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  1. Planning a trip with my wife and just wondering if Trail 63 from Mont Laurier to Cabanon is wide and fast or tight and twisty? Trying to plan reasonable distances for her. Thanks for any info provided.
  2. Vieux Moulin is awesome. Food is incredible. We will be going from Mont Laurier friday to Bazinette, just south of Vieux Moulin. We are a bit concerned about the traffic going back on Saturday as well. Safe trails
  3. I stayed at Odenak last year, never again. No where near what it used to be
  4. Did you go up by Auberge Eva at Lac Bouchette on 355? Map shows that no grooming has taken place this year north of Lac Edouard?? Thanks
  5. Thanks RR, please report back once you get out for a ride. Thank you!
  6. Stayed there last year. Nice place but the room we had was really small and had a shared living room type thing. Didn't know this when i booked it. Restaurant only has one option / choice at dinner time. Not sure what you would do if you didnt like what the option was.... Nice setting though looking out over the river
  7. Trying to plan a route and part of it is from Mont Tremblant to St. Donat. It seems there is a short gap in the trail east of Mont Tremblant on trail 43. Interactive map wants to take me way south, east, then back up north to St.Donat rather than directly across 43. Does anyone know what the issue is or if it is temporary? Thank you for any info provided. Sledzz
  8. I have the older Uclear 200's and the Uclear Amp pro. Work very good, no mics to freeze. I have tried many brands and now wouldnt buy anything but Uclear.
  9. Just curious, what is all the fuel for? Are you a guide for some long distance trips? Thanks for the pictures and reports. Matt
  10. Has anyone purchased a Posi-Trail beacon or monitoring device? Just saw that they will be on all groomers. Watched the videos on the website but still not sure if it only detects others that have the device or does it detect all traffic around you? Thanks
  11. Can anyone comment on Cap Au Leste Auberge that is on the north side of the Saguany River Fjord? Restaurant? Rooms? Secure Lockup? Thank you
  12. Yes, sorry. Trail 3 East. Brain fart! Thank you!
  13. Hello, Planning a route that i am not familiar with and was looking for info on terrain / type of trail. Specifically Trail 3 east from St. Raymond to where it crosses Saguany River and then Trail 93 running north of the Saguany River toward Mont Valin Ski Hill. We usually go straight north from St. Raymond to the Delta in Jonquier, but wanted to try the Fairmont Richileau then head north from there up through Mont Valin. Thanks for any info / opinions you can provide.
  14. Has anyone had to make a claim through insurance for damage caused by hitting a rock? Not sure yet what the dollar value of the claim is yet, but it is definately in the 1000's if not a total write off. Sled looks good until to look underneath at the cracks in aluminum castings and belly pan, broken a arm, bent parts, possibly bent tunnel etc. Were they fair with you?
  15. Yes, four days. We were there 2 weeks ago and in the morning it was freezing rain and a group that had 4 rooms booked decided to trailer to next destination further north and they made a deal that they would cancel and only had to pay for one room rather that 4.