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  1. 2017 RDL Conditions

    At breakfast this morning we spoke with several people who were calling it quits and heading home because of the rain that was falling. We looked at our weather apps and decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW, did we ever make the right decision. Headed east on 5, looked like it had just been groomed overnight, took a right onto green trail 565 it was perfect a few inches of crusty new snow and not a single sled track on it. Then a right onto green trail 571 to Squatec for lunch. We back tracked to a left onto green trail 544, again new snow and no other tracks but ours. Finished up on 85 back to the Universal for the best 160 miles of riding this year. This place, the Universal is great, nice rooms, great meal plan, super easy access to the trails. A very easy road crossing to the those great trails. As Arnold say, I'll be back!!
  2. Riding from St. Georges ??

    Thanks for the replies. We decided to go to the Universal in Rivier du Loup and do day trips from there.
  3. Looking to drive the trailer to St. Georges and stay three nights and do day trips from there. Anyone know if there is enough snow the be able to ride right from the hotels to the trail heads. We would be driving up from Colebrook NH Thanks
  4. We did the same thing last Thursday. Our GPS showed us going along the boarder cut for some of the trail. We even saw a sign showing a trail to the Perry Pond trail on the NH side of the cut. We too had first tracks all the way to 523. We had lunch at the store-resturant in Chartierville. Crossed at Pittsburg and beat it back to Colebrook. It was a great ride.
  5. We would be leaving from Colebrook NH, crossing into Quebec at the Beecherfalls crossing. We would like to do about 150 miles per day and re-enter through the Pittsburg NH crossing. If you have any suggestions on places to stay and best routes to take, we would be very grateful for your input. Thanks
  6. Happy Birthday Saguenay Bill

    It was great to meet you at the Delta. Happy birthday!!
  7. Trail Conditions 2016

    Two first timer are coming up Sunday for the week. Need two seven day passes and some advice.
  8. 7 day trail pass??

    Bill, if I order two 7 day passes from you, how long before they would arrive here in Sanbornton NH or could I just have you leave them for me at the Delta. We will arrive there on March 6. Thanks
  9. 7 day trail pass??

    I just saw post on the NH site by a sledder who is in Québec right now. He is saying there are no more 7 day trail passes available so anyone who wants to be legal will have to buy a season pass. Is this true?? Thanks
  10. 7 day trail pass??

    I just swa a post on the NH site by a sledder who is in Québec right now. He is saying there are no more 7 day trail passes available so anyone who wants to be legal will have to buy a season pass. Is this true?? Thanks non
  11. First timer heading up.

    Seriously, are there other places to park somewhere near the Delta??
  12. First timer heading up.

    So, if the truck and trailer coral is full where can you safely park? Thanks
  13. First timer heading up.

    Thanks guys, Bill will not be there he is leaving for NH on the 27th. As long as we can get maps, we should be good. I was in Colebrook NH yesterday, 6 new inches at my Log Cabin. Then the temp hit 46 and it rained. Hooked up the trailer and drove back home to get them ready for the trip. Thanks again
  14. First timer heading up.

    Thanks for the information. Since this is our first trip to this area we are not planning to do any saddle bagging. Plans is to do 200 mile routes that start and finish at the hotel. I see there are many loops, Mountain Peaks,Fyord Loop,Lac St Jean Loop. I ordered a map of the area and hopefully there will be other loops depicted on it. Tell me about the truck and trailer coral and the security for the sleds. Do you put the sleds back into the trailer each night? Can you unhooked the trailer and leave it so you can drive to restaurants and fast food places. Thank in advance
  15. We usually ride out of my Log Cabin in Colebrook NH, but with no snow to ride we decided to go to Saguenay Bill's paradise. This will be our first time and we will be staying at the Delta. We hope to meet Bill and buy our trail passes from him and get as much information on where to ride as he willing to give. We arrive February 28 and leave on March 7. See you then.