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  1. jeffgrah

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    Jim will take care of you and have you back on the snow in no time. In 2016 when my 2015 was stolen Jim had me on an Iron Dog the next week.
  2. jeffgrah

    trail 386 Val D'or to Park La verende

    They are having issues with trees down along that route club web page says gromming this week so should be open from Swisha to the Pavillion.
  3. jeffgrah

    Bloody Good News!

    One of my favourite places to start from great news.
  4. jeffgrah


    Yup stayed there multiple times in the 90's at Joncas in the chicken coup as we called it
  5. jeffgrah

    Trail report

    If your looking to ride out of the Ottawa area I suggest Swisha to Val Dor trails up in Val Dor, Amos and La Sarre are all 10/10 and wide as the 401 in a lot of places very fast riding in three days we did more than 800 miles with lots of breaks.
  6. jeffgrah

    Abitibi temiskaming

    It was also bad on Saturday March 10th coming up from Swisha on the 386 to Pavilion La Verendrye lodge. It was last groomed on Wednesday but prior to that not groomed for two weeks. A breakdown on the groomer was to blame. Also the traffic on that trail was busy as its a close starting point to Ottawa etc.
  7. jeffgrah

    Permits - Rapids Des Joachims

    Entrance to the ZEC in Swisha has parking area.
  8. jeffgrah

    Le Domaine to Val-D'Or

    Start at La Domain its 10/10 on the 63 to Val Dor ran from Val Dor to Swisha in 6 hours yesterday mint powder trails.
  9. jeffgrah

    Temiscaming to mount laurier

    You need to take the trail into town its a 1/2 mile past the bridge where the Zec building is.
  10. jeffgrah

    Temiscaming to mount laurier

    In Swisha take the road instead of the trail makes 30 K go by fast.
  11. jeffgrah

    Temiscaming to mount laurier

    Yes first fuel is in Swisha / Rapides des Joachims at Lances.
  12. jeffgrah

    Temiscaming to mount laurier

    The 43 part of that 225 miles is the autobahn speeds on that trail are what makes this the fast way can be done in under four hours with no problem quicker if you like to run 80 miles an hour. Its a super wide logging road with fantastic sight lines so its safe to give her.
  13. jeffgrah

    Temiscaming to mount laurier

    The 43 to 386 is the fast way to the lodge.
  14. jeffgrah

    Moose Run to Death

    Just once I would like to see the moose turn around and trample these low life's. No one with any decency would do this to an animal of any type.
  15. jeffgrah


    Yup Esso is open as well the Lances in Swisha is open.