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  1. Does anyone happen to know were you can park a truck and trailer in Lachute?
  2. Were planning on leaving from Gatineau to Mont Tremblant does anyone know if the trails are all open? Any info would be great thanks.
  3. thanks guys fingers crossed, if anyone gets any other info before the weekend keep me posted looks like it will be our last ride of the season.
  4. We have had a trip booked to leave from Le Domaine to Val-D'or for March 3 does anyone know if it will still be possible.
  5. Hey everyone we go up to St.Zenon every year for boxing day usually for our first ride of the season its hit or miss but its only 3.5hrs away from us and a reason to get out of the house, we typically stay at Auberge Le Cabanon but this year the boys want to try something different does anyone have any recommendations of a place in the area.
  6. Does anyone know what time the gas station in kitcisakik reserve open on Saturday morning
  7. Do you guys think it will still be ride able from La Domaine to Val-D'or end of next week with this warm up.
  8. That's the place, thanks everyone for the feed back cheers.
  9. Does anyone know if this place is still open the one on highway 117 on the way to Val-D'or, its been a couple of years since we have been up there and we usually park there then sled up to Val-D'or but I can't seem to find there number any were.
  10. does anyone know if the trails in Val-d'Or will be open for boxing day?
  11. Hey everyone just looking for some input we typically get to ride in Saint Zenon on boxing day but the conditions are not usually the greatest, we have also have gone up to Mont Valin which are a lot better but the drive is a little to far how is it in Val-D'or on boxing day I do realize that it all depends on weather but just on on average. We are leaving from the Ottawa area any looking for about a 5hr drive max any recommendations thanks in advance.
  12. Which club takes care of the trails around Mont Valin
  13. We are heading up to Mont Valin end of next week and staying at the Passion Quebec do you guys recommend any loups that we can do in the area