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Bridge 369


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Great news! The Lucien Chouinard bridge on trail #369 to l'Étape will be rebuilt in November!

Yesterday, during the Fcmq regional meeting, we received the best news of all: the bridge at the outlet of Lac Jacques Cartier (Lucien Chouinard Bridge) on trail #369, which was closed this summer because it had been declared unsafe due to erosion under one of its footings, will finally be rebuilt in November and will be operational this winter.

This was our hottest issue to date.

We had already received half of the subsidies this year, but the other half would only come in 2024, which meant the trail was closed at the Beaver Relais.

Imagine the situation.

No bridge meant no junction with the 23 to Saint-Raymond and the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, no visits to the stage for petrol, food or even warmth. It would have been a major problem!

This bridge is an essential element of trail #369 as well as for the Club.

We're really relieved about this turn of events and would like to thank the Fcmq, our administrators who worked so hard and all those who made this project possible for the winter of 23/24 rather than 24/25.

Thank you to all those who support us by taking out your access rights with us.

The more members we have, the better the Surfacage will be, and the more members we have, the more money we'll have to build bridges, culverts and any other improvements we need to offer you the most beautiful trails in the greater Quebec City area 😉

Amap Club 356-06. would like to thank you, and hopes to count you among its members this season and in the future.




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