Joliette/St-Côme/St-Zénon Ice sculpture festival sculpture Photo ride-report 2 february 2019

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This weekend, a small ride to see the ice sculptures of St-Côme in Lanaudière. We then had continue north to St-Zénon and returned a little further east on #23 trail. Here is the trail path we did.


Saturday morning -17C with snow, difficult conditions for the photo/video but I wanted to do this report at the beginning of the festival to give you a chance to go if you pass in the area. Here while starting the ride near home


I chose to ride the #43 trail that we use less often because more twisty but the scenery is beautiful. Here at the intersection with the club hut at St-Ambroise de Kildare


Here just north of St-Alphonse de Rodriguez


rer view with our friend Snowcruiser that was riding with us


There is a lot of snow this year throughout the territory but particularly in the north as we can see ...


Here arriving by the west side of the village. We can see the big slide made of blocks of ice


We parked the snowmobiles to walk a little in the village and admire the sculptures. The festival just started and the carvers are at realizing their works.


Some are completed ...


And others still work in progress



The photos don't do them just under this dark sky but this is a real size scene of the Flintstones with Fred and Arthur in their car, Delima standing behind and Dino looking out  by the window of the house!



This one is fine art work with alot details, surely even more beautiful with the sun or the colored lights at night ...


Another great scene very impressive here, always real size


imagine the talent required for carving the wagon wheels


Here a beautiful piece, one of my favorite


And here a beautiful windmill well surrounded you can admire at the entrance of the village


I did not show you half of what is there, to see everything you will have to go for a ride!

This good walk having opened our appetite so we stopped to eat at the Marguerite restaurant also located at the entrance of the village


After a good meal we continued our way up to the north via #43 trail


We then took the local trail and joined #33 trail continuing north. Here with the small stream and waterfall along the trail. Notice how snow-laden trees are


We had ride up to the next junction and took the local trail to reach #63 trail and then went down to La Glacière. From there we took the #350 to join the #23 south. Trail was bumpy by there and for a good reason, we saw the dozer down on the side of the trail


We took a break at Real Masse, a lot of sledders there ...


When we came out to continue the sky was starting to clear out and we saw our first sun rays of the day


We continued south. The quality of the trail was significantly improved by entering the territory maintained by the St-Gabriel de Brandon  snowmobile club and it's on mint trails that we went for a short break at the St-Gabriel belvedere.


Back then through St-Norbert, rather rought in the fields because alot new snow drifts but i won't complain about new snow! We finally got home around 5:30 pm with 173miles on the dreammeter

For the St-Côme in Ice 2019 festival, it is until February 17 and maybe a bit longer just to see the sculptures then so if you are in the area stop to see that, I have not shown half of what is there and if the festival itself interests you all the details are here:

It was a beautiful winter day as we dream in summer! The snow conditions are exceptionally good everywhere this year so go out to enjoy it,  the great of the season is happening now!

Have  a good safe ride !!!


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BEAUTIFUL Alain !! I’m always amazed at the talent those locals have in St Come and if people have never been there in person they ought to make sure they do one day. As you do not do it justice you have to be there. Yes conditions are superb this season. One could easily ride from one end of Quebec to the other in any direction and yes I agree with St Gabriel de Brandon trail network this year. They are doing a much better job than around the Massé area. The last couple years I have noticed the grooming going down hill and not getting done enough for the amount of traffic the area gets. I’m going to ride my new fat bike after work today as it’s going to be 60 degrees F here near Rochester today which they say is going to break a record.

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Thank you Chris!  St-Côme festival  is really a must see in person if you are in the area. St Gabriel de Brandon is a top notch snowmobile club. Each years they go farther north on the #23 and their part is always very nice. The area around Real Masse is maintain by St-Charles de Mandeville club and they are not lucky with their dozers, many breakdown... this year is even worse for the #23 trail segment around Massé that received the double traffic from the #350 that have been reroute on this 7 miles of the #23 trail because of logging on the regular #350 path... Good for Massé business but hard on the trail quality and with all the snow from january the dozers all have hard time!

As for weather here, a bit of freezing rain today after a bit of snow last night with a high of -4C. Forecast call for a high of 4C tomorroy but no precipitations so no damage in sight...


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