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  1. Reroute if you can. Logging and gravel road for 14kms. Absolutely brutal. No idea how it's open. Should be closed.
  2. I have not seen a place that won't have back up power. At Laverendrye Lodge no power at night a few years ago but they set me up with a deep cycle battery and inverter. They now have solar for overnight so no problem. Everywhere i have stayed has had power as lots of folks travel with their machines. At my camp i use a dewalt power pack that i just leave plugged in so it charges when generator is running and will power cpap all night even with humidifier running on machine and generator gets shut off for the night.
  3. It is always the 1st thing that gets packed for me. I can't sleep without it. I have always made room. I bought the new hard trunk from BRP this year and tons of room. Should work well. Used the 2 linq bags and trail seat bag previous years and was never an issue with room even on a week long trip. Lots to choose from for storage with BRP. You will definitely enjoy your days riding much more with it then without. Would ruin my trip
  4. I noticed no trail this year on map. Any idea what has happened? Thks
  5. TrakMaps
  6. Any updates or anyone know what conditions from Swisha to la Verendry are like? Thks