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  1. Le Cabanon has to be right up there!
  2. Was ther a few years ago. Sounds like you were on the right trail. Narrow and ungroomed goat path. Went through town, through a small park area, crossed a couple of roads, and then ended up at the back of the Universal. There was a chain link enclosure for sleds that you had to go to the front desk and get a key. Sounds like you didn't go far enough to get there.
  3. After looking at Trailblazer's pictures I am even more convinced. Coloration was correct for cougar.
  4. I thought it was a Lynx at first also.But 1. It didn't have tufted ears 2. It was very large for a Lynx 3. It had a long tail 4. It's hind legs were all wrong. ( After looking at a mounted Lynx at 100 Lacs ) 5. Owner at 100 Lacs said there were a lot of them around.
  5. Left our camp in St Damien with two friends for an overnight trip to 100 Lacs on Friday. Encountered great trails all the way to Lac Repos. Gas and go. Then got on 33 all the way to 100 Lacs. Talk about a superhighway. Wide and fast 10/10. A real treat for us was seeing a cougar on the trail. It jumped off the trail and meandered slowly away so we got a real good look at it. Got to poivorie 100 Lacs about 3:30, so we cleaned up and spent a pleasant afternoon at the bar/dining room. Needless to say they served a very good dinner of beef,roasted potatoes, and veggies. Cannot say enough good about this place. Staff/Owners very anxious to please. Got a good nights sleep, and up early for a hearty breakfast. Wanted to get on the trail early as they were calling for snow. As promised it started to snow just as we pulled out. Rode in light to medium snowfall pretty much all the way back to Lac Repos. Again gas and go. Then the snow let up for the rest of the trip. Got to camp about 3:00. After that it started to snow a bit heavier. Got up Sunday and found that it had snowed about 8" to 10" overnight, and was still snowing. Needless to say we had a slow ride back to Vermont. This was our last weekend of riding. We will go back up to camp next weekend to close it up and bring back all of our gear, and trailer and sleds. This was a great trip for our last weekend with great trails and a great Poirvoirie.
  6. Glad to hear you are having a nice trip. Especially glad to hear about 100 Lacs still having the four course meals that are so good, as we are heading there Friday night. They have always treated their guest nicely, taking time to ensure you have a great experience We also went to Barrage Gouin last Friday night. Had heard so much about how great that place was. We had booked rooms in the lodge, but when we got there they put us in a cabin. They said on their website the rooms were 4 star, but I'd say this cabin wasn't much more than 1 star. Walleye was on the menu, but it was breaded and a little greasy. And their homemade chips were not too crunchy. On the bright side the staff were very friendly and helpful, and the trails getting there were 10/10. A great ride from St Damien about 251 miles. We took a few shortcuts on the way back, and and trail 33 back so it was a bit shorter to get back to St Damien, about 220 miles. All in all it was a great weekend with mostly great trails. Like I said next weekend 100Lacs. Will let you all know how it goes.
  7. Need information on where to stay at Gouin Dam and telephone numbers. Anyone? Thanks Boomer
  8. No offense taken smclelan, and yes I understand your viewpoint also. There is also another place just off 63 between Louvicourt and La Domaine that charges $2.00 liter. The run is just a little bit too long to make on a tankful, so you are forced to take a 9 mile detour down to a place I think is called Auberge Verendre. Again it's the only gas and they overcharge. But without it you are screwed so I guess $2.00 liter is better than no gas at all.
  9. I don't understand. Thought that they couldn't get deliveries during the winter, and therefore charged a lot more for their gas. It seems to me that if they can get regular deliveries they are way overcharging for their gas. Sorry but I grow tired of these places taking advantage of snowmobilers, and I avoid them if I can. I know it's a long way from Clova to Senneterre and most people have to get gas there. It just really burns me. Sorry for the rant! Just my opinion.
  10. Snobeeler, you must have been one of the 10 sleds we met all day. Wasn't too many other crazy people out there that day.
  11. Myself and five friends did the Chibougamau loop from Feb 6 - 11. Four Yamahas, 1 Ski Doo, and 1 Cat. We left from our rental camp in St Damien, and returned to the same camp. Day 1. Woke to -20F. By the time we had breakfast and loaded up it had climbed to -10F. Turns out this would be the warmest start of the trip. Destination was La Tuque approx 185 miles. Easy day with good trails. Day 2. Woke to approx -30F after breakfast we loaded up and left it was approx -20F. Destination Roberval. Another easy day approx 185 miles. Great trails all the way. Day 3. Another cold day to wake up to. -36F Not sure what the temp was when we left, but it had not warmed up much. Destination Chibougamau approx 200 miles. Needless to say it was a cold ride, but again the trails were great. Day 4. Wake up temp was -40F. That was just too clod for us to head out into, so we waited it out for a couple of hours til it warmed up to -25F. Again it was a cold ride, especially on the railroad bed. We had to keep it around 60mph. Destination for the day was Louvicourt. Turned into the longest mileage so far at 285, after a minor misdirection. As always the trails were great again. Still managed to pull into Louvicourt Before dark. Day 5. Destination Mont Laurier, another long day 285 miles. Temps approx -12F trails started out very hilly for a while and then smoothed out nicely. But they got bumpy as we approached Mont Laurier. Comfort Inn was very busy. Glad we had reservations. Day 6. Saved an easy day for the last day back to camp. Temp about -11F Only had 162 miles to get back to camp on pretty good trails. All in all we had a really good trip. Yes the days were cold but the trails were groomed pretty much 9/10 to 10/10 every day. And we had a good time and a lot of laughs with good friends.
  12. My group got there just as they were leaving with rescue trailer. Saw rescue crews and ambulance in Real Masse parking lot as we passed through. Didn't know any details. Thanks for the update. This was the second accident that we saw this weekend. Saw same rescue crews in the parking lot on Friday also. When we went down the trail all that was left was flares in the snow, and a policeman and police sled in the trail. I think we saw a rescue helicopter fly over on Friday as well. Be safe out there
  13. Read earlier that the trail from La Dore to Chibaugamau was closed. We are planning a trip up there in two weeks. I also read that the trail was supposed to open around Jan. 19. Does anybody know if that has happened, or when it might? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Read earlier that the trail was closed from La Dore to Chibaugamau. Am planning a trip there in two weeks.I also read that it was going to open around Jan. 19. Can anybody tell me if that has happened yet, or when it may be open? Any information would be appreciated.