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  1. I agree it's very accurate. If you zoom in you can tell within 100 feet if you're on the correct trail or not. The distances n signs are a joke. We went to Wapish near Mt Villan and it said 26 KM when it was 56. Also, if you have WiFi in the morning, look at the app and you can see the grooming map. Finally to save on battery, I put the phone on airplane mode when I leave in the morning, it keeps the phone from constantly looking for a cell signal. I also carry my charger with me and plug in whenever we stop to eat etc.
  2. We were heading from Plattsbugh to QC on that Saturday. Both my car GPS and Waze app were pretty much useless. Got off the exit where they had patrol cars blocking the road, just followed a semi who likely had a CB, about 15 miles of 2 lane road and then back onto the 20 Est, it took like an hour to get around. The small road we were on paralled 20 and you could see the carnage, amazing that no one was hurt.
  3. I wet on imotoneige and was going to re-buy it, when I did it just updated to 2108-19 automatically for free..a bit odd, but that's what happened
  4. I remember buying it only once, it seems to update for free each year. I'm getting the grooming delay and it matches what's on my computer...
  5. Jack, 100% agree about printing on a map with trail passes where it is acceptable and where it is not, great idea
  6. This year on the FCMQ maps there are more "red" trails than I remember in the past. It's almost certainly because of these reasons. This man is PISSED, they destroyed his blueberry field (a lot of locals really depend on these to make money during the off season), no matter how deep the snow a 200 HP sled with 3" lugs is going to dig to the bottom and destroy the plants. He can't even take his family out skiing because of the 2%'ers who ruin if for the 98%. I doubt that anyone who does this s*&^ ever even reads this site. They probably don't know what "passage c'est fragile" , or "Rester dans le sentiers" means. I wonder if the offenders are from the US or Canada. Anyone from the US who doesn't speak French could just play dumb and say they didn't "understand" the signs. Look at trail 93, it's missing a piece that takes you way out of the way to get around. It's apparently not because of logging so I assume it's a landowner. I agree 100% about the long tracks destroying groomed trails. Maybe they should just stay in the Gaspe or go out West in the Rockies. This BS is killing it for the (*% who respect the landowners) and would NEVER intentionally disobey the trail rules.
  7. Also, if you've had a DUI in the last 10 years and haven't had you're record expunged, they may not let you in. This is what 182ray is referring to. Don't even think for a second about bringing a handgun into QC, you'll be back in the USA in no time flat if you're lucky, if not you may be arrested...
  8. Alain, C'est tres bon. Wow, what a great video, thank you!! Fred
  9. Is there gas at the PIP too? 62 in and and 62 back might be a strech for my Sidewinder LOL
  10. Playhard, Thanks for the information. As long as there is gas an food I think we'll check it out. Your pics are from this year, correct? On their site it said $60 CAD per sled, but, if you leave the Zec before 23:30 on the day you go in they refund $30 CAD, so, maybe to ride some private trails is worth a few CAD's!! Regards, Fred
  11. Their web site says you need to buy another pass. Also, look like they may have had a fire this summer. Thanks for the information, there's enough FCMQ trails to ride without buying another pass...
  12. Last year we took the Bras Louis North from TQ 93, made a right at the "T", then came to what I guess is the trail head to Zec Onatchiway. We didn't take it as it was late in the day. I'm going to be up the in February, I think it said ??30 KM from the trail head. My questions would be;' 1. Is there food there? 2. Is the gas there? 3. How far form the intersection of the FCMQ trail is 30 KM correct, I doesn't rememebr exactly? Thanks!!
  13. I don't see any trails on the FCMQ map. Is this all off trail or is there a rtoad that you can ride. Any gas there? looks like a cool place.
  14. FCMQ maps show all open an recently groomed. Check this site and you can see trail closures and recent grooming activity.
  15. Think long and hard about the Riotel in Matane, yes it nice, BUT the ride from the hotel to the travails can be 5 miles of frozen dirt (see other posts on this site) way better place is the Quality Inn. Also, going to Matane to start is really nonsensical as you can ride easily in on day from RDL to Matane, why trailer? I agree with he rest on that point.
  16. I'm coming from Tadousac towards Charlevoix., then heading up 383, so at least for me it should be fine. Thanks for the map info Goose713!
  17. I hope they are working on a original trip was to take the Matane ferry to Baie Comeau but that's apparently out of commission for now.
  18. Does anyone know why it's closed? Lack of snow? Land owner issues? This make Cote Nord really hard to get to. If this is a trail closure that's going to put a major hurt on business in Tadousac and northward. I'm planning on using this in early February.
  19. Does anyone know for sure if Mt Apica has gas? I was there last year and do not remember any gas at the relais, but, I could be mistaken... L'Etape has a gigantic gas station, 20+, pumps, but the inside is very generic, like a stop on any major highway. I'd rather stop for food at Mt Apica, but, I wasn't sure they had gas..
  20. Thanks to all, I've still got a bit of time to make other plans. Was planning on leaving QC to RDL, then to Auberge la Coulee douce, then Matane to Baie Comeau and back to QC on the North Shore via Tadoussac and Fairmont Richelieu. I could always just stay South and run back to QC that way. Let's all try and keep up with the ferry status. I've been on the ferry to Ilse au Courdres, it's not about the ferry, just wanted to show my son (first time to Quebec) both sides of the flueve. Anyway, hope they find a replacement soon!!
  21. Oops that's Wednesday Feb 6, not Tuesday
  22. I'm planning to take the ferry from Matane to Baie Comeau on Tuesday Feb 5. I have a reservation and they haven't contacted me about any cancellations. If I am reading the French correctly it says they are taking the ferry to dry dock and should be back "around" Jan 30. This is cutting it close. So, if this ferry isn't fixed, does that mean I'm stuck in Matane? My ability to read the French is limited so anyone that knows more French would be a big help. I can't seem to find anything about this in English. It will really change my saddle bag trip if I can't take the ferry to the North Shore of the flueve.
  23. So, to chime in. Chalet and Spa has great rooms, and spa, but pretty crappy food. Also, not much happening at night (although I can't say for sure about New Years Eve). During the week by 10 PM you could tell that the staff was itching for you to have your last drink and leave. If I had the choice, I'd defiantly pick Centre plien-air mont Viliain. Nice cabins with kitchen (one cabin is even like a teepee), great hosts and reasonably priced food. Also, owner host is a women (?Evie?) who speaks great English. This place was jumping both times I stayed last year in the middle of the week. I imagine NYE would be crazy. VERY sled friendly, reasonably priced gas. They just go out of the way to make you happy. At Chalet and Spa I kind of got a "whatever" attitude. Just my opinion and no offensive to anyone..
  24. My trail passes arrived today, can't wait for the fun to begin!!