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  1. blaze

    St raymond

    Cant go now with the border issues
  2. blaze

    St raymond

    Thanks guys trying for Thursday
  3. blaze

    St raymond

    Ok thanks appreciate it
  4. blaze

    St raymond

    Is that location further north
  5. Thanks hopefully next year I can take her there for her first saddlebag trip
  6. blaze

    St raymond

    Ok thanks appreciate it
  7. blaze

    St raymond

    That was an Old Post I put up last year's don't know why that came up like that looking for information on Saint Raymond actually
  8. Just wondering if anybody knows conditions out of Saint Raymond hopefully better after the storm I bet. Is it worth driving up from Connecticut by the end of this coming week I know it's hard to predict the weather
  9. Looking for suggestions to leave out of riviere-du-loup for 3 or 4 days of riding. Just wondering if anybody has got suggestions for different routes and or hotels to stay in. Group of four can ride 2 to 250 a day no problem it's been awhile since I've been up there at least 15 years . Of course want to include the include the chic choc mountains. Thanks for all your help guys.
  10. I'd like to do that same trip next year leaving from the Island Pond Vermont with my wife. She's not a fast rider or likes a lot of mileage I was thinking to go to Manoir lac du William for the first night is that an easy ride. Thank you. And is it easy to follow the trails that way ride a lot of Quebec but haven't crossed from Vermont in many years
  11. I would stay at drakkar rather than comfort inn. My opinion.
  12. I believe Reggie has them at drakkar
  13. I'll have to check it out thanks.