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2017 Jack & Sandi's trip

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Here is the start of trip two for us this year.  The ride starts and finishes at the Roquemont in St Raymond.  The rest of the report will be in the Saguenay region with our first trip.

We drove up yesterday from CT in the truck to the Roquemont.  It was warm, 40F, rain and foggy.  Still plenty of snow but wet and sticky.  A few rigs in the yard.  A few from NY state and a few from Quebec.  

We check in, get our room and unload everything.  We don't like leaving the sleds in the trailer.  We secure the truck and go down for supper.  A lot of non-snowmobilers coming in from the parking lot.  A nice supper with a few refreshments from the micro brewery here.  The workers are always very pleasant.  Go back to the room for a good nights sleep.  It is still drizzling out.

It is morning.  The temperature has dropped to below freezing and there is a little snow blowing around.  It looks like it is going to be a nice day to ride.  The groomer map shows the groomer coming down from the Lac towards L'Etape but no one heading north from St Raymond.  Bummer.  I was hoping the groomer would go out but maybe it is too warm still.

We put the luggage on the sleds, top off the tanks and head up 23.  The trail looks like it has been groomed recently.  We didn't leave til 8:30 AM and the groomer map was updated at 6:00 AM.  Maybe the groomer left after 6:00?  Whatever it is , we will take it.  The trail has a little crust on it but still enough loose stuff for lubrication.  Ten miles out we start climbing up into the park and the snow is getting fluffier.  It looks like the rain didn't get this far up.  Nice trail, nice ride.  The groomer marks are getting more pronounced and less sled tracks on the trail.  Keep your head up Sandi, the groomer can't be too far ahead of us.  About twenty-five miles in, there is the groomer.  We patiently ride behind him until there is a clear spot where he pulls over to let us go bye.

The track on the trail is only one sled wide but not too rough.  I can see there is a good 6"-8" of fresh snow on the ground.  We're not running too fast.  Don't want to fall off the single track.  We're running into a pretty good snow squall up here.  It was suppose to be sunny and beautiful today.  You never know up here in the park.  We're out of the squall and running along.  Not too far from L'Etape and we see the first snowmobile southbound.  A quick wave and we continue to the intersection for L'Etape.  Plenty of gas in the tanks.  Lets keep going to Mt Apica, its only another thirty-six miles.

The trail is wider now.  A groomer had made a pass maybe yesterday.  Sandi picks up the pace a little.  I can tell she is enjoying the better trail.  About ten miles from Mt Apica and another southbound sled but he's on Sandi's side of the trail.  Wow that was close!  Some riders just don't pay attention or don't care?

A few miles later and oh boy!  That is the groomer heading south.  Yea!  We go by the groomer and cruise the rest of the way to Mt Apica.  Only about ten sleds here.  Mid week but the sky has cleared.  No more squalls.  A short lunch and a little break.  We talk to two guys from Sherbrooke.  They are heading to the Delta.  We're heading to the Sag.

I'll continue in the post we started at Christmas in the Saguenay region.

Jack & Sandi

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Here is the continuation from the Lac St Jean post for trip 2.

We leave Mt Apica.  The trail is good.  It has some drifting from the wind overnight but easy enough to follow.  Its a quick cruise to L'Etape.  Not much traffic out today, Monday.  We run into L'Etape to top off the sleds for the final leg of the run.

We head back down 23.  The trail is nice.  Wide and in very good shape.  We are making good time.  A couple of breaks along the way.  About 15 miles from St Raymond we see the groomer starting his trip north.  We pull over and give him a thank you wave as he goes bye.  The rest of the ride in is nice and we behaved on the fresh groomed surface.  In a little early and we unload the sleds in the daylight.

It was a great four day run up to the Lac and back.  23 was good and the trails up at the Lac are excellent.  Now it is time for food and a few refreshments while we plan our next trip.  Maybe the end of January?  A ride to RDL would be nice.  We haven't been there yet this season.

Happy trails to all.

Jack and Sandi

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