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  1. Confirmed! he is alive saw him at the NH grass drags. Always a pleasure to spend time with Bill. Great ambassador for the sport. If anyone is ready he was selling passes like hot cakes on sunday
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  2. iMotoneige shows 3 bits of trail near Val Dor and Chabugamu groomed today, October 5. Or maybe they’re just jockeying around getting oil changes and maintainence? I’ll save you all some time and just be the first to ask.........How will the trail conditions be in 2 weeks?
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  3. mikerider

    Trail Info

    I think to this day I still have finger blisters from squeezing the brake so hard in that 'special section'. You'll either have stomach butterflies or helmet puke. I did this section solo and thought it would be decades before anyone would find me after I went over one of those drop offs. I think this was before the one inch lugs and far before the inch and a quarter lugs. The track was locked going down hills and I gained great speeds down each hill. mike
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  4. Snobeeler

    He is Alive!!!!

    Gutz, well said, I would love to hand businesses a card upon arrival every night.
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  5. Stewart starts P6 in today’s SB 150
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