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  1. The Mounts are still verry nice... Still in Winter for some who are looking where to ride!!!
  2. Since you are good riders... you could do St-Raymond to Mont VAlin (sleep at Valinouet or at Auberge 31). 420 km Mont Valin - >Roberval =320km Here is 2 maps to help... Have fun the trails up here are awesome and we just had new snow!!! hope it helps
  3. Hi Linda, yes I remember you :-). Hope to see you again!
  4. Not as much snow than last year but anought to have alot of fun up there... Bring a GPS and do every forest road you can find... they are always fun and the best when no tracks... If you really like to get out of the groomed trails... you should be sleeping at Auberge 31, they have nice (new) chalet this year and the price is ok.
  5. I trying to figure out how to do this one... How may miles (or kilom) do you do per day? Wednesday - St. Raymond to Jonquiere, with the nice days we have... id go to directly to Alma (Hotel Universel in town) to get on the other side of the lake... The trails up there are pretty nice when you are not in town. The Mont Valin project,to Roberval doesn't match... it is two different ends of our region. Roberval to Parent...Wow! those trails were awesome last time I went over there!!!
  6. I think the hot tub, massage and cold water is in L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Mont Édouard. Is is really relaxing, I went last spring, the name is Édouard des Bains. Not really a party place... http://www.edouard-les-bains.com/home.html
  7. I LOVE your rules Don't forget the one to stay on the RIGHT side of the trail...
  8. The trail on the side of the river... the 314 I think, It is not open beetween Tadoussac and Escoumins. Last week-end, we took the 3 between Escoumins and Sacré-Coeur, it was ok, a small trail with alot of curves.. :wacko: was fun. After, took the fairy at Tadoussac, the 83- Baie-Saint-Catherine and came back St-Siméon and by Petit Saguenay (383), Anse St-Jean, trails were pretty nice.
  9. I would really like it but my budget is ok for running but not for a new sled
  10. First snow in the Mounts VAlin yesterday Winter is coming I'll start cleaning my sled Getting really excited
  11. Yes!!! Première neige hier... Ça annonce une belle saison. Dans les Monts VAlins bien entendu ça s'en vient... ça sent l'hiver
  12. Here is a few of my good ones... Two friends stuck!!! (Lack of experience... I didn't have any problems turning my sled ) Here is my biggest ride last winter... in one day! I needed proof for my friends :wacko:
  13. Thanks guys... Glad to have found you with Rob's help :D
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