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March 19, 20 2016, Baie St Paul- Relay Chenail Du Nord


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Saturday March 19, 2016 285 miles.

We only had 2 days for a run so we had to choose carefully. We decided Hotel Baie St Paul to Relay Chenail Du Nord would be a good run.

In the car there was no snow until maybe 20 miles out of Quebec City and then it started building pretty good. In Baie St Paul there was a ton of it.

We woke to 7F, dam its still full on winter here. We decided to run the whole length of the 387/388 and it was awesome. Fresh groomed the whole way to the very top where it joins the 3. When we hit the 3 we were ready for the badness that just never came. Smooth as can be all the way to the ferry. We were on the other side by 11:30. We met a few guys that were trailering to Les Escummins to ride to Sept-Isles and back which for sure was a really good option.

We filled up with 100 miles on the tank on the other side and went in search of a new lunch spot. The 3 mile feeder trail had been groomed the night before. We arrived and the owner came out to meet us. He said they stopped serving lunch, last year! He said low demand. He had rooms but no food. Now it was off to Sacre-Cure for lunch. We hit a local restaurant to avoid the trek into Coronet.

After lunch back on the 3. We hit the connector to avoid the trail down into Les-Escummins. North on the 3 we we came across a burnt out carcass of a v-twin Ski-Doo in the trail. It had melted a 2 foot deep hole in the trail and had not reached the dirt. The base here is very, very deep. We decided to go into Forestville to get gas which is maybe 5 miles past the side trail to Chenail Du Nord. There is gas 15 miles before the intersection and next time and on the way back we will do this.

Up to this point all trails were 9-10. The first 20 miles of the side trail were awesome. The next 30 were a bit bumpy but not bad. We did a bit of exploring but still arrived at 5:00 with 285 on the clock. I don"t think it ever got above 15F all day. No dirt, no water, no puddles, just full on winter.

We got a cabin that can handle 12 and there were only 4 of us so plenty of room. Dinner was at 6:30 and it was awesome. We are the only ones here.

They say they normally ride sleds until April 20, and the ice leaves the lake May 20 and this year is on track for the same. There is a lot of snow out here. The locals get here from the Mont Valins side.
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Sunday, March 20 2016, 255 miles

Bring your hunger to breakfast at Relay Chenail Du Nord. Meat pie, beans, toast, coffee, orange juice, ham, bacon, eggs, potatoes and fruits. No need to eat for a few hours.

The side trail down to the 3 again all nice, 55 miles. 15 more miles to gas at the Esso on the 3. We stayed on the 3 to Tadussac bypassing La Escummans using the local shortcut.

In Tadussac with 150 or so on. We got gas and food at the restaurant since it was noon sharp. Over the Ferry we go and onto the twisty part of 3.

40 miles later we got gas in St Simiion. From here the 3 gets wide and fast for the next 20 miles. We decided to mix it up a bit and bypass the first 2 377/388 options and stay on 3. It was excellent until the 83 and then got a bit bumpy.

At the 3rd option we staged left onto 377 and it was as awesome as the day before, like carpet.

We got to the hotel in Baie St Paul with 255 on at 4:15.

Super nice trails, nice temperature and crazy snow. With the 10 day forecast they are very far from done. On the way back we could see grooming out of Berniers still, amazing.


Got snow?


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