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  1. The following from the weather network for Wendesday. Says rain and ice pellets, but maybe 20cm of snow first. Special Weather Statement Tune in to TWN channel for more details: Bell 505 / 1505, Videotron 2. An intense low pressure system from the Central United States will approach the Great Lakes Tuesday before affecting the province of Quebec Wednesday. Precipitation will begin as snow and then change to ice pellets or freezing rain, then to rain. For the moment, 10 to 20 cm of snow are expected, followed by a more or less extended period of ice pellets and freezing rain. Strong winds will also accompany the storm. There is still some uncertainty in the computer guidance regarding the areas that could be particularly hard hit. Wednesday, the morning rush hour will be particularly difficult in the Montreal area; the afternoon rush hour will be more difficult in the Québec City area. Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports to #meteoqc.
  2. I'm going to be optimistic, this might mean endless winter.
  3. Here are a few pic from a few years back at Devils mountain. As you can see you can climb right to the top with a sled and be in the clouds some days. We stay at a little place called chutes de Windigo , right on the trails, basic clean rooms, restaurant with liqueur permit. I'll try to find the number if your interested or do a search on the net.
  4. For you from Ottawa, you might consider Mont Laurier and Devils Mountain. Check on snow conditions to be sure. Certainly lots of nice trails if conditions are good. Most of my area south of there around Tremblant varies from trail to trail from excellent to just rideable with our limited snow. Usually Mont Laurier has more.
  5. Can you let me know how you like them JG?, I've been thinking of getting Rouski's for my Yamie, but so far sitting on the fence.
  6. Yes it is a snow cruiser I believe. Take a close look and check out the after market bumper and roll bar around the windshield, pretty wild.
  7. Nice pics Jean-Guy! In the early 70's I did a little local racing, mostly races sponsored by bars/ hotels, real amature stuff but fun. Several of us were running El Tigre Cats. We also used to go to Peterborough for the kawatha the cup as spectators. Meet both Jacques and Gilles villeneuve who ran the Aloutte racing team back then. Going to look for some of those old pics also. Norm
  8. Nice thanks so much for posting. Brought back some memories, My first snowmobile was a 64 Olympic I bought second hand when I was 12 yrs old, he had one in that line up of ski-doos. Owned quite a few sleds since then, but that machine was the most fun. I have a 63 Alpine in the back of the garage waiting to be restored, considering the winter we are having maybe I should have had that in the winter projects plan.
  9. Closest Quebec has to that Ont map is an interactive map on the fcmq web site for route planning and " I Motoneige " the trail map app you down load to your phone. Neither show what routes are open, although "I Motoneige" does have little groomer icons that show when any given section was last groomed.
  10. Looks like you had fun. When in St Remi on Sat, I meet a fella all by himself who said he had come from Labelle on the 323 his words were, a little rough. He wanted to go back via lac des plages, I'm guessing if he did that mud hole would have made him wish he had taken the 323 back.
  11. That's the news for you, sensational coverage of most things. What was last years catch phrase for the cold weather?, polar vortex, say what?
  12. I was watching it on the evening news tonight and thinking how we got cheated by Mother Nature and most of that storm will not be appreciated by the recipients.
  13. When you hear of such things it is so sad, never matters who was at fault a young life was lost. Hope there were no kids on the bus to witness this. RIP
  14. Thanks groomer, I thought I saw an English version somewhere yesterday but could not locate it today.
  15. I just signed a petition started by L'Association des motoneigistes du Québec concerning the stud law. If interested you can read and sign it here.ère-des-transports-du-québec-motoneigistes-mécontents-du-projet-pilote-imposé-par-le-ministère?tk=d2Cc_0BdAAtByNKW9JZAMXa2OyElJXc2tWEzqoRPyT8&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&utm_campaign=new_signature
  16. So we did get out on Saturday. One of the local clubs have done little so far while another has been pro active in trying to get trails in shape. Most trails that we travelled on were in surprisingly good shape even though the latest report from them was revised to reflect a poorer condition that they first reported. We ran from Weir to St Remi and then on toward Brebeuf. The conditions of that part of the trail system was near perfect despite the limited amount of snow. A few rocks here and there on some of the steeper parts of trail, but for the most part not an issue. We do need more snow though as other parts of the trail system have apparently little snow coverage.
  17. With the way the Canadian dollar is, for you folks coming up from the US will still be ahead even if you get a ticket or two. Grin. As for refunding passes, I doubt it. All the clubs were blind sided by this as was the federation. It takes money to maintain trails and it's going to take more money if they are to oppose this law on our behalf.
  18. As in many regions the season so far has been a wash out, pardon the pun. Our local club worked hard right from Christmas trying to get trails open but hard to fight Mother Nature. There was some trails open before last weekends rain but not great conditions. The rain left a hard packed base in some places and with cold temps along with about 6 inches of new snow, the groomers from Club Diablo et Rouge announced they will be out today and tonight and we should have decent conditions for the weekend. Lake crossings may still be a bit iffy but should be according to the club marked and safe by early next week. I'm headed out Sat with a few guys but we will trailer to a trail and avoid using our usual route on my lake to get to the trail for another week.
  19. I just sent my objection also. I have 3 machines and none are studded at this time but this still ticks me off. Living in Quebec we have some of the rougest roads in North America, full of pot holes bumps and cracks and they are worried about studs scuffing up the crossings? Seems to me someone's priorities are a little off the mark.
  20. I believe it is a bad translation, the document posted reads in the first line non skid devices. In any event this is a sudden shock. Studded snow tires on cars are still allowed in Quebec as far as I know. This is a joke if someone actually believes this will reduce wear on asphalt roads, what's next banning carbides?
  21. Probably lacking in up hill power but tons going down hill.
  22. In our area, the club groomers are purposely running though the swampy areas and water holes with out the drags to expose the water so it will freeze. They have been doing it for a couple of days in anticipation of -25C temps tonight. Similar messy results as theses pics but as the trails are closed to traffic, they are not fishing sleds out.
  23. That's nice to see. A few lakes need to freeze and more snow on the mountain trails between St Remi and Lac des plages before we get over that way.
  24. The local club, Diablo et Rouge announced on Face Book that 2 surface rs were going out last night and today to pack trails, fill in holes and pack swampy areas for better freezing. Trails not open yet but they say they may be surfacing them by the end of the week. It's finally starting!