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  1. Heading up to Quebec tomorrow 2/1. Looking for some current trail conditions. We were thinking of doing the Gaspe loop but FCMQ website has the grooming last done over 72hrs. St Raymond trails? Saguenay? LaTuque? St Zenon? How often does the FCMQ update the trail conditions. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me what does "EcoSentier" mean on the FCMQ ViaExplora map legend? Thanks
  3. Can I assume that the trails are washed out. we are heading up Friday and the starting point is up in the air. Thinking of either St Zenon or St Raymond. Then heading up to Delta. any info would be helpful.
  4. My group will be heading up this Friday. We're looking at starting in St Raymond or St Zenon then head up to Saguenay and then around Lac St Jean. I know the warm weather will be around until Thursday just wondering how the trails are holding up. Any info on good, bad and ugly would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Fred I have a nice Bluetooth setup using my Pioneer Inno and a volume control I mounted on my handlebars. I'll be at my sled tomorrow and take some pics.