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  1. same here Chris, it's M21 Local...
  2. on the site https://www.paysdelamotoneige.ca/ it's advetised that they received new snow from friday night into saturday monrning, My brother was in the area this weekend and he told me that the're was still plenty of snow. I think that there is nothing to woory about
  3. From what I read on https://www.upa.qc.ca/en/ and CBC radio-Canada http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1012401/agriculteur-upa-outaouais-gatineau-motoneige , It's only certain areas of quebec that would be blocked and it would be from feb. 6th. It's really important to do fact checking on this matter because just talking about it scares tourists away. The reality is that the governement officials have always until now sat down at the table with farmers and managed to keep the trails opened. To be on the safe side of thing before heading up to Qc just google ''UPA and the name of the region where you are heading '' and you'll get the news from the local farmer's union that way you'll have more details if the trails are blocked or not. Hell you'll even have the local union's phone number.
  4. The service runs from 700am to 900pm 7 days a week. 32.00$/sled min. of 2 sleds or 50.00$when solo. He can drop you off at the quebec inn on the south shore (+2.00$). It's a nice kind of holiday inn hotel. There is a normandin restaurant nearby. Good value generic kind of restaurant. There is also a gas station at walking distance.
  5. Groomers are a blessing Everytime i cross one that is stopped i make a special effort to thank the guy and ask him if he is the need of anything. I make a special effort to show my appreciation and so do my byddies. Often enough the guy has a local knowledge of where i am going and has suggestion that i take into consideration. No time wasted there...
  6. Hey guys I just wanted to voice my opinon on 3 things that you should really pack in your bags: FIRST isopropyl alcohol ( Rubbing alcohol)- it does double duty-if someone gets hurt, you can desinfect -if you hit bad gas ( with water in it) it will act as a water/moisture remover just as gas line anti freeze ( good for 2-4 strokes carburated or injectected and diesel) SECOND Don't carry cables to jump someones battery. Whent it's 35 below take off your battery and let sit inside the room for the night-next morning it will surely start. Most of qc outfitters carry booster packs on the premises so you will not be left walking. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Learn a couple of key words /sentences in french It always helps to make contact
  7. The only thing missing on that part of the trail is a scenic river as the mattawin river and honestly it has a good mix of everything: opened and covered areas, long stretches for speed, long and short curves, nice views -Oh and also it there is the m21 local -my little section of paradise We're all a bit jealous and anxious to get up there -Nice report Thanks
  8. If you have 4$ to spare you can download Imotoneige , itˋs the FCMQ interactive map for your phone or tablet (android or apple). It is supposed to work off line too.
  9. Phoned them this afternoon, here's what they told me: The sawmill will remain in operation and they will sell gas. They will stop processing wood sometime in february and at that point it will be the security guard that will sell the gas to snowmobilers... Sound's good for this winter...
  10. Just to be safe, here's the sawmill 54's phone number(418) 679-1003 it may come handy to someone. I'am not 100% it's still good but, I'll give them a call tomorrow to check if they will be opened or not this winter.