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  1. sledzz

    Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Get the app Imotoneige - it is pretty accurate
  2. sledzz

    La Cabanon vs La Glaciere

    I also recommend Auberge Vieux Moulin, Nice rooms and delicious food. My only wish for the place is a bar / social area.
  3. Left Auberge Drakkar in Shawinigan up to Auberge Eva for one night in Lac Bouchette up and around and down to Club Odanak for one night north of Latuque and back down to Roqmount for one night in St. Raymond and back across to Drakkar. All trails were dynamite with the usual bumpy sections leading up to rivers / water crossings and thin snow in and around urban areas. We broke trail coming down 73 on Friday with up to a foot on new snow. Two thumbs up to Reggie at Drakkar, clean large rooms, secure parking, good breaky, and very accommodating. Auberge Eva also 2 thumbs up with large clean new rooms and delicious food and cold beer on site and Roqmount also very good and convenient with clean rooms, secure sled parking and good food and cold beer on site.
  4. sledzz

    Drakkar Lynch mob

    oh great! Supposed to be there tonight. Hope the battery croaks before we get there
  5. Supposed to head up 355 from Drakkar toward Lac Bouchette but the map shows that it hasnt been groomed all week which seems odd?? This trail is usually groomed every few days. Has anyone been on it today or yesterday? Thought maybe the groomer beacon to update isnt working.... Thank you
  6. sledzz

    On Star members

    Yes, we had ours changed and there was no cost to us. GM did the upgrade for free.
  7. I have Drakkar booked for a couple of nights and also Club Odanak. What do those that stay at Drakkar do for dinner? Any good restaurants / pubs close by? And does anyone have experience with Club Odanak? Thank you
  8. sledzz

    Wifey made the FCMQ news letter

    That is fantastic! Good on her for getting out on the trails! Ride On!
  9. sledzz

    2019 ski-doo models released

    Must be Loiselle - Sells a whack of sleds
  10. Has anyone stayed here? Web site doesnt seem to be working
  11. I have about 6000km on my 2015 Renegade 600 Etec and considering a snow check this spring due to mileage on my current sled. It has always been maintained and dealer serviced. How many KM do you put on before you start to worry about reliability and trade in?
  12. sledzz

    TQ73 from La Tuque to Reliais 22

    Dooright, I see you are from Essex Junction. Do you know a guy by the name Curt Montgomery? I think his wifes name was Christine??
  13. Trying to find accommodations between St Raymond and Lac St. Jean along Trail 23. Have googled but can't seem to find anything. Anyone have a recommendation? Preferably a nice place with restaurant / Bar. In L'Etape area Thanks
  14. sledzz

    TQ73 from La Tuque to Reliais 22

    Dooright, I see you are from Essex Junction. Do you know a guy by the name Curt Montgomery? I think his wifes name was Christine??
  15. sledzz

    Current conditions

    We went from St. Raymond to Chicoutimi friday, back down to Lac Bouchette (Auberge Eva) on Saturday, and back to St. Raymond Sunday. Trails excellent between St. Raymond and Lac St. Jean through the mountains, a bit thin and a little beat around the lake on the east side. Trail 23, 355 and 73 excellent. We had freezing rain overnight in St. Raymond, about half inch on the truck this morning.