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  1. 2019 ski-doo models released

    Spoke with a doo factory racer that just tested a 900T. Said it did have good power, but felt much heavier than an 850. Most importantly, he didn't feel it had turbo lag, but throttle lag. Said that electronic throttle causes a delay. You would need to think ahead and time a launch off of a crest. Very good high mileage trail sled for cruising, but can not shine the shoes of an 850. Guys that ride hard corner to corner will be disappointed. That sealed the deal for me... unloading my 17 800 Pro-S LE for a 850 XRS.
  2. Ice scratchers

    Thought it was just me...bought the duraflex thinking pay more, get more..lost both tips first day...can u buy replacements?? Didn't even look into it yet..$75 out the window
  3. Where's Bill???

    I am unaware of what you are talking about...I hope he was not disrespected. I have met him only a couple of times but he treats you like a great friend. Hope he returns soon
  4. Where's Bill???

    Did I miss something? I haven't seen him post anything in a few weeks. Has anyone heard from him? Hope all is well.
  5. Where's Bill???

    Did I miss something? I haven't seen him post anything in a few weeks. Has anyone heard from him? Hope all is well.
  6. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond you'll kill someone like have to tow it behind you.. not along side you!!!
  7. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    REALLY??? Think 2 tow straps would do the same thing and still be able to use it for other purposes...I've only used one ski strapping the ski loop fast to the bumper...guess two makes sense...kinda think this sno-bunji setup may still let the following sled rear end the front sled when stopping.
  8. 4 Points Sheraton Quebec City

    Did u say outdoor pool????
  9. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Gosh I hate u.... Congrats on a safe trip. Great reports, I'm jealous
  10. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    Not so sure about that.....By towing with the sled hanging out into the on coming traffic, you set the on coming driver up for failure. He's not expecting 2+' of sled hanging out against him. How do u do that Jack??? And how do you stop the sled being towed. If the sleds not tied fast I would think it's going to whip out around turns... unless the rider is still on the sled sucking dust and fumes. A windy trail is really a non issue except you are running wider.
  11. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    Yup, that's the way...Glad someone else has experienced this and took a pic...
  12. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    Wish I had a pic but don't..yes 1 ski up in air, doesn't matter. Sled may be offset a lil, just adjust a lil. We broke a steering post once, used a tree thru both ski loops and fastened it straight to bumper...60-65mph for 40 miles, stopped couple times to adjust.
  13. Breakdown Lac St. Jean / Saint Raymond

    Ive found the best way to tow a dead sled..just tie the ski loop tight to the bumper of the tow sled..pull the belt and away u go..we've towed tons of sleds like that, hundreds of miles...nobody needs to be sucking fumes on the towed sled and u can fly...soooo much better than any other also greatly saves the wear and tear on the belt of the sled doing the towing since your one solid unit.. u can get away with using just your waist belt if necessary..
  14. Apex xtx Star Suspension

    Thank you! Wow 46000 km... Jeez I don't even drive that in my car! Lol thanks for the feedback! You also have an 18 Apex? How do you like compared to earlier models? I can't find one anywhere! :/
  15. Apex xtx Star Suspension

    Hi guys ... Have an Apex XTX 2012.. was looking into the star suspension upgrade..anyone have it and can provide feedback?! Greatly appreciated..also, did you have the shocks revalved? If so front and or rear shocks ? Thanks a ton