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  1. SnowTrackers.. all day every day... no darting at all. Once you rid a sled that doesn't dart, you will never go back!
  2. This might help https://clubdesneigessorel-tracy.com/etat-des-sentiers/ you can find a list of clubs from this link https://fcmq.qc.ca/en/clubs/clubs-lists/?club_region[]=11+–+Montérégie&ccm_paging_p=1
  3. Le Chavigny 11 Rue des Pins, Deschambault, QC G0A 1S0, Canada 1 418-286-4959 Great food ! Easy place to stop. right off the highway.
  4. And I lost my jack shaft bearing.. but I rode it to truck.. so it doesn’t count as a break down… this is what it looked like when I pulled off the clutch… It is getting all the bearings replaced… parts are already on order!
  5. Wed 2/27.. We get up … check the temperature.. phone reports -30… no way.. Z16 you have that set to Celuis.. Check it again. He checks it again.. -29 F I hope those Yamaha start! We have breakfast.. gear up… turn the keys and… OMG they are running… wow -30... I like those new batteries. Off we go! Back to the truck for 2pm.. home by 8:30.. EPIC trip!
  6. Tuesday Cold start.. wind is still blowing… We head out.. take 368 to 3.. traveled though the fields… looking at it during the day thinking.. wow did I really ride this nearly blind last night! Found the section along the tracks and could see we made a good decision not to attempting riding it last night… Rode along the tracks to the turned off back onto the trail and kept going.. Found a drift right in the trail right before lac de bauxite…. Deep! The trail crosses ditch with a good hill on one side of it.. the wind blew just right to really pile it in and left a sharp edge on it. I made it as I hit it hard and ha …. Z16… nope.. he landed in the center of it and the snow was a soft as can be. We dig it out the sled not fun, get it down hill. No way around this. It doesn’t look bad but it is soft and deep in the center… Z16 says… you can try it... OK.. I hit it hard.. the edge of it is like a jump that throws the front end up and I land in the soft section with the throttle taped and made it through it. Later on that day… Z16 finds out how soft the side of the trail is…. To be fair… it could have been anyone… the way the snow was, you couldn’t tell the trail from ditch as all the snow was even. Picture! So we start packing it in and digging it out and the pictures hide just how deep this ditch really is. And along comes an 800 wide track…he turns around.. back’s up.. pulls out his tow strap… 2 mins later we are out of the ditch! Awesome! From that point we continue on to make our way to lac bouchette. Buy gas at Lac Bouchett, get some food….. Its 4:30… knowing what is in front of us.. we drive back over the gas station and fill our cans… just incase… Down the trail we go .. freshly groomed… about 30 miles down we meet the groomer on his way to lac lac Edouard. None groomed side is still good and firm.. We get into lac Edouard… stop at the Domain.. pic up some fuel… and head back out… Smooth.. freshly groomed and cold.. Around 9 we get into la tuque… cold.. -8 F