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  1. The Challenge

    I hope this warm weather's not slowing uguyz down.........when's the heart implant scheduled?
  2. The Challenge

    I have one major complaint.....Sugar Free??? Sugar is the human NOS...
  3. Season is Coming

    Great place.... Neat and clean..we stay there often...ez to get to, right off the main road, no backroad b.s.
  4. Fremont show

    #72... second trailer from the watercross starting line....stop by and say hey
  5. is the trail network in jeopardy??

    So, anyway we can help?
  6. The Challenge

    Did anyone see a heart for this beast yet? ??670??? Or u find a 850 to slide into her

    What specific trails are you talking about? I'm not familiar with that region, but am interested in riding up there.
  8. Sickness

    Piss is yes it sure did after a 400+ mile day...
  9. Sickness

    That's what I thought u called that warm drink you handed me the night I met u up at the Delta..... guess I was mistaken
  10. Sickness

    I will see you there sir... bringing the moose Wiz????
  11. Sickness

    U boys going 2 freemont? I'll be in the watercross pit racing...#72..3rd pit from the water. Obviously I'm completely infected as well.....and very contagious
  12. Allez a Gaspe

    I'll take your word for Quebecois is EXTREMELY limited unfortunately...I can order eggs (oofs), fries (Poutine) and Gas (Gaz)..... otherwise it's pretty much sign language..
  13. Allez a Gaspe

    Whatchu talkin bout Willis??
  14. Never Forget

    Amen. God bless all of the first responders. A somber day for me each year.
  15. Irma in the USVI

    Good luck to your family Ice.....and everyone else affected.. Almost 5 years since Sandy and we'll still knocking down houses and rebuilding on Long Island. Terrible