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  1. Usually not a lot traffic there, but the weekend of Feb 9/10 didn't require a QC pass so a lot of guys from southern Ontario were there ripping up the Abitibi trails. Some were planning weeks in advance knowing accommodations were going to be a problem that week. Still haven't seen any posts on the Ontario site yet how their weekend went. Kaz
  2. Don't take 33 south out of Repo's, rode through there last Thursday Jan 31st, plowed sections and it didn't look like it had been groomed in a while. 345 a better choice south. Kaz
  3. Would appreciate any suggestions on a 4 day loop leaving & returning out of St Donat. Would like to keep the daily mileage in the 200-250 mile range. Also perfer to stay at Outfitters rather then your Comfort Inns. Thanks in advance Kaz
  4. http://www.bonjourquebec.com/qc-en/accommodation-directory/hotel/motel-senabi_884356.html In Senneterre we all stay at the Motel Senabi With (5) guys ask for the large room, will easily sleep (3) and get a regular room for the other (2). Kaz
  5. Wow, did they ever get blessed with the white gold, ship some to Ontario please Kaz
  6. We rode from Matagami down 396 to 109 (orange trail) last year. Orange trail follows the hwy 109 down to Saint Dominique du Rosaire. Gas right on the trail in St Dominique. No problems getting there on gas. Also told the food is good at the Restarant/Gas Bar in St Dominique. Kaz
  7. Last week my sled started to overheat in good conditions (warming up & packing snow)on a long stretch doing over 80 mph, turns out I had a snow dam up against the rear cooler. Stop clear the snow in the rear, checked the front cooler and clean some out of there also, packed the running boards with snow and that was the end of it. I'm sure it was just the snow conditions/temps that day. Never had a problem the rest of the 1200 miles. I just recently installed a digital temp gauge and new something was up before the idiot light came on. This was on a 2011 Apex by the way. Kaz
  8. For January I suggest Northern Ontario along the Quebec border, awesome trails, fast and wide. You can leave out of New Liskeard on the Ontario side or Temiscaming on the Quebec side. Easy 200 mile plus days. If you leave out of New Liskeard head north to Cochrane, Smooth Rock, Timmins or even jump back into Quebec on 105, there are so many options. Leaving out of Temiscaming again head north to Rouyn Noranda or Val d'Or. Last year drove up to Temiscaming and left around 10:30 am for Val d'Or, next day up to La Sarre, then back down to New Liskeard in Ontario and finally crossing back into Quebec and back to the truck. 688 miles. I suggest you contact Abitibi-Temiscaming Tourism 1 800 808 0706 and get map info and the maps suggest loops. Ontario, check out OFSC web site and TATA web site. http://www.tata-bestsnowmobiling.com/ Start planning. Kaz
  9. Pretty amazing that many miles and riding two up. Was there anyone else in your group or just the two of you? Kaz
  10. PS: just did the math, 2168 miles (3500K), that's one hell of a trip. How's the body holding up? Kaz
  11. Nice report, awesome to see the actual GPS routes compared to what the map shows. First year myself riding with a GPS, surprised to see 83 between Rouyn Noranda to Val d'Or new and don't understand the trail re-route through Monet to Clova. Why so far north of Monet and then you have to head south? Shitting trail also up to Monet. Also how was the trail from Matagami down to La Sarre? Is there gas on 396 or do you have to make it all the way to La Sarre for gas? Leave tomorrow for Temiscaming and 4 days in the Abitibi, should be fun with all the fresh snow. Kaz
  12. Restaurant Clova 819-662-3327 ask for Dominic. Stayed there on Wed. Feb. 11th. $87 room, dinner and breakfast. Lot's of snow. Kaz
  13. Thanks Midrange The trail you refer to woodrunner trail south out of Clova, is this a private trail? Can anyone ride it? On the trail map I have it shows it as a red line and not part of the FCMQ trail system. Kaz
  14. Leaving Monday from Ontario through Abitibi/Temiscaming to Senneterre spending the night in Clova and down through Mt Laurier to Pembroke. Has anyone been down #83/13 from Senneterre to Parent lately, what are the conditions like? Also the map shows a private trail south out of Clova, what's that all about? Can we run that out of Clova or is 13 a better route when heading south to Mt Laurier? Any concern with gas with this loop? Thanks in advance Kaz