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  1. sledzz

    Trail Info - 3 & 93

    Yes, sorry. Trail 3 East. Brain fart! Thank you!
  2. sledzz

    Trail Info - 3 & 93

    Hello, Planning a route that i am not familiar with and was looking for info on terrain / type of trail. Specifically Trail 3 east from St. Raymond to where it crosses Saguany River and then Trail 93 running north of the Saguany River toward Mont Valin Ski Hill. We usually go straight north from St. Raymond to the Delta in Jonquier, but wanted to try the Fairmont Richileau then head north from there up through Mont Valin. Thanks for any info / opinions you can provide.
  3. sledzz

    Insurance claim

    Has anyone had to make a claim through insurance for damage caused by hitting a rock? Not sure yet what the dollar value of the claim is yet, but it is definately in the 1000's if not a total write off. Sled looks good until to look underneath at the cracks in aluminum castings and belly pan, broken a arm, bent parts, possibly bent tunnel etc. Were they fair with you?
  4. sledzz

    cancellation policy at the roquemont.

    Yes, four days. We were there 2 weeks ago and in the morning it was freezing rain and a group that had 4 rooms booked decided to trailer to next destination further north and they made a deal that they would cancel and only had to pay for one room rather that 4.
  5. sledzz

    Stolen Sleds

    I was at Bazinet s couple weeks ago and the night we stayed a snowmobile was stolen from in front of one of the cabins. It was literally almost right on the front porch. When the police were called they said they would be out to file a report but may be a while because there were many that night. This is not old news or hearsay. It is very common
  6. We have stayed there many times. Yes they have a secure spot with a gate that gets closed at night. we havent had a problem. We really like this place for their food, gourmet. The only thing it lacks is a bar / lounge type area to sit around and visit or have a cocktail if you are into that. Overall very nice place.
  7. Part of our trip is from Delta Saguany over to Auberge 31. It is not a big mileage day, was hoping to take in some scenery as we have never been north of the river in the Valin area. Any "must see's" ?? I have seen "blueberry fields" mentioned, is this something to see? And where is it? Thank you, Sledzz
  8. sledzz

    Stolen Sleds

    Just heard of a stolen sled from the back of a truck, with a trailer on behind, in a locked compound in the St. Zenon area. How does this happen without people seeing it or help from someone within?? What do you use to lock up your snowmobiles? or is it even worth it?
  9. sledzz

    iMotoneige App

    And if you click on a specific location on a trail it gives you the exact time the groomer drove over that part of the trail.
  10. Hi, Was wondering if anyone has stayed in the yurts at Imago Village in Mont Valin. Is it very rustic? Also see they have a bar / restaurant in a big yurt as well/ Any feedback on it would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. sledzz

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    Many of you are saying "be flexible" - Are the hotels / motels generally easy to accommodate you if you are delayed a day due to weather / breakdown. Do they nail you for cancellation and are rooms usually available if you must delay a day last minute?
  12. sledzz

    CPAP machine on sled

    Thanks guys, I have the Linq bags and was reluctant to subject the cpap machine to the jarring while on bumpy trails. Sounds like it wont be a problem! I will just make sure it is well wrapped. Yes, even if I am without it one night I am exhausted. Doesn't make the trip to enjoyable without sleep. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers
  13. sledzz

    CPAP machine on sled

    Does anyone carry their CPAP machine for sleep apnea on overnight saddlebag trips? If so, how do you pack it? Kind of a weird question but I try and go without it but dont get much sleep. Thanks
  14. sledzz

    Trail Pass / Proof of Purchase

    Thanks Iceman. Happy trails and new year!
  15. I am trying to call the FCMQ but all the messages are in french and i dont understand french and I am assuming the office is closed due to the holiday. I was wondering if I purchase an annual trail permit online and it doesnt get to me through the mail before i leave, can i just bring proof of purchase and show that when stopped? Appreciate any feedback provided.