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  1. I would suggest Thetford Mines or St. George . Not to far from Levi, but better options for day trips in my opinion.
  2. Bill, Bob, Bill and I will be at the Delta next Sunday night, Feb 11th. Hope to see you. Joel
  3. Some dealers close for lunch. Use the BRP gas can for oil.
  4. We met Ken taking the ferry from Matane to godbout. We got to spend some time with him on the boat ride. He spoke of his hand made moccasins that he wore under the " yellow boots". RIP " Yellow Boots"
  5. We made it to St George from pittsburg nh.
  6. We will take 3 days to get to Saturday and yes we are transporting across the st Lawrence.
  7. We cross at the Pittsburg/Chartierville crossing whenever possible. Sometimes we day trip in the region. I join the LaPatrie club to support this region. Leaving Thursday from Pittsburg headed to Saguenay region by sled. Our scouting reports indicate it will be fine. Eastern Townships do get less snow, but have great trails when mother nature cooperates.
  8. I am a collette communicator user. It is the only brand I am familiar with. I have used them since 1989. We Newfound Snowworks were the exclusive dealer for New England for a couple years 1989. The quality is good and they do work. It is not like talking on your cell phone in your automobile, but it is good. We have always had our own code, limiting communication to one or two signal words."Incoming", meaning sleds approaching etc. When you are stopped at an intersection you can all sit on your sleds and talk without removing your helmet. I THINK 2 miles is pushing it but certainly 1 mile is accurate. If you travel in a group and are speed out properly you can relay communications.
  9. I agree scorpionbowl, why would someone trailer from Pa. and leave from Drummondville?
  10. We are in st george. All trails are groomed but needs snow. North and east of lac etchman is good.
  11. Hi Bill. Good place to be. Can you ask around about mpg on the new Ski Doo 1200 please. I am hearing 20 mpg.
  12. Hi Bill, The New Hampshire Rough Riders,with a couple of scraggly sidekicks are going to try to make it too.
  13. Have a great winter Bill. Icy as heck here today.