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  1. We were able to pass it Saturday when riding from the Dion Moto parking to L'ètape and back. In the morning the trail wasn't closed but when we came back early evening it was. We navigated around the flooding pretty easily though.
  2. Parked at Normandin a few weeks back. The tag will cost you 10$ but they give you a 10$ gift card in return.
  3. We had phenomenal riding in the Saguenay region last week. We did most of the riding north of the fjord and the trails were amazing.
  4. Anyone currently in Saguenay? What's the conditions like after the rain? Heading up tonight and was just curious what to expect.
  5. Heading up to Saguenay Wednesday night after work for three days of riding. Forecast is looking really sad.
  6. Trail bingo sounds like fun! Enjoy the trip!
  7. Freezing rain in Quebec City since about an hour or two.
  8. I'm right in the inbetween zone. So far we are getting slammed by snow in Quebec City but there was an ice rain warning on the radio earlier this morning when I drove to work.
  9. Can attest to staying away from TQ3 east of Quebec City on weekends. It gets real beat up during weekends. West of Quebec City isn't as bad usually.
  10. In Quebec City you cant tell that we had 10 degrees celsius and rain yesterday. Just woke up and we probably got 20 centimeters of snow overnight. Looks like a winter wonderland from a postcard again.
  11. It rained quite a bit overnight in Quebec City but now it's just isolated showers. The snow pack has definitely been compacted but nothing major. 25-35 cm of snow expected tonight and tomorrow.
  12. Currently raining in Quebec City. Girlfriend's car was a giant ice cube this morning. We have plenty of snow so I'm not too worried about the trails. We get rain every single winter and it doesn't make too much of a difference normally.
  13. Rode west of Quebec City on Monday. Excellent early season conditions. There's plenty of snow already but because of the strong winds during the first few storms it was a bit thin on some of the fields. Road TQ3 -> 302 -> 365 -> TQ3.
  14. Moved closer to downtown Quebec City this year and it's impressive to see these big machines clearing the small streets. The amount of snow hauled away in trucks is crazy!
  15. I was tempted taking the highway with my sled this morning to get to the office. The problem would be getting home at the end of the day when the streets are cleared of the snow.
  16. And some fresh we got! Quebec City received 20-30cm or so. Hard to tell because of the strong winds and big drifts.
  17. Looks like a great trip! Makes me want to cross the St Lawrence and try out some new areas. Putting a winter trip to Gaspesie on my bucket list since I've only been there in the summer.
  18. Passed by St Raymond yesterday. Trails are a bit hard due to the recent rain but still in great overall condition. Rode Quebec City -> St Raymond -> St-Basile -> Donnaconna -> Quebec City. Big storm passing by tomorrow predicted to bring upwards of 30 cm of snow.
  19. Sounds like an eventful trip so far! Me and three friends are heading up to Chicoutimi Thursday morning. Last year with the poor conditions we drove up with our sleds on trailers but this year we are riding from my house.
  20. Enjoy the trip! The conditions are great this year. Heading up to Saguenay in two weeks for a four day weekend with a group of friends.
  21. When passing through Quebec on TQ3 you have plenty of restaurant choices when you cross Boulevard Henri-Bourassa. There's a gas station where you can fuel up at the same time. If you park at the gas station and walk for a few minutes south on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa you can enjoy a poutine at Ashton. There are additional gas stations when you leave Quebec if needed. Edit: Just checked on Google Maps and it's a 350 meter walk from the gas station to Ashton if you want a genuine Quebec putine.
  22. My girlfriend's family wonder why I struggle with French. They usually stop asking when I tell them it's my fourth language.
  23. There's a lot of great trails west of Quebec City. Me and my group usually always ride westbound from Quebec City when we go ride. The TQ3 towards Mont Saint-Anne is usually in pretty rough shape (plus my favorite trail 320 is partly closed). Because the larger amount of trails available westbound they are usually in much better condition and there's a nice mix of scenery. Four Points Sheraton offer transport downtown and probably other places also (Ice Hotel most likely?). Plus they have gated parking for the sleds.
  24. Quite the ride! The trails actually improved a lot after the rain last week. Went for a 150 km ride Saturday and the trails were great around Quebec City!