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  1. Think long and hard about the Riotel in Matane, yes it nice, BUT the ride from the hotel to the travails can be 5 miles of frozen dirt (see other posts on this site) way better place is the Quality Inn. Also, going to Matane to start is really nonsensical as you can ride easily in on day from RDL to Matane, why trailer? I agree with he rest on that point.
  2. I'm coming from Tadousac towards Charlevoix., then heading up 383, so at least for me it should be fine. Thanks for the map info Goose713!
  3. I hope they are working on a original trip was to take the Matane ferry to Baie Comeau but that's apparently out of commission for now.
  4. Does anyone know why it's closed? Lack of snow? Land owner issues? This make Cote Nord really hard to get to. If this is a trail closure that's going to put a major hurt on business in Tadousac and northward. I'm planning on using this in early February.
  5. Does anyone know for sure if Mt Apica has gas? I was there last year and do not remember any gas at the relais, but, I could be mistaken... L'Etape has a gigantic gas station, 20+, pumps, but the inside is very generic, like a stop on any major highway. I'd rather stop for food at Mt Apica, but, I wasn't sure they had gas..
  6. Thanks to all, I've still got a bit of time to make other plans. Was planning on leaving QC to RDL, then to Auberge la Coulee douce, then Matane to Baie Comeau and back to QC on the North Shore via Tadoussac and Fairmont Richelieu. I could always just stay South and run back to QC that way. Let's all try and keep up with the ferry status. I've been on the ferry to Ilse au Courdres, it's not about the ferry, just wanted to show my son (first time to Quebec) both sides of the flueve. Anyway, hope they find a replacement soon!!
  7. Oops that's Wednesday Feb 6, not Tuesday
  8. I'm planning to take the ferry from Matane to Baie Comeau on Tuesday Feb 5. I have a reservation and they haven't contacted me about any cancellations. If I am reading the French correctly it says they are taking the ferry to dry dock and should be back "around" Jan 30. This is cutting it close. So, if this ferry isn't fixed, does that mean I'm stuck in Matane? My ability to read the French is limited so anyone that knows more French would be a big help. I can't seem to find anything about this in English. It will really change my saddle bag trip if I can't take the ferry to the North Shore of the flueve.
  9. So, to chime in. Chalet and Spa has great rooms, and spa, but pretty crappy food. Also, not much happening at night (although I can't say for sure about New Years Eve). During the week by 10 PM you could tell that the staff was itching for you to have your last drink and leave. If I had the choice, I'd defiantly pick Centre plien-air mont Viliain. Nice cabins with kitchen (one cabin is even like a teepee), great hosts and reasonably priced food. Also, owner host is a women (?Evie?) who speaks great English. This place was jumping both times I stayed last year in the middle of the week. I imagine NYE would be crazy. VERY sled friendly, reasonably priced gas. They just go out of the way to make you happy. At Chalet and Spa I kind of got a "whatever" attitude. Just my opinion and no offensive to anyone..
  10. My trail passes arrived today, can't wait for the fun to begin!!
  11. OK thanks, had a bad experience with a flat bed tow truck and a studded sled, not pretty. We'll stick to the North side of the Flueve...
  12. I was wondering how you cross the St Lawrence at Trois-Rivieres. Is this a truck trailer crossing like in QC or is it a bridge? I've never been to that area and was wondering... Thanks, Fred
  13. Booked the Drakkar 2/16 to 2/22. Hope to meet anyone who posts on this forum that week. Fred
  14. I will be riding your trails in February and maybe we can meet at your club...I'm riding with my son for a father /son trip
  15. Bought 2 passes yesterday using 116 as the Club, keep the pictures coming Jean Guy!!
  16. Ouch, I'm staying at the QI, that looks painful!
  17. Playhard, What do you mean by down the road and over the bridge? if it's a major bridge crossing that's a deal killer. Map looks like you ride the river to the front door. Drakkar is sounding better all the time. We can live without the hot tub. Thanks again to all.
  18. Yes already checked the schedule. We're going to Baie Comeau on a Wednesday. Appreciate the advice.
  19. Any comments on the Auberge Gouvenor? Looks to be in the center of the down and close to restaurants?? Thanks, Fred
  20. Thanks everyone, I used the FCMQ map feature and it gave me the 50K, my mistake. Sounds like the QI will be the better fit for our needs. I appreciate all the advice from those who have experience!!
  21. Looking for a decent hotel that has breakfast and a hot tub. Stayed at the Safari in the past, it looks renovated and nicer as the Drakkar. Any comments on the Drakkar? Do they have a hot tub and breakfast now? In the past we had to ride into town for food each morning which led to a late start. I liked the secure sled storage and of course Bernard (RIP). Any recommendations about the Drakkar or suggestions on where else to stay in Maurice area would be helpful. Thanks, Fred
  22. Plan on staying the night in Matane in February and catching the ferry at 8 AM. It looks like the Quality Inn is closest to the ferry, but, others have commented that the Riotel is a nicer place to stay. So it looks like its about a 50 km ride from the Riotel to the ferry as you have to get back on the trail and go around Matane and back in to the ferry. Is this correct or is there a shortcut to the ferry (riding the side of the road, etc)? Would hate to make a wrong turn and miss the ferry. I'd appreciate any advice from thjose who have stayed at the Quality Inn and the Riotel. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for the information, hoping for another great year in Quebec.
  24. Does anyone know if this trailer service will be operating this year? Planning a long loop from Sheraton Signature ( "old" 4 points) to run south side of the St Lawrence, then cross over on ferry in Matane and back to QC over 6 days. I never used this before so any help would be appreciated. The main thing I need to know is can you ride from the Sheraton to the hotel on the QC side to get to the trailer service. I seem to remember some posts last year about a trail re-route that made this impossible. Also, how do you arrange for this service? Online? Call? I could trailer over and leave my sleds and riding partner and then drop rig back at Sheraton and take an Uber/taxi back to Levis, but, that seems like a real pain. Any help is greatly appreciated!!