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Birthday Ride


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       To celebrate my ridding buddy Mikes 72nd birthday we decided to got for a short trip this week. Left Vermont Monday morning and headed for our drop point , Pont Rouge. Got there about noon, unloaded and headed for the Delta.  3 trail was flat and fast to junction of 73. 73 fresh groomed to junction of 23 and we followed the groomer north on 23 to about 15 miles before the first warmup shack. Passed him and 23 showed us the weekend traffic for the next 15 miles. This warmup shack must be a big destination on sunday for the locals, from there north was much better. Quick bite to eat and gas at Le Etape and back on the trail. 23 north was choppy from the weekend, but not to bad. Mt Apica was closed when we went by, may be a Monday thing? Hit the 83 east and it was very good to the Delta. Arrived at 7:00, 210 miles, good first day. 

        This morning we decided to head down the 83 to 383 and to Lanse St Jean. The first mile out of town is pretty thin, but still worth the ride. Trail was very good first 20 miles, then we picked up fresh groomed all the way to St Felix. 383 to gas stop at Lanse St Jean then 301, that was fresh groomed Monday night. Got to 83 and they had about 10 inches of fresh snow from Sunday night. Smooth under the fresh powder so nice trail, they have so much snow on the Clairmont Express you could probably ride until May up here. Left turn on to the 383 and fresh groomed all the way to Ferland for gas stop. Headed out to find fresh groomed again all the way to 368. Have not been through here for a few years and some changes have been done. Lots of logging has widened the trail out and its very nice. The old Bouliare Relay is gone. Not a trace of a building left, hate to see the old places go, but time marches on. Hit Bills trail {368} and fresh groomed out to the 23. Warm up shack at the intersection had burned down early in the season, hope they rebuild in the off season. Up the 23 to 83 and a stop at the Green Frog for a quick beverage. Out on the lake and back to the hotel.  83 east is getting thin in the logged out areas so it wont be long till the end here. Back around 5:00 with 260 miles in the meter. GREAT DAY.

         Up early this morning. Breakfast at 6:30 and on the trail and headed back to the truck by 7:30.  Nice surprise this morning, 83 fresh groomed last night all the way to Lake Kanigami. Blue sky and temp about 15f, makes this trail a quick ride to the lake. Lake is smooth and its a quick ride across.  Surprise, fresh groomed last nite to the 23. Headed south to Mt Apica for gas and go, trail good as not much traffic mid week. Fresh groomed to Le Etape.  This is one of my favorite trails, Smooth and straight and only saw one sled all morning. From the Le Etape intersection to the first warm up shack was a little bumpy, but it always seems this way. From there it back to St Ray was very good and was fresh groomed from St Ray to Pont Rouge. Back at the truck at 1:00 with 205 miles. What a great last day and season ender. We talked about staying another day, but at our advanced age we both had to be back Thursday for doctor appointments. Glad we can still do it, but this getting old stuff is sometimes getting in the way of ridding.  Hope you all have a good summer. Steve



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