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Can't ride Quebec so . . .


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We have rented a place in West Yellowstone for the season.  I was able to get out last week for a ride.  Air travel is a necessary evil at this point but we survived a travel day nearly as long as it would take to drive out 22 hours vs 32 hours driving.  If you haven't learned the truth about Covid I hope you do soon. 


















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More power to you!

Have you had to dig the sleds out of the deep snow often?

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2 hours ago, schooter said:

More power to you!

Have you had to dig the sleds out of the deep snow often?

All day long.  Once you get the hang of it there is less digging out.  Some people pick it up quickly but others don't and they have tough days.  My 1st trip here was demoralizing but now I help dig out the newbies too.  

2 hours ago, Snohorse said:


Give that man a cigar ! !

The cigars don't help with the digging, but ya never know when your time is up.


11 hours ago, PLAYHARD said:

As much as I'm a GT (groomed trail) kinda guy, I totally-totally respect that that riding's the real thing!

Well done on logistics & all!

It surprising how thousands of miles of trail riding is NOT preparation for this kind of riding.  I sure miss 100 Lacs and Richelieu, on and on, but head on collisions are pretty unlikely out here. And I didn't even wear a mask in the airport except at TSA.

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