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  1. Not exactly Mont Laurier, but less than 1.5 hrs south of Mont Laurier (90km) at the start of the Petit Train du Nord in Labelle, there is a large parking lot trail side. The Railwaybed starts as rte 325 on the map and turns into 63. Always lots of trucks and trailers parked there many with lots of snow on them when I pass.
  2. Nice report and hope your wife gets well soon. Your pics of Notre-dame de la Merci and St Donat brings back summer memories, We road through there on bikes several times on motorcycles from here in Mt Tremblant. Not that far by road but a long way by trail in winter. I am hoping this new trail connection from Tremblant to St Agathe promised for next season will make it easier to get there from here.
  3. Well, you maybe ok by then, as I said we took a bit of a beating and just froze up last night, trails are likely to be rock hard, not groomed and bare places as of now. Saw a long range forecast for 20cm for Sat the 5th, but that can change. The local club is Diable et Rouge and here is their Facebook page which is pretty up to date and a good source of info. I believe that Google has a translate button. Also here is a list of places that sell passes in the area. Epicerie du Village 1900 rue du Village Vendee Confort inn 860 Rue Lalonde Mont Tremblant Defi sport 228 rt 117 Mont Tremblant Mont Tremblant Moto sport 878 rue Labelle Mont Tremblant Plomberie Roger Labonte rue de st Jovite Mont Tremblant Bar Le Bon Vivant Huberdeau Dépanneur des 16 iles Seize Iles Xtreme rte 117 Mont Tremblant Jean Pierre Maillé RTE 323 Brebeuf Restaurant du Village rte 323 Brébeuf Hotel vacances tremblant 330 rte 177 Mont Tremblant Benoit Piché Brébeuf CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE DE MONT TREMBLANT 990 RUE LAUZON MONT TREMBLANT 819 425 8441 ( ANNIE GOSSELIN ) If you are headed north I would take the 43 then head for Mont Laurier and beyond. Maybe the wood runner trails. or if conditions do not improve start further north, labelle or Mount Laurier. Lots of nice trails to get there and Devils mountain just beyond is a must see. hope this helps
  4. Just a thought on the phone business, have you looked into a pay as you go phone for up here? Not sure if this would be a solution but the reason I mention it is a trucker friend who lives in Quebec and runs Montreal- Florida has a US cell phone for on the road as using his Quebec cell phone would be impractical state side.
  5. Yeah but do they have a prototype yet?
  6. Exactly and if you believe that, Harley is getting back into the snowmobile business with a completely revamped sled from their AMF days.
  7. I live 20 minutes from Tremblant by black trail, 1 1/2 hr by white trail, so I know the area and trails quite well. Depending when you are planning to come, be advised conditions are poor at this moment, we are coming off of a week long mild spell and rain. It finally froze up last night and looks like things might turn around. We lost a lot of snow and went from super conditions to not so good. The ice bridge across the Rouge river is temporary closed till cold weather makes it safe again. That and serious snow expected next Sat March 5th could make things top notch again. Never stayed in Tremblant but Hotel Vacances on the 117 usually has sledders staying there and comfort inn just down the road too. I believe comfort inn might have indoor parking for sleds. Super C super market allows day parking of trucks and trailers in their parking. The trail runs past all 3. Are you looking to park and do a 4 day loop or 4 days of day loops?
  8. Trailer stories yes, but you should be ashamed of yourself showing a pic of that poor sled in misery upside down on the road.😄 Hope there were no serious injuries. About 5 years ago my sled died on the way to Mont Laurier. We left it at a small garage to pick it up the next day and I rode home the 4 hours on the back of my brothers sled. Right there is a story and I have a new respect for my wife and his for willingly riding on the back of a sled! When we picked up the disabled sled, there was a few guys hanging around the garage that helped load the sled on my trailer and once we dragged it up the bed, one of them said I'll get the pin and grabbed Ithe tilt pin out of the bed of my truck. Off we go Down highway 309 and what I did not know or check was that the pin was NOT properly in place. after a while I could feel the trailer swaying and thought it was windy, Moment I slowed to pull over and check the trailer, the draw bar snapped, the trailer tried to pass the truck, then flipped twice ejecting the sled on the second flip before leaving the sled in the middle of the highway crushed and bruised then it took to the bush. All this I saw in slow motion in the rear view mirror! Long story short, lucky no car was in sight in either direction when it happened and we got a flat bed towing to bring both sled and trailer to first a Polaris dealer and then a Trailer repair place in Mont Laurier. The SQ meet us at the dealer's to take the accident report. $3000 damage to the sled and $800 for the trailer. I have no pics nor do I want any of that dam day. Also I now never rely on some one else's word when it comes to trailers.
