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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hahaha not offended whatsoever! Would have loved to talk a little longer but most of the group wanted to get home not too late. Will try to catch up with you again next time.
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi groomer, glad to have finally met you in person! Been following your posts for a long time LOL. Love the pictures, and great job on the trail as usual...nice and smooth! P.S. we are actually from southern New Brunswick (Moncton)
  3. Anywhere in Quebec good now?

    Just got off the phone with the club in matane. They apparently received more snow and have since groomed down to the ferry terminal so we're going to chance it.
  4. Anywhere in Quebec good now?

    We are headed up tomorrow, leaving from cross point (campbellton area) to matane to take the ferry over to baie comeau. From the information i received today everything is supposed to be good to go in that area.
  5. St Ray to Saguenay

    Right on thanks!
  6. St Ray to Saguenay

    Which mountain was this taken from?
  7. Thank you, that is the kind of info i am looking for. Other than the river crossing, is the rest signed enough to get by? We travelled the 93 last year but are looking to do a different route this year if possible unless the scenery is not better than 93. Our trip last year totalled 2918 km over a period of 10 days.
  8. my bad i was under the impression it was groomed according to the previous posts
  9. Can this trail be done without extra fuel? How much time does it take?
  10. Degelis to Thetford mines

    We are planing on doing this loop starting Jan. 17 in a counterclockwise direction any idea what the conditions are like as of late?
  11. January trip

    Looking for some feedback. We will be doing a 6 day tour leaving Cross point (Gaspesie) Wednesday Jan.17 heading north to Baie-Comeau. From there we'll head down towards Quebec city to cross back over to the south side then back up towards Gaspesie. I am not familiar with the section from Tadoussac down to Quebec city. Are there any trails to avoid? Some sections not to miss? TQ3 vs. 378? Any trail closures or conditions we should know? We will be staying at the manoir richelieu on the way through that area. Thanks for any info provided!