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Manoir du Lac William

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My wife and I stayed here Saturday 2/8 to Wednesday 2/12.  My second time here, last time with 5 guys and we stayed in the cottage adjacent to the hotel.  This time had awesome room in the hotel.  They got like 2 feet on snow Thursday and Friday.  Guys we talked too said Saturday was tough with huge drifts in the open fields. Great Sunday brunch then a ride to L'Ours Noir for lunch in Warwick.   Trails great, except TQ 25 near the Manoir, it sucked the entire 3 days, maybe the local groomer is down?  Second day to the Club at Bueceville all good except TQ 25 near the hotel.  Third day to RESTO-BAR RELAIS DES MONTAGNARDS, really cool sled Relais and off the charts smoked meat sandwich.  Great riding especially the straits on TQ 35 took the local orange trail fro TQ 25 to TQ 35.  It was like frosting on cake both ways.  Hardly anybody seems to use it and was perfect.

The Manolir is a great place to go with your wife/GF.  Friendly staff, clean rooms, great gourmet food, valet" sled parking in a heated/locked garage, and an outdoor spa is one of the nicest I've seen.  All in all a nice few days with the Mrs.  Back to Domaine Bazenet in 2 weeks with the guys.  Chaudiere Applaches shouldn't be overlooked bu those coming from the US.  Less time on the "black trail" and more time riding.



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