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  1. Hello, I am looking to plan a trip to the gaspe for the last week of March, Will snow/trail conditions be good enough to do the full loop for then as long as there isn’t any major warm ups? Thanks
  2. Ended up taking the 355 today and it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either. Was better from lac eduard down to La Tuque.
  3. Hello, I am in Alma tonight and will be staying in La Tuque tomorrow. Looking to see what the best route is to get there. Is taking the 355 or taking the trans Quebec around and into La Tuque a better option? thanks
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I am still fairly new to Quebec, every trip I make there I try and check a new area out.
  5. Starting in st raymond on the 25th and hoping to head to Saguenay, across to Forestville and take the TQ3 back to st Raymond
  6. Yes, I saw on sledmagazine it looks like a lot of green. Was just wondering if anyone had actually been on it recently
  7. Any updates on this section of trail?
  8. 91 fuel at mont apica? And how many miles is it from either st ray or Quebec City to there? Will be a group of all sidewinders, don’t know if we can push more than 120 miles on a tank.
  9. Is the gas at Mont Apica right at the restaurant?
  10. As in water from last weeks warm up?
  11. Okay, I am thinking of going up there Jan 25-28. Hoping to Loop from Quebec City, up to saguenay, across to Forestville, and back to Quebec City.
  12. I wonder if they are closed due to lack of snow? Or possibly washouts from the warm up?
  13. What are the conditions of the tq3 and tq83 from Quebec City to Sagauenay? Haven’t heard much about these sections of trail this year and I am looking to take this route as I have always just taken the tq23 up
  14. Any word on conditions of this stretch of trail?
  15. What are the trail conditions in and around Val-d’or? Thanks