  9. Glade you were not hurt. We have a lot of blind corners in the twistier trails around here. I have had a number of close calls with the exact situation you describe, run off the trail twice to avoid the on coming sled on my side. I don't understand what is going on in people's minds. I have now taken to backing right off on really blind corners especially if I just passed one sled, my experience is, see one hauling a**, a buddy or two is likely to be not far behind cutting corners to keep up.
  10. I do agree that trailer tires like Carlisle brand are cheap and maybe that was the cause but especially in smaller diameter tires where they rotate faster than the vehicle tires, running tire pressure too low is the number one cause of side wall overheating and self destruction from excessive flexing. That is why I asked. I have been running boat and snowmobile trailers since the early 70's and have had my share of tire issues no matter the brand or place of manufacture till I learned to run them at the pressure marked on the tire usually 65+ pounds for less than full size tires. In the case of 182ray, his wheels look to be a standard size, 15,16 inch rim so I do imagine that if that is the case he was not limited to cheap imports in replacements. In the smaller rim diameter sizes most brand name tire manufactures walked away from that segment of the market years ago and left it to cheap tire companies.
  11. That's a bummer. Were you maybe running low tire pressure?, side walls on both tires look like they self destructed.
  12. Cnc


    Had a big thunderstorm last night and another one just now passed through. Hope the cold comes back soon. Long range here in the Laurentien's looks promising for colder temps and even 20cm of snow next Sat March 5th.
  13. Well when you think about it, this is another indication that the story is bogus. When was the last time Honda made a 2 stroke? They have always been a 4 stroke player even back to the Japanese invasion of motorcycles in the early 60's. Most others were 2 stroke while Honda was 4 stroke.
  14. Coming down the 401, if you are staying on the 40 in Qc this place sells passes for Hebou Blanc club and is just off of the 40. if you are going to bypass Montreal and stay on the south shore, there are several places along that route according to a quick search of clubs in the area.
  15. Interesting to see if it comes to pass. If I remember correctly there was rumours of a honda sled back in the early 2000's.
  16. Cnc


    Last Fri I broke trail through 18inches of power on the lake in front of my house and this week it is a little damp!grrr! tried to post pic of the water filled trail but the up load keeps failing. Just imagine it.
  17. Some one sent me this ad for a skidoo, I am unsure if they did because I like Alpines and have an old one, or as a public awareness notice that not everyone selling something is dealing with a full bag of marbles.😄
  18. Very nice, the two Olympic's in the opening shot grabbed my attention. My first sled was very much like them, 1964 14 hp.👍🏻
  19. Yes in the automotive world it still happens but not that much. Injector cleaning services are a big money maker for garages and unless you are experiencing poor gas milage or drivability problems they are a gray area preventative maintenance. I have over 240,000km on a SUV never cleaned the injectors, 212,000 on a truck, and god know how many hrs on a 1982 diesel again no injector service. IMO change the fuel filter regularly, run non ethonal fuel mixed with stabilizer before storage and maybe add 1/2 can of sea foam to the first tank after storage of any vehicle and you will avoid a lot of issues. Two cycles different beast though, dispite the above I always phisically clean the carbs before putting back in service.
  20. As others I will be following along with your reports. The amount of "liquid gold"carryed on the sleighs is impressive.
  21. Got you thinking about a team iceman wrap?, you know go big or go home. Grin!
  22. The 50 did screw up a number of trails in the area from Grenville to Lachute as well IMO and one must travel miles out of the way to get around. As for the parks, not all are closed to snowmobilers. The Papineau Labelle reserve comes to mind and a number of trails run through the summertime park roads. The re openning of a trail next season from St Agathe to Tremblant should help the St Donat situation.
  23. Nice that sun set pic is a winner!
  24. Win some lose some, I assume you got off with a warning JG.