Thanks Grumpysanta, always nice to start from the backdoor! would be nice to meet you on the trail.