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  1. Every 3 years we change our 600 etec fleet (2 Ren X and Mxz X) averaging 15000 to 16000 KM.
  2. Sad news to announce

    So sad... Deepest Sympathies. Rest In Peace Rob
  3. Lodge vs Motel what's your experience Give them a call. Located on Baskatong reservoir. Great snowmobile resort.
  4. Need a 3 day loop for next week!

    Trailblazer is right. Ride north. A place you could park your trailers, drop your sleds, eat and sleep upon arrival is in the municipality of Saint-Anne du lac. The place is RESTO-BAR RELAIS DU TOURISTE at 819 586-2020 and ask for Steve (Snowmobile club president) Club Moto-Neige PitemanSteve Aubin 22, rue Notre-Dame Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (Québec) J0W 1V0 Phone: 819 586-2255 Fax: 819 586-2255 Email:
  5. Introduction

    Welcome aboard !!! Keep in mind to buy your club membership where you ride ! 'til next time keep the rubber side down !
  6. Manawaki compared to Saint-Zenon?

    In Maniwaki you can drop and start from there:
  7. Tamarac ?

    There is Barrage Gouin Outfitter I have never been there, but heard good feedback. And you better phone and make reservations in advance (clova, parent, etc)
  8. There Is Hope, From Accu-Weather

    here is the latest here at Reservoir Baskatong near by Last night we received a good hard pack 5 inches of snow. This morning around 10:30 am we had freezing rain for about an hour. Since 12:00 pm the wind has shifted north and now it is presently snowing. According to Mid Range, the groomers are going out tonight That'll be their second chase for the groomers and with the crazy cold forecast, the trails should be awesome after. The chase is better than the catch. See pics
  9. There Is Hope, From Accu-Weather

    now at 10 mm rain, with +4C Sunday. Monday -26C, Tuesday -30C..... Wow this will put on a good hard base for our trails and we should be good to ride until May
  10. There Is Hope, From Accu-Weather

    Hold on tight RAIN again........................ I might be on the fringe here at Baskatong Reservoir but we were forecast 20 cm now we're down to 10 cm and -4Celsius.....................
  11. "astounding conditions" just like.....

    pics forest is gone for miles
  12. Restaurant des Lacs, thumbs up

    Sometimes you can loop around and end-up here for a nice stay via R322 Baskatong Reservoir :
  13. Congratulations Saguenay Bill

    Cool sledder, you bet! Great ambassador, of course! Was nice talking with you Bill, with Mid Range this past February. God bless you, health and happiness; and congrats!!! 'til next time , keep the rubber side down.
  14. how many km per hour?

    50 km/h is the average.