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  1. Moose Run to Death

    Just once I would like to see the moose turn around and trample these low life's. No one with any decency would do this to an animal of any type.
  2. Rolphton

    Yup Esso is open as well the Lances in Swisha is open.
  3. rapides 7

    Hit that place Saturday night and the guy had no gas at the pump but was able to give us a few gallons out of a can. Not sure if he I having issues or just no gas. Moffet closes at 5:00pm on Saturdays so we missed that one.
  4. Arctic Cat sold to Textron

    Yup Textron owned Polaris and dumped them result was Polaris almost went out of business.
  5. Mont Laurier area conditons

    Rode about 500 miles in and around Mont Laurier on the weekend. Mashed potato like trails need cold weather. North of Saint Anne du Lac was better only due to less traffic.
  6. Trail Conditions

    Check the lock on that parking lot gate was there two weeks ago and it would open if you pulled hard on it. Told the front desk but was still like that when we left two days later.
  7. Lodging in Swisha

    I have crossed the bridge dozens of times not an issue, as my carbides were fine. There is usually lots of snow along the side of the road so its not a big deal. We ride out of Stonecliffe and do this ride a few times a year.
  8. Mont Laurier area

    Mont Laurier is where my 2015 800X was stolen from so yes lock it up. Better yet stay where there is a locked compound.
  9. Thanks Alain for the report. We left Saint Come Saturday and rode up through Matawan ( not sure on the spelling) the Indian Village to Saint Ann Du Lac very tough going until near the Indian village. Warm weather and traffic over comes what the groomer was able to do. Trails we much better on Sunday and should be great early this week.
  10. TQ 43, 386 and 63

    Going to try the trail from Swisha to Temiscaming runs along the Ottawa river 220 kilometers was not groomed last weekend but checked Temiscaming club web page and says groomer on the trail anyone on it this year yet? Will be very cold this weekend so need to have the long johns for sure.
  11. TQ 43, 386 and 63

    83 to Val D,or typo.
  12. TQ 43, 386 and 63

    Was through there on Friday left from Swisha trail 386 freshly groomed. Gas was 2.00 a liter and Denise was very nice and friendly service. The 63 to Val D'or was at its best wide and very fast. I will most likely get on that trail from Swisha to Val D'or again in March.
  13. It's for Real

    January 3, 2016
  14. interesting article

    Nice to see this going on since having my 2015 stolen in Quebec I was thinking of not going back due to the fact little was done to find it. The police closed my case in one week make's one think no effort was being made to find the thief. It kind of sucks since I have been riding in Quebec since the early 80's and enjoy it so much but the though of someone stealing my sled has me on the fence.

    Waiting until Monday to say yes to an Iron Dog 800 just waiting to see what Ski doo is releasing on Monday.